How to Write Neatly + Improve Your Handwriting

How to Write Neatly + Improve Your Handwriting

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76 thoughts on “How to Write Neatly + Improve Your Handwriting”

  1. I sent it to my doctor.
    She blocked me on Messenger

    I- wow thanks
    Edit: 1. THANK YOU GUYS
    2. I am not trying to offend peple who's parents are doctors

  2. There is only one problem…
    Even if i would write this neatly, It will be smudged out anyways
    Lefthandedness is not a friend of a neat handwriting

  3. I saw this vid last night. I tried it this morning and my classmates were impressed by how much I improved from just these tips. Thanks!

  4. Firstly, start by not gripping the pen like a 4 year old grips a crayon as the person does in this video. Learn a proper pen grip.

  5. This was randomly in my recommended and I watched it anyway, even though I already have neat writing lol but oh my god this writing is on a different level

  6. Complete waste of time..didnt help me and impossible..dyslexia….born with and will always have bad handwriting.

  7. This type info should be taught in grade school writing classes?!?! If it already is…sorry, i didnt really like school as a youngster😶 or a teen,so didnt pay much attn. The problem now a days is they dont teach proper writing cuz all da teachers want assignments typed making them easier 2 grade. However, it hinders that person all da way into young adulthood when reality gives them no choice but 2 write, for either work or higher learning. Das why parents of school-aged children gotta be involved in daily routines & monitor progress.

  8. I write like that on the left when i take my time, but when the teacher says we only have 3 mins left to copy the whole text on the board is me on the right

  9. *Moral*I don't need to a be a perfect handwriting.😒

    To those who don't know handwriting: just give your best 😌

    😀😄😍But nice handwriting tough, it really looks like it was printed

  10. At school I saw someone's paper and she wrote EXACTLY like a computer, I was staring at her handwriting (not her homework😂) for like 5 minutes she had God level writing skills. Crazy.

  11. You struggle so hard to produce a poor writing example!! You're handwriting is so good you can't make it look sloppy for the "not this way" examples! Awesome job!

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