How to Write a Resume For A Job  – Resume Writing Strategies

How to Write a Resume For A Job – Resume Writing Strategies

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Is your resume just not getting the
attention it deserves? Is your resume on the fritz? In this video I’m going to
teach you three top resume trends that are sure to make you stand out from the
crowd and if you stick around until the end I have an extra special bonus just
for you. Hi friends, I am Heather Austin from
and The Career Club on Facebook and I help professionals just like you conquer
your career. Before we get into the top three resume trends let me just say that
I know how time consuming it can be to write a resume. These three resume trends
will save you time, money and energy and hopefully land you an interview.
Let’s get into it! Trend #1 is to place your Linkedin URL
at the top of your resume close to your name in the header section
and if you’re not sure how to customize your LinkedIn URL, take a look at the video I
made right here. I’ll also provide a link in the description below. Trend #2 –
use keywords. This helps your resume get past the initial tracking software
and it helps you rate higher in resume search engines. Review the job posting
for keywords and then place those keywords throughout your resume. An
example of this would be to add a skills section that emphasizes the keywords of
your desired position. Remember using the right keywords will help you get noticed
and earn an interview. Trend #3 – is to identify accomplishments not just
job descriptions. Quantify your accomplishments as best as possible
using numbers, percentages and dollar amounts. An example of this would be
“Demonstrated professional etiquette and manners when interviewing with customers
which resulted in 30% improved feedback of customers,” or “increased customer base
by 55% in a single year by bringing in real business from the
company’s website.” Here’s the bonus tip. Get rid of your old outdated objective
statement and instead use a branding profile. A branding
profile is a statement that conveys what you can do for a company rather than
what you want out of a position. Your branding profile should state your
values, your goals and your experience. If you’re wondering how to write a good
branding profile for your resume take a look at the video I made right here. I’ll
also provide a link below this video. So let’s recap. Trend #1 – is to place
your LinkedIn URL in the top header section of your resume. Trend
#2 – is to use keywords. Trend #3 – is to quantify your accomplishments
rather than listing your job descriptions and then of course the
bonus tip is to replace your outdated objective statement with a branding
profile. So, question for you… What resume trend have you seen
recently that has caught your eye? Post in the comment section below. I would
love to know. Also don’t forget to take a look at The Career Club on Facebook. A
private community dedicated to helping you live your career to the max. I’ll
provide a link below this video. If this video was helpful, be sure to hit the
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for more helpful tips and tricks on conquering your career. Thanks guys and
I’ll see you next time!

19 thoughts on “How to Write a Resume For A Job – Resume Writing Strategies”

  1. Hi there! What resume writing trend stuck out the most to you? Also. What other resume writing trends have you seen recently? 👍🏼

  2. Very useful tips. One resume trend I've seen lately is the use of subtle color. Like text changes and background colors. Do you recommend that as well?

  3. Wow Heather what great tips! I read an article about How LinkedIn is becoming a bigger #SocialMedia Platform than once thought. I'm all about people having a website or some type of online reference.

  4. My resume is definitely 'on the fritz' haha! Thanks so much for these resume writing strategies. I will put them to use right away.

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