hey guys welcome to my brand new youtube
video today I’m going to show you how you can write a perfect cover letter okay and what is actually a cover letter
a cover letter is actually an application text which includes personal
information and also experience and qualifications you got another common
question is do we have to send a cover letter for every application we are
making so let’s make this interactive I’m going to put in a link here at the
right top corner and you can answer this question do we have to send a cover
letter for every application what is your opinion and the answer is if it’s
not stated that we shouldn’t send a cover letter yes we have to send a cover
letter with our application for every application then how can we write a
perfect cover letter the cover letter itself has actually three main purposes
number one who you are number two your interest in the position number three
why you would fit good in this position also a common mistake which is made from
many applicants they are actually always using the same cover letter so this is
not correct guys you have to write a new one for each application another
important information about the cover letter is it’s actually in human touch
to your boring resume your CV which are going to be examined by an HR recruiter
and inspecting these tools and inspecting these two documents will not
take more than 60 seconds for an HR recruiter so it’s important that you
actually put the best out of you in a very short brief way and can impress
the HR recruiter how should the cover letter look like the cover letter
should have three paragraphs at least and it shouldn’t be very long at the end
of this video I will show you a perfect cover letter as an example before we
continue with this I would like to give you information about how you can create
your own cover letter very brief and in a correct way
so the cover letter should have three paragraphs as I mentioned in the first
paragraph you should mention information about yourself who you are the position
you are applying for and of course the intention of your interest to this
position in paragraph number two you should mention your experiences
qualifications skill sets and everything you get for example if you have a
managing experience in your in your past then you should obviously point out if
you have managed a team how big the team was so use the numbers you have you have
in your hand this is very effective also don’t repeat
yourself all don’t repeat the information you all have already shared
in your resume in paragraph number three highlight that you would be a perfect
match according to your qualifications also call the recruiter to action ask or
mention about the call back from the recruiter so you can get in touch and
schedule an interview for you and at the end of course thank the recruiter or the
responsible person for taking their time and considering you as an candidate
so let’s look together how a perfect cover letter should look like and I will
also share this cover letter in the description below so you can take it and
modify it for yourself so this is a perfect example let’s start from the top
dear sir or madam oh hi Joe in this case if you know the name of your of your
recruiter then name them and mention them directly otherwise you can use dear
sir Oh madam I’m contacting you to express my interest in the account
accounting position you have opened on your company website
I’m a certified public accountant and I’m confident that my qualifications and
experience are a great match for this position my knowledge about accounting
principles are strong and backed up with my last twelve years experience in my
recent experience I was responsible for accounting at a consulting company which
is more than 10 million US dollar revenue really
I even exceeded the expectations by using the cashflow by 1 million US
dollars I achieved this by negotiating with our accounts and shortened the
payment periods you may find more detail about the depth based on my experience
and qualifications on my resume II which I would appreciate you looking over I’m
confident that my experience and qualifications makes me a great
candidate for this position as well as for your company please give me a call
at the number on my resume and to schedule an interview at your
convenience I appreciate your consideration and look forward to
hearing from you sincerely Jane Doe this is a perfect
cover letter for an application and you can see it has everything included what
I mentioned about you it has personal information it mentions
the qualification and the experience which the applicants has it shows the
interest in all the other points I have mentioned you in the video so try to
write your own cover letter for your application next time and you will see
the difference I’m pretty sure that you will make a difference and will hundred procent get an interview with your perfect cover letter guys thank you for
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