InterView – Attitude is everything – Film By Nithesh

InterView – Attitude is everything – Film By Nithesh

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Hi! I am… Raj. Take the marker and write
something on the board. write what? Write whatever you want. Should it be related to
programming languages? Why did you write java? I am sun certified
in java programming I asked why did you write java?
You could have written anything. You could have written “what the f**k?” I
would have written that if I were you, because someone asking me to write
something without a context. So now why did you write java? I thought you would ask questions
on what I write on the board I am confident on java. So I wrote it. So you are confident on java.
Your resume says that you are a sun
certified java programmer. YES. we are done. Why? I mean you didn’t ask anything. Hi Mahesh! How are you? I am fine. How are you? I am fine. Tell me
something about yourself. I am Mahesh. I am from Mys.. Get out. Sorry!
I said, get out. Take the marker and write
something on the board I didn’t know the context. F**k off!! I have distinction in all the semesters
with 85% aggregate I have done 2 major projects and 5 minor projects and I also
hold internships in 2 reputed companies go work for them. I… I…. actually I work very very hard whatever I do I do it with perfection Actually… yeah… i am.. (Confused?) No, You didn’t. We are done!! You are in the wrong place. Sorry! I thought you are
an interviewer. Sorry are you here for an interview?
Yup. Take marker and write
something on the board. Sit down. Tell me something about yourself? Well! You have my resume in your hand.
I expect you would have gone through it and I will tell that’s not there.
I like panipuri but not masalapuri. well. You have less mark
in academics. Why?” I didn’t like sitting in the class room
and listening to boring lectures and I hate remembering some data and writing
exams. We have storage devices for that. You have done project alone. Why? I pitched my idea to the project panel;
they said you are crazy and rejected it I told them or rather argued with
them saying you don’t have brains to understand my idea. They said if you
think you are a genius, we will approve it, Do it. Let’s see. After this nobody
wanted to join me for the project. So, you did it alone and completed it? Yes. But it took me two years extra.
That’s why I took 6 years to do engineering.
I am OK with it. if you want me to give you this job, then
you got to take off your funky style dress, put on formals, comb the hair.
And also those ear rings should go. That’s a good suggestion
but I will keep my style. Is it more important than your career? No. but a career without being
myself is NOT important. You are in.

100 thoughts on “InterView – Attitude is everything – Film By Nithesh”

  1. Some have missed the point. the video is saying be confident and be yourself. Companies aren't looking for robots, they are looking for people who can actually think. They want people who set out to accomplish their goals no matter how long it takes. Know what you want and take it.

    Don't try this in any interview, such acts only performed in dreams. If you try this then you'll be responsible for your carrier loss.
    Thank You!

  3. the moment when he said getout if the interviewee hold some guts like me interviewer would not be able to interview anybody again. i dnt know what type of message this video is conveying

  4. Fuck off!!! Guys seriously! If anyone tries to show attitude like this he's gonna sack before join for sure…

  5. This is a very illogical video. Nothing such happens in an interview. Stop distracting the candidates with such things.

  6. Interview is a luck…. That's all
    They who r faced interview,they can understand…nd those who didn't attend interview yet.. They won't appreciate it

  7. When i saw this 3 years ago i was in awe and thought it was so cool! Now i saw it again during the final year of my engineering and realised what kind of childish bs is thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. I think dahipuri is better than masalapuri and also you should add some onion pieces in it to make it even more better πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€¨

  9. Its totally bullshit . Bcozz if a normal person go to give an interview in this style they will never accept that i also survive due to the same attitude and so many ppl told me to chng myself .

  10. Well the point is something is called interview manners …..that vulgar behaviour like spinning the marker it will put negative effect
    Attitude is an other thing

  11. Wtf. .. . Is this an interview for roadside pani puri shop ? This is insane πŸ˜…
    They guy who got selected, dressed like road side romeo . Man that's an interview, not jaathre πŸ˜€ . Misleading content. Don't follow this .

  12. This is only possible in movies, dreams and you tube but not in reality. To get job in reality you must be a champion in rate race.

  13. It reminds me of how many projects a have done alone. But, here living a life of unemployed. πŸ˜” πŸ˜”.after all struggle ive made. I realized that india(our society) doesn't need much skills. It needs big friend, relatives. That's more useful than skills to get a job in most of the case.. And what we have learned in college is useless.. Be a robot who work like neva tired.. You will become employee of the month….
    BTW: Being an employee is a trap. You put your life into slave by paying salary

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