I’m A 21-Year-Old Professional NASCAR Driver

I’m A 21-Year-Old Professional NASCAR Driver

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– [Announcer] He has won and won big, in everything he’s driven. – Hey guys, I’m William Byron. I drive the 24 car in
the Nascar Cup series. (upbeat music) I started racing when I was 15 years old. And before that, I raced on iRacing, which is like a computer game basically, learned how to drive on there, and then got started racing real cars and have driven ever since. (upbeat music) Basically just get up eight o’clock, 8:30, I go train. It’s funny my trainer,
you know he’s just joking, he’s like, oh yeah you know
you just drive in circles for a living. And I’m like, it’s definitely interesting because that is what we’re
doing, you know actually, but there’s a lot of
training that goes into it. The training we do is
just, is all physical stuff of trying to get your
heart rate really high and be able to recover. Cars get to be 140 degrees during the race and your body really wears
down, and over time from that. And also, you’re holding
on and you’re tensing up and you’re also getting pushed
by the g-forces in the car to the right or left. People ask a lot about like, crashes or what’s the biggest hit you’ve had. Honestly, I had a pretty
big hit last year, I hit the wall pretty hard,
got a little airborne. You know, I’ve never really been injured, I’ve just had you know,
soreness, things like that. Our race cars are pretty safe. The only difference though is like, you don’t necessarily get
hurt but when you hit a wall it feels like a baseball
bat hit you in the stomach. If you think about getting
hurt, I think it slows you down, so I think if you block it out completely and just try to focus on the race. I think I’m the baby of the series. We get a lot of age comments like, oh you look so young. And you know, I do but
it’s like, it’s different to be so young but I don’t
really worry about it. When I put the helmet
on, it’s kind of game on. I mean I do school work still, so I’m still a college student. So that probably would
surprise some people. You know, you have to introduce
yourself to the class, so I kind of feel weird
talking about, you know, I race these cars, so
it’s a little different. Yeah, I was scared of
failing my driving test. I never parallel parked. I use two feet when I drive and most people you know, use one foot. But I think it’s weird
that people use one foot. So I was worried about those two things, I thought I was going
to fail but it was okay. Thankfully, no, been close. I got pulled over one
time going like 55 in a 30 or something, it was a
warning, so it’s all good. My family when we come
home for the holiday’s and we’re all together, they hate the fact that I sit in the back right seat and I critique everything going on. Especially after the fact, like oh well you should’ve done this. I’m a very like, task-oriented
so it’s like everything has to be done now. And if something’s like put
off, I struggle with that. So it’s like I gotta do things and then like get done with them. Yeah, they come to some races. I mean, I try to get my friends
to come out to Charlotte and some of the local places that I race. So it’s always cool to see them. They wear the t-shirts
and look like a fan, it’s pretty cool. Yeah, it is hard. I mean most of my friends
are gone during the week when I’m home, so most of my
friends outside of racing, are kind of, you know I
see them once or twice every few months. But the people I know in racing,
we kind of become friends because we’re always seeing each other. Well, I think racing,
it’s kind of like golf. You don’t know how difficult it is til you kinda get out there and do it. So I feel like, if we could
get people in the car more, and get them to kind of
drive, or sit next to somebody and drive, if we could
do that to a casual fan, it would be awesome. Because I think it would
help them understand what’s going on. If I have to go to the
restroom, where do I, you know, how do I do that during the race. Honestly, like, you get
the adrenaline going and you don’t really
need to use the restroom when you’re in the car. But if you do, like this Nomex is okay. But try not to. (upbeat music)

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  1. I mean I don’t really get it, this isn’t my thing in the slightest, but after watching this I super respect this guy and everyone else who does car racing

  2. For every time I've heard the bathroom comment here's the answer the temperatures in the car being over 140 degrees you pretty much sweat it out these guys are as much a finely-tuned athlete as any basketball baseball hockey or any other sport you want to name

  3. I am a professional Nascar fan and hay willy b I hope you win soon and make the Chase Wich is the playoffs

  4. I was in the infield of a race last year and I stepped out of someone's way because I was looking to get a driver's autograph. I realized a few seconds later that person who I stepped out of the way of was William Byron. He just looks too young to be doing this lol.

  5. I can't stand buzzfeed normally, but if they can help people understand how interesting, and cool NASCAR can be when you actually understand it, then I'm all for it. Anything to help bring the sport back to relevancy.

  6. When you realize this is the only good video Buzzfeed will EVER make.

    I started driving on a dirt track with a dirt bike when I was 12.

    I prefer manual transmission but when its an automatic transmission I will still drive with 2 feet.

  7. I love all of the comment being surprised at him being 21, When Max Verstappen made his F1 debut at the of 17 and had a major accident that year.

  8. Meanwhile buzzfeed was ranting about Liberty University being funded be racists about a month ago lmao

  9. It irks me the the sentences are not typed with proper punctuation. Why are the first letters not capitalized? 😑

  10. I’m 14 and I drag race a 600 horse power Camaro, and I’m hoping someday to make it big in racing, and have a career out of it

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