How to Write a Resume for a Job Application easy way.#2

How to Write a Resume for a Job Application easy way.#2

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we are going to explain how to write a
great CV for a job application at english-speaking companies companies
can’t interview hundreds of people so your curriculum vitae or resume should
summarize your skills education and experience in a way that makes you stand
out how let’s find out generally your CV should be concise and brief two pages
are the ultimate limit as you want to stick out tailor your application and
avoid a ready-made templates or all-purpose V’s the top of your CV
should include your name and your address use English names for example
Munich instead of mention also mention your nationality before us applications
only include your date of birth or a photo if requested if you are not
applying for a particular job opening include a concrete objective for example
trainee marketing position in IT sector next up write a very brief summary of
your skills and experience relevant to the job objective for instance
experience in strategic marketing at business Inc or strong organizational
skills for your work experience start with your most recent and work backwards
name the employer your position and use action verbs to describe your key
responsibilities use present tense for current positions and past tense for
work you are no longer doing good examples are promoted positive image for
the company or assisted chief executive to the needs of customers the education
section includes the institution’s name your degree and actual or expected
graduation date don’t mention grades unless they are
above average if possible use standard English translations of your degree
titles or exams in the additional skills section include languages according to
your proficiency and other competencies like computer skills you can show off
your most relevant superhero power once more as you already listed them under
key skills and especially when your work experience is
still limited and interests and activities to your CV they paint a
picture of the kind of person you are volunteer activities are especially
valued whereas standard hobbies like meeting with friends should rather be
avoided lastly you can include the phrase
references available upon request if asked your referee will write a
confidential letter directly to the organization so be sure to have asked
for their permission beforehand and then you’re done when following these steps
you will likely make a great first impression on your possible employer so
what are you waiting for start working on your English CV now

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