How To Write Your Perfect Resume – Resume Examples 2019

How To Write Your Perfect Resume – Resume Examples 2019

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A solid resume will easily get you a job interview
and possibly a higher paying professional opportunity. This is the video where I share clear resume
tips, to help you write your perfect resume. For those you turned in for the first time,
I am Marat from EMMOTION –, Human Resources and Recruitment Agency, look
me up on LinkedIn. Over the years I’ve reviewed thousands of
CVs and I can guarantee you, that a strong and an eye catching resume, means so much
when it comes to attracting your dream job and building a career you want. Before I proceed further I would like to remind
you to subscribe to my channel below, and hitting the littleh bell so you won’t miss
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video, I’ll share a few resume formats which you could use as an inspiration to tailor
your own resume. So we’ve already established that your resume
needs to be eye catching and professional. Keep in mind that, on average, recruiters
and hiring managers tend to spend less than 10 seconds reviewing a CV. Let’s continue to the 1st tip: Select the
right CV format and make it look good. The effective resume is consistent, clear
and easy to read. Avoid tiny fonts, sudden font and format variations. Use the same font and format throughout your
resume. Choose any font which is easy on the eye,
like Calibri o Garamond to mention a few. An unprofessional resume, full of grammar
mistakes, confusing and vague information or slang words, will make you look unprofessional
as a job seeker. Your resume will easily get ignored among
hundreds of CVs sent per each position. Tip number 2: Don’t make your resume longer
than 2 pages. Keep it short, dynamic and to the point, no
longer than two pages! According to research the 3plus pages long
resumes are more likely to get ignored. The longer your resume is, the less time there
is to see a possible fit. Entry level candidates stand their best chance
with 1 page resume. Experienced candidates do the best with 2
pages resume. In fact they are twice likely to get hired
with 2-pages resume over experienced candidates with a similar 1-page resume. Some might think, how would you fit and describe
the experience you had 20-25 years ago? The solution is easy, don’t describe it. Unless it’s extremely relevant for the role
you are applying to, details from over 15 years don’t need to be on your CV. Tip number 3: Identify accomplishments and
not just job descriptions. The resume isn’t just a summary of your
work experience, it is in fact a marketing tool to market your individual brand which
tells your professional story in the best way. Focus on what you did in the job, NOT what
your job was, there’s a difference. Include a one or two lines job description
first, then list your accomplishments. Think about praise you’ve received, promotions
you’ve been given, and any special responsibilities you’ve handled. Focus on results and include Values! Starting sentences with action verbs makes
your resume seem more dynamic. For example, “increased sales by 20%”
or “implemented a new system of filing”, “Improved office efficiency by 15%” or
“Saved the company 10.000€ by improving efficiency”. It reads better than their passive or longer
equivalents. 4. Include a “CAREER SUMMARY”
A career summary is a place to showcase how unique you are. What combination of skills and experiences
makes you an asset? Grab a hiring manager’s attention right
from the beginning. Don’t use an Objective Statement LIKE: Seeking
a “certain position” or interested in a “certain challenge”. That’s not telling at all. The quick summary examples could be the following:
“With 15 years of financial planning experience, I’ve maintained over 200 client relationships
while helping develop, and eventually managing, the company’s CRM system.” ‘Organized real estate office associate
with 7 years’ experience maintaining effective client schedules, building policies, and office
In today’s world everything is customized. This includes your resume when applying for
jobs. You should be strategic about landing your
dream job and tailor your resume appropriately. If you send off a generic resume, you will
definitely lower the chances of getting invited to an interview. You can reuse the same bullet points for multiple
positions, but always review the position requirements beforehand. Figure out what the organization is looking
for, then reflect those qualifications in your resume. If you’re searching for a job nearby, make
sure employers know you’re a local candidate by including your location in the contact
information at the top of your resume. 6. And I am sharing with you two downloadable
resumes, which you can use while building up your own resume. Let me know what had been your own resume
challenges? If you thought your
Thanks for watching and subscribe to my channel below 🙂

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  11. Thanks so much for this video, it is a worthwhile lesson for job seekers.

    However, I have a question about the exact number of pages according to you employers are attracted to. For example, If you are in search of a job that wants to know more about your voluntary services you have offered, and you are somebody who has spent much of your life volunteering at variety of institutions; that of course won't permit you to stick to the prescribed two pages resume.

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  13. BULL………….SHIT!!!!

    I've been working in corporate offices for 20+ years and I can

    ALL companies are self-absorbed to the point that EACH company out
    there wants something specifically geared for THEM! They don't want
    "generic" resumes, they don't want "standard" resumes, they
    don't want anything anybody else has or expects. THEY want what THEY want, when
    they want it! And that differs from day to day, week to week!

    Today company ABC wants plain white paper resumes with Tahoma 10
    font, with bullets for everything you did in previous jobs. Tomorrow, they want
    only e-resumes with a one paragraph bio, and short, one sentence descriptions
    of your jobs. Next week, company ABC will change their "minds" once
    again, and want something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

    No two companies will EVER want the same style resume! Don't let
    these liars tell you any different! The REAL world is far, far different than
    these hacks will lead you to believe!

    Your best bet, is to contact the HR department the day you plan to
    submit your resume to that company and ASK THEM what type, kind, and version of
    resume they want.

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