How to write a resume that gets you a job?


Hi everybody, I’m Ryan. Today, I’m gonna show you how to write a resume that will land you more interviews Here’s an average resume Have you ever wondered what happens after one gets sent out? More than likely nobody reads it. Have you ever wondered why? This is the answer: This pile contains 250 resumes. That’s the average amount that an employer gets in response to a job offer How many of these similar looking resumes you think you get before you snapped Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this If you can highlight your strengths and show value to the employer You can stand out from the crowd Don’t worry, whether it’s your first resume and you just don’t know where to start or your seasoned veteran Just looking for a quick refresh I can show you how to get to the top of the pile in 6 easy steps. So… You ready? Great, let’s get started! Don’t judge the book by its cover. It’s a great morale to teach your kids But your kids don’t have to work and you do Your resume is your cover and you will be judged Hiring managers tear through resumes looking at specific areas for what they need. Let’s have a look at a good resume Notice how clear and easy it is to read Having your section titles clearly visible gives everything your recruiters looking for at a glance The titles that naturally draw the eyes to the entries below Adding indentations creates whitespace to help this further. Make sure your font is clear and professional and you’re good to go Alright, so you passed the first scan. They’re interested! Now It’s time for your pitch Remember the recruiter hasn’t read your resume yet You have to convince them to… How do you do that? By giving them what they want. Enter your resume summary… The sales pitch for the rest of your resume. First don’t tell them what you want out of the job by leveraging your skills. They know what you want- a job. Leveraging your skills is expected. Instead… Highlight your strengths, wow than from the first sentence. Write about how valuable you’ll be to them. Make them understand… Why they… Need you. Also remember to mention the company directly Instead of writing “I’m looking for a job in tech” Personalize your summary with “I’m eager to join Acme corporation” This shows that you’re not spamming around the same resume everywhere And that’s the point People can tell when a resume is generic. This five-second change can make a huge impression Alright, they’re ready to give you a shot time for the big guns Here it is: the moment of truth, The meat and potatoes of your resume: The “Experience” section You’re probably thinking: Easy! Just list the name of the company and what I did every day The recruiter already knows what your job was Now they want to know how well you did it Let’s take a look at our resume again You’ve got the job title the dates worked and her responsibilities decent But let’s punch it up a notch… By adding a key achievement subsection right below Angela bursts onto the scene with measurable real-world results Her experience now means something to the recruiter. Well done, Angela This is all thanks to the PAR formula PAR stands for problem action results. Here’s how it works: The problem: storage costs were too high The action: new storage solutions The result: cost cut by 17% Remember to always choose numbers Don’t say you significantly increased sales Say you increased sales by 150% Numbers pop! If it’s still not super clear, just follow the link below to our article about achievements And how you can get the most out of them by using the PAR system You still with me? Great! Now it’s time to show you really know what you’re talking about This is where your education section takes over now Normally this section is a sinch You just name your highest degree, your school name, your major and your graduation date DONE! But what if you just graduated and your experience section looks like the Mojave Desert? Here is where all those courses you slaved over can back you up Just list your relevant coursework under your degree like this Time for the next step When it comes to your skills You want to remember one key word. Relevance. Your virtuoso piano skills for a welding job – not relevant Your high score on Frogger for position as a biologist Also not relevant. Your command of Twitter for position of President Strangely relevant But you get the point… Here’s how to get the best results, check the listing again Focus on skills that apply to the job you’re looking for. Once you have them specify don’t just write Microsoft Office, everybody does that and nobody pays attention to it. Mention that you can create and test data source connections with Microsoft’s performance point server. You see these keywords? That’s what your employer is looking for if you have the skills- list them But never claim to know more than you do because… Recruiters are trained to spot liars and their job is to cut them out of the race Here’s how you can convince them that you’re a front-runner Even things you might not have thought of like attending conferences can be added Show the recruiters quickly and easily that you’re the real deal Congratulations, you’ve just completed our resume bootcamp Use what you’ve learned wisely! If you want to learn even more great tips Follow the link below for an article that goes into even more detail than I came today You can also check our resume builder for a step-by-step process with helpful tips and lots of templates to choose from Writing a resume has never been so easy

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