How to write a resume / CV with Microsoft Word

How to write a resume / CV with Microsoft Word

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In this video I’m going to show you how
you can create a CV or resume and this is an update video to the one I
previously did about five years ago that was really popular and hopefully I’ll
answer some of the questions that appeared in the comment section of that
video. So I’m going to be doing this in Microsoft Word but you can do it in any
application that can deal with text and tables and you should be fine and
I’ll try to keep it very simple lean and as precise as possible so let’s get
started. So I’ve loaded up Microsoft Word and the first thing I want to do is go
to layout and set the margins to be narrow and I’m going to insert a table
and it’s going to be two columns by one row and then I’m going to enter in the
name, so all the information I use in this CV it’s just sample information
it’s made up so none of its real but you should of course use your information
and keep it as accurate and just concise as you can. So I put in the name of this
person John Smith I’m gonna hit return and I’m going to put in his date of
birth and where he lives but first February 1976 UK now I’m going
to pretty much stick to the font Calibri except in one place and the font size is
going to be 11 I’m gonna change this to size 26 just like that okay now you can
see that this table has its border around it and I don’t want that so what
I’m going to do that’s I’m just going to select the table and from home and
paragraph I’m going to just select no border just like that, and of course I
want to see where the table is so in order to make sure I can see I’m gonna
go to layout, whilst being inside the table, and choose view grid lines and you can
see those grid lines you can switch them on and off as you need to when you print
or save this document as a PDF those grid lines won’t appear. So next I’m going
to add in another table into the right-hand side and this time it’s going
to be five rows by two columns so again insert table five rows by two columns
again I’m going to select it and from borders I can just go no border and so I
want my contact information here so I’m going to put in address, that’s going to take up two lines and then telephone, and mobile, and an
e-mail I’m going to populate that information, and say email I’m gonna put
in John Smith and I won’t put in a domain but you should put in whatever your
e-mail is, I’ll just put in some dashes dot com. Okay now one thing about email
addresses you want to make sure that you have a professional email address so you
don’t want something like [email protected] you want something
that just as your first thing your surname may be a couple of numbers after
if you can’t get the exact one that you need and then that’s something like
Gmail or Hotmail or Microsoft but you definitely want something that looks
professional. And the next thing I want to do someone needs to be right aligned
I just go to home and then right align just like that. A lot of times in the old
video people have asked me where can I put my photo, now generally I don’t
recommend you adding a photo unless you’re going for a modeling job for
example if you’re going to be a customer service advisor and you’ll be talking to
clients on the phone all day and I don’t understand why you would need to have
your photo and it can just lead to discrimination and I don’t see there
being any positive benefits but if you do want to add it the best place to add
it would be after your name so here. Okay so we’re going to move on to the next
section so I’ve clicked outside of the table and I’m just gonna put in some
returns just alive got some space to play with, the next thing I want to add
is a quote from someone who I’ve worked with now this will generally be my line
manager or the head of the company or the head of the department but someone
who I will later use either as a reference or list in my employment details. I’m just
just going to copy that over from a second monitor, okay so this is the quote
John Smith is a highly capable individual who over the past five years
has continually produced work of an excellent standard he uses his
initiative to take the business forward and it’s always ready to help his team
mates and that’s inside of quotes, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to
change the font to Times New Roman and I’m also going to make it italic and
twelve just a little bit bigger and then at the end of the quote you want the
person who’s making in the quotes in this case it’s Ian Newton the director
of SparkleBean a made up company I’m gonna align that to the right and I’m
just gonna select both of these lines and I’m gonna go to paragraph and remove
space after paragraph just so that this moves up a little bit okay so the next
section I want to add is the employment details so I just put in a couple of
lines left the line again and I’ve got type in employment details in all
uppercase I’m just going to highlight it and make it bold and also want a
border underneath it so from paragraph i’ll select bottom border I’m gonna
select not the line that comes straight after the border but the one that comes
after that I’m gonna insert a table and this time it’s going to be two columns
by one row and I want to again make sure that there is no actual border so I’ll
make sure I go to borders no border and I’m going to type in the company that I
worked for, and then beneath that my position on the right hand side I want
to put in the dates that I worked there so first Jan 2014 to current and I’m going
to right align that I’m gonna select the table and I want a
light gray background color the lightest one that there is there now I want to
reduce the gap between that bottom border and this table so what I’m going
to do is I’m going to go to paragraph remove space after paragraph I’m gonna
set the font size which will change the line height to about four just so that
there is some gap between that border line and where this information starts I
just I’m gonna click outside of the tables and I’m going to enter in what I
did in that job, so I just copy some information over, so I’ve got three lines
I’m entering overall responsibility for the company’s web development strategy,
responsible for the motivation and development of ten members of staff, and
credited for key elements of the web 2.0 framework, again what you put in you want
to tailor it to the job that you’re applying for. If the job is heavily
leaning towards a specific technology or a specific platform then you want to
show as much involvement as you have had in that in these lines that you are
entering under your employment details for that position. So what I’m going
to do is I’m just going to highlight everything and remove those extra spaces so remove space after paragraph and what needs to be bullet
point so I just lay at those three lines and add in a bullet point and then want
those bullets to be left aligned so that they line up with that left side of the
table and then they go to decrease indent just like that. Because I have a
couple of employment details to add in so I’ll just do those and I’ll be right
back. Okay so I’ve added those in and as you’ll notice they all have the
same format so they all have the company and then the job title and then
information about what they did with the dates on the right-hand side and the
format looks nice and consistent, and it’s all in reverse chronological order
so your latest job at the top and your earliest job at the bottom it’s
important to make sure that your dates are all correct
so one job ends and another job starts, it’s okay to have a couple of months gap
between jobs that’s fine you don’t have to account for that, we’ve got a year or
more gap then you should really be accounting for what you did during that
time. Now one of the most frequent questions I had from the last video is
what to do if you area fresher and you are straight out of university. So what
I’ve done is I’ve got these job roles here but also added in to additional
activities so this person for example graduated at the end of 1998 and so they
didn’t get their first job until 1st of January 2003 so it took three years for
them to get a paid job in the sector that they wanted and so prior to that I
put in a couple of activities that they were doing. So straight after university
they graduated in 1998 in 1999 they were looking for a job at the same time they
created their own blog from MyOwnBlog they were a writer and then you can write
down what you did during that blog or doing that project whatever it was that
you’re working on, so for example here it’s just a blog but I’ve listed, created and
developed blog aimed at helping people learn basics of IT, interactive with a
community of over 2,000 subscribers, deployed affiliate advertising to
generate income to support cost, and responsible for blog infrastructure such as e-mail, updates and domain management. Again that was something I
was doing on my own initiative it shows that I have IT skills it shows I have skills in terms of communicating with people, and in terms of
understanding how to pay for the costs of the blog, and how to look after
infrastructure. So this activity was done for two years before this person got a
volunteer position and this may be paid unpaid and in terms of paid it may just
be like expenses or a very small amount but then that’s a second activity that
they joined so in between graduating and getting a proper job in the area that
you want you can do other activities that are useful that can show that you
have skills that you have developed after leaving University before this
person thing gets a job that they want so it software engineer. So any activity
that you have done between graduating and getting a job you can list here as
well, there will be another section where you can list other activities there
probably aren’t as large as these that you can include as well and I’ll show
you those. Okay so the next section that we want on this next page and they’re
generally your CV can be one to two pages I think two pages is fine one page
if your refresher is fine as well. The list section is academic background, and again I’m gonna make it bold and
just present ctrl+b, I want a border beneath it, I’m gonna insert a table
that’s going to be three columns high and eight rows and here we’re going to list our
qualification so again it’s in reverse chronological order, your latest
qualification at the top and you earliest at the bottom, again I don’t
want to see the border around this table so borders the no border, and so for your
latest which may be your degree you put in what you got and what that degree was
in this instance it’s 2:1 Computer Science, I’m based in the UK so a degree in Computer Science would normally be
between age 18 to 21 where you did it and the year that you
graduated, and that would be followed by what you did at A Level so that’s age 16
to 18, in this instance there were three A Levels and what I got in those and
then the name of the A Level. I want these to be bulleted so I just select
them Home and in bullet points and then where I did those and when they were
completed. And then finally GCSE so this is between
ages 14 to 16 and normally we do nine so you either list them all or you
can summarize them in this instance I’ll summarize them, okay so that’s everything
listed of course if you did any other qualification as well as those then you
can write those down as well even if it was just a short course if you’ve got a
qualification in it then you should definitely write it down. Okay so I’m
gonna move on to the next section which is professional development and this is
normally something that you do in employment maybe you’ve done a course
and received some kind of certification then that would be what you would list
here and I’m going to highlight it make it fall so I’m pressing ctrl+b and give
it a border and then we just copy those over I’m just gonna get rid of those
extra lines after the lines, remove space after paragraph so here everyone does
Microsoft Office but if you have a qualification or certification in
Microsoft Office User Specialist or some kind of network certification then
you can list that same with data protection first-aid training equality
training, and then the next section is other information. So this is any type of
club or activity that you do on a regular basis so for example this person
may have a keen interest in the environment and a neighbourhood watch leader,
so try to again tailor it towards what the company that you’re applying for has
listed on their website as their social responsibilities or what they’re
interested in, so for example if they’re interested in machine learning and
you’ve done something around that or you’re in a club
that would be something that you should list so them just remove those spaces I just add it space before paragraph just
like that. And then the last section is your references so these are the people
who are going to provide a reference for you, now depending on your type of
application if you’re doing just a CV on the application then you should include
a cover letter your CV and you should definitely have your references on it, if
you’re using a CV plus application form then the application form may already
ask you for your reference information in which case you don’t need to add it
here, but again it’s something that you’re going to have to feel out for yourself
to determine what is the best thing to do, I’m just going to put in references I’m just going to copy over the reference information, and I just want
some space between that, the top of that line and the border, okay now if you
recall at the top we added in a quote and it was by Ian Newton director of
SparkleBean so you want to make sure that that person is definitely on your
references or whoever write your reference is a person that does a quote
otherwise it will look a bit strange as to you know who wrote that and if it’s
real of you it was made up this way if they want to ask that person they can
say yes I did do it. Okay so I think that is the CV completed so I’m just gonna
zoom out and make sure it looks fine so normally we want to make sure everything
is nice and consistent there aren’t any additional lines that have crept in and
everything looks good. Okay I’m just gonna click inside the table go to
layout view grid line so they all disappear and I think everything looks
fine me there’s an additional space here just going to remove that additional
space and I’m just gonna hide the ribbon I think that’s it so that’s a very nice
lean easy to create CV that has all the information let’s see we should have. Of
course this is not fixed if you think that you can change it and make it
better you should definitely do that if you think something’s missing add it if
you think you don’t need something take it out make sure you tailor it towards
the job that you’re applying for and if you’re going to print the CV on send it
off that’s fine but if you’re going to e-mail it to someone then rather than
sending the Word document you need to say this as a PDF the reason for that is
that if they open in their version of Word which may be a different version or
may have different settings your formatting may get shifted around and
things may not look exactly as they did when you sent it so to save it as a PDF
you go to file save as type in the name so I’ll just put in Jonh Smith CV and
then change of the file type from a Word document to a PDF and then click Save
and then Word will automatically open the PDF and you can see it looks exactly
as it did in the word document and then it’s this that you send off to your
prospective employer so hopefully you found this video useful if you did
please comment, like, subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one.

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    also, I want to mention that the keyboard's sound is kind of ASMR. lol

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