I Got My Blackheads Professionally Extracted For $235

I Got My Blackheads Professionally Extracted For $235

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Nico: I’m on my way right
now to see Claudia Colombo, who is an aesthetician
and a wellness expert, to get facial extractions
for the very first time. I’m gonna be honest and
say I do pick at my face quite often, so, like, I
feel like I’m not nervous, but I’ve also never had someone
else pick at my face for me, so I think it’s gonna feel weird. It’s probably gonna feel weird. So, after the treatment
I’m gonna check back in with you guys a week from now to see how the
results have lasted, if my skin looks any better, and I’ll let you know if
this treatment is worth it. Claudia Colombo: Now,
extractions is basically the removal of impacted pores. Most facials include extractions, and pretty much everybody
needs some form of extraction. So, I started with
some lymph drainage, then I went into
some gentle cleansing, and then I
pre-softened the skin to make it easier for the
pores to be extracted. So, after her pores were softened with the enzyme
treatment that I use, the digestive enzymes
work really well to soften and just kind of liquefy the pores. Then we did the
ultrasonic skin scrubber, and that just helped to
liquefy the pores even more. So, when I did the extractions, everything came out really easily, there was no pressure, you
don’t have to, you know, put a lot of pressure
into the extraction, and everything
came out beautifully. After the cleaning and
after the extractions, I want to re-mineralize the skin and just add all the
nutrients the skin needs, so I did some chlorophyll
and copper complex. I find, with Nico, she had
a little bit of a deficiency with magnesium and copper. And normally, if there’s
blackheads present and a lot of, like,
blemishes and acne, that’s usually key that
those minerals are, you’re deficient in. So, we did that, it incubated
in the skin a little bit, and then we used a blue
light to help heal. Help heal the skin even more and help those
products and ingredients to penetrate deeper
into the pores. And then we topped it off
with a hydrojelly mask. The hydrojelly masks are
really popular right now in skin care, and
I love them because it really calms the
skin, it’s very soothing. I hope the expectation
of extractions is that you leave with
glowing, radiant, healthy skin, and that’s the objective. That’s why you should get a
professional extraction done. We have professional tools,
professional ingredients, things that you can’t do at home, so I really advise at least one
professional assessment to kinda start you off on
the journey of better skin, just so your unique
condition can be looked at professionally and you can
understand your skin better and then, therefore, take care
of it properly, long-term. So, those pickers, those pickers. I would say please, please,
please do the best you can to keep your hands off your skin because you’re only going
to make things worse. Sometimes you think, you
know, it’s a specific blemish or it’s a blackhead, and
it’s nothing of the sort. It’s something completely
different, so you don’t really know what you’re
actually poking and picking at. Claudia: So, are you
ready to see your skin? Nico: Yes. Claudia: It looks so good! Nico: Let’s see! Whoa. That’s wild! You can really see a difference, especially the forehead, I feel like.
Claudia: Mm-hmm. Nico: Wow! And it’s
so shiny and glowy! So, it has been a week
since my extraction facial with Claudia, and I have
to say that I have noticed a pretty huge
difference in my skin, specifically with the texture. Before, obviously my nose was
very covered in blackheads; anytime I looked in the mirror it felt like they
were pretty obvious. But afterwards, it was like
they were almost nonexistent. Like, I can barely see any
blackheads on my skin right now. I feel like my skin is also
starting to look a lot better because of the tips and
tricks Claudia gave me during the facial, so,
like, drinking more water, more lymphatic draining,
and less picking at my face has obviously helped make a
difference in my skin too. I would say that even going
this one time helped me a ton because I just
learned so much about how to keep the
blackheads at bay at home without Claudia’s help. So, the next time
that I feel the need to pick at my dirty, dirty skin, I can just sit down and watch, like, a Dr. Pimple Popper
compilation, pretend I’m her, and get it out of my head, and I feel like my skin
will thank me for it.

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  1. Pam – “Corporate needs you to identify the difference between these 2 pictures”

    Creed – “ On it!”

    Pam – “there the same picture”

  2. Lmaoooo for real… like dang, I wish my face was that clear 😂 but i mean is she wanted it.. she wanted it 🙂

  3. I definitely need this! I'm a 14 year old girl. I have something like this all over my nose. I have some small bumps on my nose from this to. I've tried washing my nose, popping it out, and putting medicine on it, but it either keeps coming back or not coming out at all.

  4. $2 hundred freak 35 dollars??!!! What????
    No Ma’am smh! I go to Skin Station and they do one hella good job. Hell I can do it for you if you want damn 🥺🙄😳🙋🏻

  5. People complaining about it being a waste of money but the video has 8.5M views so that paid for it and then some… Content=Cash baybee, the youtube hustle is real

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    Her: “got it.”

    Them: “Great, now strip and put this towel on as if you were about to get a full body massage.”

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  7. These are the type of people that would annoy me when they look at their skin and say, “oh my god my skin is so awful right now” meanwhile I have Mount Everest growing on my forehead

  8. I have this blackhead right on my nose and it’s real hard to get. I also have a lot of little ones on my nose. Looking at this I really want to go. It looks really relaxing

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    I totally disappointed to do all "homemade nushkhe".
    Nothing work on it.
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  13. I can do this myself. All I need is an extractor, warm wash cloth, sterile skin bracer, a magnified mirror and bright light. Saves a lot of money.

  14. Professional tools that I can't do at home? Yeah pretty sure I got a needle and some q-tips in my closet. Anyone who does this is getting scammed. If you eat right first off your skin will be fine and you can easily do this yourself there's no special anything she's just pushing it out it's all bullshit

  15. Ah I have an amazing esthetician who is doing my facials and my skin is super glowy for like 3 days!
    I really see the difference!

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