How To Write A Resume AND Cover Letter – Resume AND Cover Letter Tips 2019

How To Write A Resume AND Cover Letter – Resume AND Cover Letter Tips 2019

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So you need a great resume and cover
letter to help you land your dream job. In this video, you’ll learn how to engage
a hiring manager, a recruiter and an employer with your resume and cover
letter so you can land an interview and ultimately a job offer and if you stay
around until the end you’ll find out where you can grab your free resume
template that you can download today and tailor for your next position. If we’ve
never went before, I’m Heather Austin from and #TheCareerClub on Facebook and on this channel I teach simple solutions to help
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comment down below with what your biggest question or frustration is when
it comes to writing a resume or a cover letter. A great resume and cover letter
are simply the first step to landing your dream job. They are the resources
that get you in the door for an interview. These two items work together
to showcase your greatest accomplishments and demonstrate your
proven ability for the position so making sure they are spot-on is
essential to securing your ultimate job offer. Let’s jump into how to write a
great resume and cover letter. Tip number one, tailor both documents. This might
sound time-consuming but trust me, it is so worth it. Tailoring both documents to
the position you are applying for will show that you are a serious candidate.
Generic resumes and cover letters are a huge turnoff to employers so think of it
this way, someone else out there is tailoring their resume and their cover
letter to the exact position you are applying for so you want to do the same
and then make yours even better. The best way to customize your career documents
is to narrow in on key words and phrases that are in the job posting then
reiterate those key words and phrases in a meaningful way in both your resume
cover letter. For example, the opening paragraph in your cover letter should
state the exact position you’re applying for and should mention how you heard
about the position. Likewise, the opening paragraph in your resume referred to as
your professional summary or profile statement, should state your greatest
accomplishments as they relate to the position you’re applying for. Tip number
two, show you are the solution. To really stand out, your resume and cover letter
should show that you can help the company solve their problems. To find out
what problems the company is facing, go back to the job posting for clues.
Research the company’s activity on social media and if you know someone
that works for the company which is a huge bonus, talk to them about their
insights into what the company’s biggest problems are. With this information,
compose statements validating how your skills and expertise are the perfect
match for the position. This can easily be done in a professional highlights
section with bullet points on your resume or by telling an interesting
story on your cover letter. Tip number three, don’t rehash. Make each document
unique. The last thing you want to do is to copy and paste directly from your
resume to your cover letter. Each document serves a unique purpose. Think
of your cover letter as a supplement or an introduction to your resume. Your
cover letter is the perfect opportunity to share details about your most
important accomplishments, whereas your resume will emphasize your skills, your
experience and your expertise. Think of it as a summary to your background and
your work history. Tip number four, focus on your accomplishments. Use your cover
letter and resume to emphasize your talent. Give clear and direct examples of
your accomplishments in action and how they relate to the position you are
applying for and try your best to quantify your accomplishments. Employers
love to see numbers. For example, what was the number of people you managed, or the
percentage of time you saved, or the amount of money that you raised.
Quantifying your accomplishments will go a long way and to get it right when it
comes to your resume make sure you take a
at the Six-Second Resume. It’s a quick easy-to-use resume template that you can
download today and customize to apply for your next position. I’ll go ahead and
link it up below and if you know anyone that might benefit from this video,
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20 thoughts on “How To Write A Resume AND Cover Letter – Resume AND Cover Letter Tips 2019”

  1. Writing a cover letter and resume can be VERY time consuming. What do you struggle with the most when it comes to getting your cover letter and resume just right?

  2. Great video. Loved the part about tailoring your resume/cover letter to the position. The point about if you send in a general non tailored version you’re unlikely to get your foot in the door because some of the other candidates are tailoring theirs, was gold. Great tips!!

  3. This was fantastic advice. I'm helping others find jobs, but having not changed jobs for years, i've been a little out of the loop. Thank you

  4. When it comes to writing a resume- the biggest problem is designing it for a different industry than the one I work in.

  5. Trying to find someone in your network who you can leverage to understand the culture and priorities of a potential employer is GREAT advice!

  6. I know many coaches, recruiters and people in HR who have said cover letters are not necessary. I'm not one of them – I am a strong advocate for cover letters and thrilled to see i am not alone. Great video, Heather.

  7. Look fab lovely! These are great tips and thank you for sharing your expertise. Getting that first few lines is the toughest.

  8. Love your point about showing that you are the solution. You need to be confident in yourself and know how you're going to add value to the workplace. Great video, thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  9. Another great video Heather! I always made my candidates tailor their resumes to EACH and EVERY job they applied to. Took a lot of time, but they got way more interviews that way. Tailor it to the job posting!

  10. Amazing tips on writing a cover letter and resume Heather! I always struggled by overthinking it and then usually putting together a pretty bland resume.

  11. My problem with resume writing is that the very nature of them goes against my core beliefs. I don't want to gloat, which is what a resume seems to be, total ego booster.

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