I Trained Like A Professional Ballerina | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I Trained Like A Professional Ballerina | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

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I’m Lucie Fink. I’m a video producer at Refinery29, but every so often I like to try other people’s jobs. Today I’m at a ballet studio in Manhattan to see if I have what it takes to be a ballerina. This is Lucie for Hire. Professional ballet dancers are, I think, some of the best athletes in the world but we’re also artists. So our job is to make it look really easy. Anyone who is trying ballet for the first time is going to be genuinely surprised by how hard it is even to execute really simple moves. Your first challenge is to warm up and stretch. Isabella walked me through a series of simple stretches. Oh that’s as far as I can go. Toe touching. Straddles. And some yoga poses. Then we moved to the ballet bar. And straighten. Good. She taught me how to loosen up my hands and fingers. Alright, put your thumb in and you want to see every finger. You don’t just want to have flippers. And then she showed me some basic ballet terminology. Demi plié. And straighten. And now we’re going to a grand plié. So you go all the way down. Woo! My foot cracked. Oh man! Relax your head. Let me just say this warm up was hard enough so I was starting to get really nervous about the actual learning to dance part. Your second challenge is to look the part because when your outfit is on point, your life is on point. Isabella had me change into a typical ballet outfit: tights and a leotard. Do I look like a ballerina? We need to put your hair up into a bun. Then I tried to give myself a ballet bun. But it was an absolute disaster. Okay I’m just going to fix it a little. It was a good attempt though. So Isabella took over and helped me out. Pro-tip: use a ton of bobby pins. She also taught me how to tie pointe shoes. Wrapping the inside ribbon twice and the outside ribbon once. I wasn’t going to dance in them this time though. It takes years and years to learn how to move in them properly. Painful. The biggest part of the challenge was still yet to come. Your third challenge is to learn the choreography. Today I’m going to teach Lucie an excerpt from Swan Lake, which is one of my favorite ballets. You go on up to demi pointe and keep your legs stretched. To start, Isabella taught me a few eight counts of choreography. Flap three, four. And one and a two. And then we practiced my leap. The aesthetic of ballet is based on hitting extremely precise poses and body angles, and those positions and that grace take years and years of hard work and practice to perfect. Keep your head out like… Really stretch out. Alright. I’m sweating. Try it again. Okay, good. Your final challenge is to perform. And just like that I became a swan. Well, not really, I put on a pink tutu to really bring my personality into the part. Oh my gosh. I feel like a ballerina. And then, I did my best. Sweet! How did you do? It was great! Yeah, Lucie was awesome. She was totally up for anything. Yeah, why not? Add it. Very open-minded and very unself-conscious, which is a great quality for a beginner to have, even though I had to modify the choreography to make it a little simpler for her. I think with a few more years of practice, I would definitely hire Lucie as a ballerina. Ballet is an art form but it is also a sport. Isabella has trained for years to earn herself a spot as a principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. So with a few more years of practice, maybe I’ll get there too. For now, I feel great about my efforts, my progress, and my performance. And in the meantime, I’ll see you at the ballet bar. Thanks so much for watching my attempt at being a ballerina. Comment below to let me know how you thought I did. Click here to watch another video on Refinery29 and right here to subscribe. See ya!

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  1. A few more years of practice? More like 10 and unlikely even then. I started at 3 and danced professionally after 14 years of training.

  2. I love pointe so much I have been doing pointe for about two years. I go though about at least five pairs of pointe shoes a week. It was fun watching Lucy try to do a bun and just learning the dance. I’m 11 years old and I have danced since the age of 2 and it makes it easier to star young so I give lucky major respect for trying the dance.❤️😘

  3. i used to do ballet when i was 2 and now im 11 but i quited ballet at 3 since it got expensive more then $100 a month

  4. She said just a few more years
    Well I’m only grade 4 and i have spent 10 years of ballet to get to here nuh a few more decades she really bad like really bad

  5. She had you too turned out–you could blow out a knee rotating your feet out like that without rotating from your hip. And your butt shouldn't be sticking out like that–it should be tucked. Surprised she didn't correct that before letting you plie.

  6. Love the video, hate the title. Don’t get me wrong- I loved watching this and I thought it was one of the better one of these types of videos on the internet! But did she train like a professional ballet dancer? HELL NO! From what I saw, she probably did an intensive day. Professional ballet dancers live, eat, and sleep ballet! They do almost nothing else.

  7. 3:42 The way you combining ballet with skating, that was very outstanding improvisation and innovation in the world of ballet 👏😆

  8. Watching this video and I as a ballerina is such a fun video to look back at. I started like Lucie and she is right! It took many years to perfect a bun and get to pointe shoes

  9. people: ballet is so easy. all you are doing is jump around a stage in a little tutu…
    ballerina: beats person with point shoes and jetés away, gracefully…

  10. I can't believe people think that ballet isn't a sport, it takes hours of practice just to master the simplest steps.

  11. I am 13 years old and I have been in ballet for 4 years now and my entire class have been in ballet for double and practice other dance like jazz and lyrical. Sometimes I want to quit because I'm not as good or flexible as everyone else and everyone has more experience. First year on pointe any advice?

  12. Omg when she started to tie the pointe shoes, I literally yelled, out loud, “NO” because I did not want to see an ER visit go down lol. Trust me. I know how hard it is to dance en pointe. God lol

  13. I freaked out about the Pointe shoes when I heard that she wasn’t going to dance in them I was already dead. At the end I was scared of when she went on the Pointe shoes for a second..

  14. People need to stop calling ballet a sport, it is an artform, you need the fitness of an athlete and it is just as demanding if not more so than most sports but that doesn't make it a sport.

  15. Lucie said that it hurts to habe pointe shoes on. I tried it out but it didn't hurt. And I'm not a dancer.

  16. Wow i've always wanted to be a ballerina but my mom didn't where i could practice sooo i haven't become a ballerina YET

  17. I honestly dont like ballet but i am a dancer for mexican folk in texas and i started off with ballet but i am not flexible or have much foot movement because of my tendon and i have been dancing for about 6 years but i am very athletic

  18. I remember when I was in ballet I would sit and push my foot down as far as I could to the ground. Yeah I have ankle problems now but I still don’t know if it’s from just doing ballet or pushing my feet down so I could point my toes better😂

  19. That was fun! NEW VIDEO on my channel as well! Do these ballet plie exercises with me to achieve slim, lean and toned legs for the summer! The high heels are optional 🙂 Enjoy!

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