Immortals Mobile Announces Arena of Valor Roster to Qualify for World Cup

Immortals Mobile Announces Arena of Valor Roster to Qualify for World Cup

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Hello everyone my name is Jeff “Suijeneris”Chau and I’m the GM and head of mobile at Immortals and today we’re
gonna talk about our Arena of Valor roster for North America but before we
do that I want to talk about why I’m so excited about Arena of Valor. The game is
fast and action-packed fun to play and really easy to watch. At
the Asia International Championship in South Korea back in November 2017 it
achieved a mobile eSports viewership record of 36 million online viewers and
outside of China the game has 10 million daily active users and growing that’s
why we’re excited about the game and the growth in the West and we’re preparing
for the upcoming Arena of valor World Cup slated for July and speaking of the
Arena of Valor World Cup there’s a really cool in-app feature called the Valor Cup
that I’m going to show you a real quick sneak peek. it’s so exciting that you can actually
compete for the World Cup and qualify using an in-app feature for a piece of
the $500,000 prize pool that’s up for grabs at the World Cup so it’s really
easy one make sure you join a guild to squad up or team up and then three
register to compete in the Valor Cup and the key date, guys, is April 12th is when
it kicks off and that weekend Friday Saturday Sunday you registered for the
tournament and you compete you get points and then from there it’s about a
month-long period that you’re able to get points for your team qualify to
making it into the arena Balor World Cup competition details on the playoff
schedule and all that will be announced at a later date you can also win
Superman by just by participating in completing matches in the Balor Cup even
if you lose you’ll be able to win a Superman for free because you
participated in the Valor Cup in app tournament speaking of the Valor Cup in
pros I’ll now hand it to Dave introducing our a ovie roster hey guys
I’m assassin Dave and I’m support and team captain for Team immortals I’m
excited and glad to announce our roster for the amazing arena Valor community I
want to start with our aside inner Jeff Baxter shirt he’s known for having a
wear aggressive playstyle and pro fear in his enemies heart then we have Sean
bubble scent he is known for being one of the most sneaky and intelligence
eyeliner in North America in addition we have our one only male inner tailor a
t-shirt walk-ins his Toulon is just as beefy as his a pack and our jungler
Kevin Casey Fox Joe he’s known for being one of the fastener in the game last but
not least I want introduce our supplier Jacob beginnings Chavez he is one of the
youngest player on our team was the most amount of potential I first see him to
be that one of the best player in arena valor in no time

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  1. I don’t take any moba that has Batman as a playable character serious like an esport XD, Sui J is a traitor 🙁 come back to VG

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