I’m taking a short break. English lessons will resume on September 3!


Hi. Bob the Canadian here. I hope this video isn’t too boring for some
of you. I’m basically going to spend about five minutes
talking about myself. I know some of you are interested in my life,
but hopefully you don’t mind just listening for a little bit. I looked at my calendar this morning, and
it is full. There are a lot of things on my calendar for
the next week and a half, almost two weeks. And the reason the calendar is so full is
because it is almost time for school to start in Ontario, Canada. In Ontario, Canada, school starts at the beginning
of September, and as most of you know, I am a high school teacher. I have a full-time job, and that job is teaching
at a high school. And so my life gets busy, because I need to
go back to work next week. I have meetings all next week with other teachers
where we plan the school year. I have to get my classroom ready. I like to make sure the classroom is nice
and tidy, and that there’s some stuff on the walls, so that when students are bored with
me, they can look at the stuff in the background. That’s kind of what happens in my videos as
well. Have you ever noticed that? If I get boring, you can always look at the
stuff in the background. So I need to get my classroom ready. I need to get my lessons ready for the fall
semester. And I just need to be ready to go for the
first day of school. So what that means is I need to take a short
break from YouTube. Not a complete break though. My plan is to not do live lessons for the
next couple of weeks, so there’ll be no live lesson on the Friday and Saturday of this
weekend, or the Friday and Saturday of next weekend. But what I plan to do is, when I have a little
bit of time, I will still make a video. It might not come out on a Tuesday. It might come out on a Wednesday. But my hope is for next week to still make
just a little video, a lesson for you guys, either to teach you a bit of English, or just
to give you an update on how my life is going. If you don’t know, I really like teaching
people things, and so this is actually hard for me. But I’m trying to create, what we call in
English, some work-life balance. That’s where you make sure that you don’t
do too many things, because we all know if you do too many things, you can actually burn
out. And when you burn out, it means you don’t
feel like doing anything. You have used up all your energy, and then
you end up calling in sick, or you end up not making videos for two or three weeks in
a row. So I don’t want to burn out. I like to manage my time well. So that’s my plan. No live streams for a couple of weeks, but
still a video here and there for you to listen to. The other reason I’m busy is because the farm,
as you can see behind me, the farm is in full flower production mode. If I show you over here, we have sunflowers,
we have dahlias, we have zinnias over there, we have broomcorn. The farm is also in its busiest time of year. So not only am I busy because I’m going back
to school, but Jen and I are busy because there is a lot of work to do on the farm. And the flowers don’t harvest themselves. It’s a little bit of a joke in English, when
you say something doesn’t do something itself. You have to go out, and you have to cut the
flowers. They don’t go and cut themselves. So the farm is busy. I’m busy. Enough about me talking about being busy. Let’s talk about you. What should you do if I’m not doing live lessons
for the next two weekends? Well, I always think you should read a book. So here’s the plan for this video. In the comments below, let me know what level
English you think you are, beginner, intermediate, advanced, in terms of your reading, and I
will try to think of some books to recommend. So ask in the comments for a book recommendation. I’ll also try to create a list, in the next
couple of days, of books that are really cool and fun to read, and I will post them below. But I think that if you normally come and
watch one of my live lessons on a Friday morning or a Saturday evening, maybe just take some
time over the next two weekends to just sit somewhere comfortable and read a book. There are so many good books to read. And you can also listen to some podcasts or
watch some other YouTubers. I often recommend Pete from Aussie English,
or Learn English with Vanessa. Those are two of my favorite English teachers
on YouTube. They are great. As well as you could listen to Mark from Mad
English TV. He is a fellow Canadian. He does a great job as well. I’ll put links to those three people in the
description below. But anyways, I’ve talked for quite awhile
about myself, and I think it’s time for me to go and get some work done. It’s time for me to go and plan out the next
week and a half, so that I can work really hard, and that on September 3rd we will go
back to our normal schedule. So on Tuesday, September 3rd, there’ll be
a new video. And then if Tuesday’s the 3rd, on Friday,
September 6th, there will be a live lesson. And on Saturday, September 7th, in the evening,
there will be a live question and answer session. All of that will start up again, and we will
have a great time going through the fall and into the winter, learning some English together. I hope you’re having a good day. I hope you listened to everything that I had
to say, and I hope I didn’t bore you. Bob the Canadian here. Hope you have a good week and a half ahead. Look for a video next week sometime, and then
we’ll get back to our regular schedule the week after that. Have a great day.

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