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Hi everyone. My name is Jade Calver. I own and operate Calver and Associates Canadian
Immigration Services. Today, we’re going to talk about Express
Entry, in particular, why your profile was found to be ineligible. So, there are a few reasons why your profile
for Express Entry could be ineligible. A lot of times, people don’t actually check
the eligibility requirements of the three programs. So, that is the Federal Skilled Worker Program,
the Canadian Experience Class, or the Federal Skilled Trades Class. It’s important to review the eligibility
requirements of each of those programs before submitting your profile to ensure that your
profile is not found ineligible. Another thing that I find that clients don’t
actually look at – or understand because it’s complicated – is that there’s a
point system both for Express Entry (that is the comprehensive ranking system) but there’s
also a point system for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. So, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is
based out of 100 points. The pass score is 67 out of 100 points. So, some people – even though they appear
to be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program – they’re not actually aware that
there is another point system under the Federal Skilled Worker Program and they haven’t
done the points calculation to ensure that they’re eligible first for that program
before submitting their application. Another thing is language requirements, or
ECA qualifications. So, that’s Educational Credential Assessments. So, there are language requirements for each
program. Um, for example, for the Federal Skilled Worker
Program, if you’re taking the IELTS, you need to score at least 6 in every band of
the IELTS in order to be eligible. For the Canadian Experience Class, if you
declare certain occupation codes, then you actually have to score a little bit higher. Um in terms of the Federal Skilled Trades
Class, there’s a slightly lower language requirement, but you still do have to meet
those when applying. Uh, in terms of the Educational Credential
Assessments, um a lot of the time, people don’t include those because they don’t
think that they need the points and then they don’t meet the points of the Federal Skilled
Worker Program – so that 67 that I talked about earlier. Um, or they just don’t meet the points requirements
for the other two programs. So, there’s also NOC requirements, or National
Occupation Classification requirements. So, when you submit an Express Entry profile,
there’s an occupation code attributed to your work experience. A lot of people don’t understand the classification
system. So, in Canada, they differentiate between
low-skilled work, which are occupation codes C and D. And then there’s high-skilled work. So those are occupation codes 0 (which are
managerial positions), and then A and B – so those are considered skilled work professions. So, your work experience needs to be classified
as either level 0, A, or B in order to eligible for any of those three programs. And so it’s really important that when you’re
first entering your work experience into your profile that you ensure that you have that
skilled work experience in order to be eligible for the program. Another thing that I would like to touch on
is settlement funds, especially with the Federal Skilled Worker Program. A lot of people will say that they have $5000
or $1000 or whatever in their profile. Its’ really important to check the settlement
fund requirement before submitting your profile. It’s also important to note that this depends
on the size of your family. So, one person needs to show about $13,000
Canadian and then it goes up from there depending on how many people are in your family. Another thing is simply a matter of time. So, sometimes your profile will come back
as ineligible or it just won’t register. And people will call me in a panic but they
just haven’t waited for 48 hours. Sometimes the system takes a little bit longer
to calculate your score and it’s just important that you just wait for a couple of days to
make sure that it registered – especially if you haven’t received a notification saying
that your profile – that you were given a score or that your profile was ineligible. If all of those points have been addressed
by you and your answer is still that you’re coming up as ineligible, a lot of times, I
just say delete that profile and just create another GC key account. The government isn’t perfect when it comes
to its technology and sometimes, it’s just a technical glitch and sometimes submitting
another application can actually work. There’s also three last things that I try
if you’ve tried everything that I’ve talked about today. So, one of those things is your IELTS results,
or your CELPIP results. So, are your language results less than two
years old? In order to be able to submit them and be
– those – you have to have your language results accounted for – they need to have
been taken in the last two years. Also, your ECA reports, so your Educational
Credential Assessments, those have to be done within the last five years. So, sometimes, if people did it a long time
ago and they were coming to Canada as a student, for example, it’s been more than 5 years
since they did their educational reports, so they actually have to have them redone. And then, lastly, under the Federal Skilled
Worker Program, you also need to have one year of continuous work in the same occupation
and that needs to be listed as your primary occupation. So, for example, if you have one year as an
administrative assistant, then your primary occupation needs to also be one year as an
administrative assistant and vice versa. So, you need to show that you have one year
of work experience in your primary occupation. I also find that a lot of people, it’s just
a matter of human error as well. A lot of the times, you know, a simple matter
of saying that your education was all based on language training in the education section
of the profile, a lot of times it will mean that it looks like you didn’t actually complete
any education and so your profile will come back as ineligible. So, often a review from our offices will help
fix these errors. And a lot of our clients who will come back
with ineligible profiles actually are eligible, it’s just a matter of addressing some of
these errors in their profile. If you have any questions about this type
of application and if your profile has come back as ineligible, please do not hesitate
to reach out to us. You can contact us at

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