I CHANGE JOBS OFTEN. How Can I Write A Resume To Land A Job Offer ???

I CHANGE JOBS OFTEN. How Can I Write A Resume To Land A Job Offer ???

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Oh, that job is so interesting I wanna apply After working for a while It is not what I expected I need to find another job Ok, I will send my resume to a new job OMG! This candidate has changed his jobs almost every month Will he do the same with my company? Maybe I should choose another candidate Well, did you guys see that Recruiters seem to hesitate when considering your resumes if you have changed many jobs in the past I believe you have heard this word many many times Job Hopper And coming to recruiters I’m not sure they welcome job hoppers You may leave them very soon for sure. In this video I will share with you guys some suggestions to write a resume for those who change jobs a lot Hi everyone I am back to discuss with you guys about resume writing Let me introduce myself before we start I’m Modern, the co-founder of COAON the previous Q&A video my friend, Pearl has already introduced our work to you guys But if you have not watched our video yet I will summarize it for you guys here My friend and I have an idea to create content helping people understand how to apply for a job with high-quality documents We are developing a resume analysis tool with a special combination in Advanced Technology and HR Surely, we will let you know when it is ready But in the meantime we still offer writing services at an affordable price Just shoot us an email through [email protected] if you need help on resume and cover letter writing Ok, its time to discuss our main topic today How to write a resume for someone who changes jobs often Let’s divide the answer into 2 sections Or should I say 2 different types of job hoppers Check it out to see if you guys belong to which group Group 1 If you guys have tried different career paths Or Group 2: If you guys have jumped to different organizations to fulfill your understandings in the field No matter which situation you belong to your resumes may contain many pieces of information in work experience sections I mean you have different job titles at different companies within a small amount of time And I’m pretty sure you may encounter another problem with your resume which is your documents are very long More than 1 page Am I right ? Ok let’s solve all the problems together First situation If you have tried different career paths before If this situation applies to you well you may need more time to fix your resumes Let me tell you why The differences among different career paths will pop up to recruiters’ eyes the ones who are really professional in resumes They will question if you are really master of your skills in different settings Most of these skills require you to practice for a long time repeatedly And unfortunately these skills are hard skills In our 2nd Q&A video we already explained that hard skills are designed for specific jobs and hardly transferable You need to learn new hard skills whenever you move to a new job. In such a case your recruiters may prefer a candidate with long-term and steady development Wonder why? Well, because this person has practiced and enhanced skill set for the job continuously And when coming to the job it’s easier for this person to start working. So how to surpass this person to get a job offer with your resume? You may consider the following steps that I suggest First, carefully study the career destination I mean your target job Second, list all common requirements for this job from different organizations as many as possible You can try searching for job descriptions from different job boards Each of them will cover some requirements for your dream job Third, group relating requirements together Fourth decide which group should be corresponding to which section in your resume For example if the requirements are some degrees and majors you should have then you can group them correspondingly with the education section in your resume Just do similarly with other sections Fifth brainstorm your qualifications and achievements as many as possible Sixth compare your qualifications and achievements with job requirements Group yours into categories as already have may adapt and do not have when comparing with job requirements Seventh try Target Resume format to draft your resume with qualifications and achievements that you already have and may adapt from your background Eighth double check your resume to eliminate typos and grammar mistakes For step by step to draft a resume you can check our previous videos “Resume Tips 2020: Will Resume Structure Stay The Same For Students and Jobseekers ” to obtain strategy in resume writing from scratch and “Q&A Resume Tips 2020:
Don’t Put All Skills In Your Resume” to build a resume with a combination of structure and information After going through 8 steps together do you guys know why I recommend Target Resume? Well, if you have read our blog about 6 resume formats you will see this format supports job hoppers the most I mean the ones who may have lots of gaps in their employment history And for this resume format you should organize your resume sections as contact information objective summary skill work experience education certification This resume format can highlight your efforts to substitute for your shortages, like employment gaps or required abilities One bonus point for you do not try to include all the jobs you have done before since all of them are not supporting and relating to your dream jobs For example if you want to become a doctor then your experience as a cashier should not be in your resume But if you had an internship at the hospital this should be in your resume Just try your best to highlight your skills your relevant experience, your relating degrees and certificates in your resume And write a summary to emphasize your outstanding points to make the work done Also, remember to write your goal clearly in the Objective section of your resume Second situation you have changed different organizations to work on a similar job Here, I mean that you have joined many organizations but have not made any progress or your progress is not significant To be clear let’s say that your job level stays the same at many organizations. Well, it may happen to many people when they move from one company to another continuously Lots of the time your managers have to observe you for a while to give you a promotion I mean you can level up your job title Your managers must see if you can really do the job or if you make any progress during your work or even if you can support others and the company goals, and so on. Unfortunately if you jump to another organization before you can make any progress it will be impossible for your new boss to grant you a higher position Actually, it will be very difficult for recruiters to select you for a new hire Recruiters can easily spot you have not leveled up during your employment journey It is seriously a red flag So what should you do now? Well, this situation is a little bit more difficult than the first one As you may keep doing similar things for a long time Your experience, skillset will stay the same It will be difficult to handle new tasks requiring new skills and understanding Even though you may bargain you can learn things very fast recruiters may have preferences for those who have previous experience Why? Since these people can do things right away while you take time to learn don’t worry We can work things out together First, brainstorm your career journey to compare and contrast your previous and current positions together Second, take note of what you have done better in one job compared with the previous ones I am pretty sure you have done something better you may not notice your improvement now But just think of what you have done to help your teammates to fulfill requirements to support company goals You will see you have done a lot Third, try the Combination Resume Format Why? Because your experience is steady and continuous You do not have to worry about employment gaps since they may not apply to you Fourth, emphasize your achievements in every job you have done from the past till now Fifth, don’t forget to check if you have any typos or grammar mistakes You don’t want recruiters to raise some bad impression because of that, right? Do you guys see that What I have just suggested can help you guys highlight your qualifications Including your work for customers, companies, teammates These wonderful things about you are what recruiters search for They will turn you to promising candidates under recruiters’ eyes do you guys see that Things are not as bad as you may imagine No matter what happens you can still handle it Just need to find the right way to highlight your achievements and you can still impress recruiters to get your dream jobs Don’t worry if you have made many changes in your career development Sometimes we need to try a lot to know what means to us the most right? So it is important to define if you have tried different career paths or if you have moved to different organizations to pursue your dream jobs And if you have tried different career paths before then you should 1. Study your target job 2.Define common requirements for your target job 3. Group relating requirements 4. Decide corresponding resume sections for each requirement group 5. List your qualifications 6. Compare your qualifications with job requirements 7. Draft your resume using Target Resume format with your qualifications compared to job requirements 8th Double-check your resume to eliminate errors But if you have moved to different organizations to pursue your dream jobs then you can consider these following steps 1. Compare what you have done among your previous and current jobs 2. Find out what you have done well in each job 3. Draft your resume with Combination Resume format 4. Highlight your achievements in every job you have done 5. Get rid of any errors in your resume if you have I hope my discussion can help solve your problem If you want to focus on any specific issue you can click on the timestamp in the video description Also, do not forget to check our blog about recruiters and job hoppers We will share with you guys some thoughts about this relationship That’s all for today guys If you like what I just shared don’t forget to hit like and subscribe for more information And also remember to share with your friends to help them with resume writing! You can also contact us through social channels types “coaon18” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to locate us and “coaon” on Medium We will update information frequently Don’t miss your opportunities to obtain some resume writing techniques Thank you for watching until the end See you guys in the next video BYE

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