I Learned How To Be A Professional Dog Groomer | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I Learned How To Be A Professional Dog Groomer | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

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I’m Lucie Fink! I’m a video producer at Refinery29, but every so often I like to try other people’s jobs. Today I’m at the Harlem Doggy Day Spa and I’m going to see I have what it takes to be a pet groomer. This is Lucie For Hire. I am a total dog lover. I’ve had dogs as pets for my entire life. And so when I got invited to the Harlem Doggie Day Spa to try being a puppy groomer for the day. It was an easy yes, but easy was the absolute last thing that this challenge turned out to be. I think Lucy is going to have a rude awakening because there’s a huge difference between loving a dog and actually grooming the dogs and she has to find a balance where she can do both. My first challenge was to assess the dog. Hi Bao Bao! I got lucky here when looking for a puppy to groom my close friend Sarah offered up her dog Bao Bao. Now I’ve known Bao Bao since he was an itty bitty pup. So thankfully he already felt comfortable around me. During the assessment period, we spoke to Bao Bao’s mom to see what she was looking for. Just a nice clean trim. Then the store owner Brian and I took to the books to make sure we had a grooming game plan. Here we are into the back. So you want to do is just put the groomers helpers around his neck. You don’t want to put it too tight. We also took some before photos of Bao Bao just for the archives. And once we were done it was time to prep the pup. Nice. Okay. We started by brushing his fur, working through any knots. Good boy Bao Bao. And then we cleaned out his ears. Go in a little bit deeper. Oh my little boo boo. And protected them from the bath by putting cotton balls inside of them. One arm around the chest and one around the back. You’re perfect. Lastly we moved him over to the bath area and gave him some eye protection. I had never put eye drops in for a dog before, but Bao Bao took em like a champ. You want to test it,
-Yeah. with your hand just to make sure that you’re comfortable and that he’s comfortable. My third challenge was the back. Now not all dogs like being under water so it can be a bit of a struggle at times to keep them relaxed. But we did everything possible to make sure Bao Bao was comfortable and calm during the shampoo and conditioning process. Look how skinny you are with water all over your body! Yet I did get a couple of minor scratches
and a lot of water in my face along the way. But I gladly accepted them as badges of honor for a job well done. Once he was washed it was time to express his anal glands. Yes you heard me correctly. We call it doggie detox. It’s a very sensitive area on an animal so
it’s no wonder they leave it to the experts. See? Ooh! That’s what came out. Oof! Bao Bao didn’t like having his butt touched as expected. So we quickly moved on. He’s doing a great job. Don’t eat it, don’t eat it. Once he was all squeaky clean it was time for my final challenge, drying and grooming. This process can be way more intense and involves scissors or razors, if the dog is getting a major haircut. But Bao Bao’s owner wanted to keep him fluffy and full. So we just dried his fur, trimmed a very little bit of hair where necessary, clipped his nails, and did some final brushing. By the end of the process, Bao Bao was looking fabulous. We put him in a little tie, took some final
pics of him, and then passed him back to his mama. It’s mommy! Mommy! I’ve tried a lot of jobs throughout the Lucie
For Hire series. I’ve tried being a gymnast, a ballerina, a
wedding cake maker, and more. But I didn’t know that the job involving puppies would be the most demanding of all. There’s something about having a life on the table in front of you that brings so much more meaning intention but also pressure to the role. So although today took a lot of patience,
attentiveness, and muscle. I feel like exhausted. Ha ha. Throw me a bone here. It was just my first time. We’ll see you next time on Lucie For Hire. Hey YouTube, thanks for watching Lucie For Hire as a pet groomer with Bao Bao. Click here to watch another video on Refinery29, here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and right here for my personal YouTube channel. Great job! Great job! Great job!

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  1. Lucie's extremely busy pattern pants were everything!
    Bao Bao. Just when I think I have already heard the cutest dog's name it's over taken by something even cuter…Bao Bao. Adorable! It was really smart that Lucie had her friend bring in a dog that she already knew and trusted. Expressing anal glands…yet another reason why I love big dogs (100+ pounds)…expressing is only done on knee high sized pups. Bleck!

  2. This is my dream job is to become a professional dog groomer I work grooming my dog part time at home I would watch these videos to help me to learn more about becoming a professional dog groomer

  3. This is one of my dream job to be become a professional dog groomer I brush my dog every day part time and this video will help me a lot

  4. I work at a doggo salon- it’s not easy, especially corgis and chihuahuas. The little man was incredibly well behaved πŸ’—

  5. Do I need to go to school for this? I've been washing dogs for a while but I was told I need to be a professional groomer.

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