How To Write A Cover Letter That Recruiters Will Love

How To Write A Cover Letter That Recruiters Will Love

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– Hey everyone! Welcome back, it’s JT from Market Daily and today I’m going to be
talking about cover letters. But before I begin, I wanna welcome all new
viewers and remind you to hit the subscribe button down below. We provide great content on a weekly basis about job search and career development. If you hit the little bell, you’ll even get reminders
when we upload something new. Okay? Alright, let’s get started. We wanna talk about these cover letters. Specifically, how to write one that recruiters absolutely love and how to get them at hello. Before I begin, I wanna
ask you a question. True or false? Do recruiters read cover letters? What do you think? Well the truth is, most
people think they don’t, especially because they
never hear from recruiters. But, I’m here to tell you that’s false. Our company, myself personally, we work with thousands of recruiters and they tell us they read the good ones. They immediately get rid of the bad ones. So let’s talk about that. What we’re saying is that, most cover letters stink. That’s the truth, it’s
painful, it’s hard to hear. And why is that? Well, there’s too much blah, blah, blah going on in that cover letter, and a lotta brag, brag, brag. And that is what turns recruiters off. They can open a cover letter and skim it quickly, and if they see that it reads just like every other
cover letter they get, and it’s all about you and
how great you think you are, they are not going to bother to read it. And that is the truth. You have to have an
attention-grabbing cover letter today. That’s the secret to getting it read. And the truth is, this
is an empowerful tool. It’s not something that
we should gloss over. In my personal opinion, and I’ve been a career
coach for over 15 years, the cover letter is more
important and more valuable and has more power than your resume does. And I’m gonna talk
about why that is today. When you show a personal connection, when you reveal something about yourself that evokes an emotion in the reader, that is a powerful cover letter. That is what’s gonna get a recruiter to take a look at your resume and give you a phone call. You have to really
connect with the employer on a very personal level. So how do you do that? Well, there’s a couple ways. You could, for example, tell them how you’ve come to learn
that what they do is special. So, how, in your personal
experience, your life experience, did you learn that what they do is different, better, faster, cheaper, smarter, more quality. Whatever it is, how did you emotionally
connect with their brand? Tell them that story. Or, even better, tell them about the first time you ever used their product and service. I mean what better way to explain, I get you, I feel connected to
you and I wanna work for you, than telling them a personal story about your experience with them. And lastly, you can just tell them about an overall life experience that helps you feel
connected to their tribe. Something that’s happened to you that’s caused you to
have a value or a belief that you know aligns with
their values and beliefs and that you can make
that actual connection. The fact is, the more personal
the cover letter, the better. It makes all the difference in the world, and if you think about it, it’s really not that hard to do. So, one example I can tell you about is the client of ours who wanted to work for a fashion company, specifically it was a T-shirt company with these really fun
logos and quotes on them. And what she did is tell
the story about her nephew, and how the first time he
was wearing that T-shirt and this whole, hilarious
story of what unfolded and how the meaning of that T-shirt took on a whole new level as
a result of what transpired. Great cover letter, really
fun, and guess what? She got the call. Another example client of ours wanted to work for a
medical equipment company. And he told the story about the time that his grandmother was in the hospital, and how he noticed their
logo was on the hospital bed and some of the key pieces
of equipment in her room, and how important these key
pieces of equipment were to the care for her in the
final stages of her life. Very very powerful and emotional. Guess what? He got a call too. So in both of these examples you can see that when
you get them at hello, when you tell a story
that just wakes them up, you get their heart
and their mind engaged. And that’s really key here. You’re trying to draw them in. What are we trying to do? We’re trying to create
an emotional reaction. We want them to read something that draws up emotion in them. And why is that? Because when you do that,
when you give that story and it creates that emotional reaction, you’re creating connection. And all of a sudden, that recruiter, that hiring manager, that employer, is feeling connected
to you, the job seeker. You’re not just a piece of paper anymore. That’s really powerful, don’t you think? We call this at Work it Daily
the “Disruptive Cover Letter.” Because you’re disrupting the brain of the person that’s reading it. And when you focus, and
you disrupt this reader, you’re getting them out of autopilot. You’re taking them off that, oh here’s just another cover letter that I should throw away. They’re all of a sudden, seeing you as a person. Again, not as a piece of paper but as a real human being. And I can’t tell you how many times our members have used a
disruptive cover letter and they get a phone call saying, this is the best cover
letter I’ve read in months. I don’t remember the last
time I read a cover letter that got my attention like this. The best part is, they’re now on the phone
with the hiring manager. Okay. So now that I’ve
got you understanding the power of a disruptive cover letter, I wanna walk you through how easy it is to create one. Because it really only
takes three simple steps. First, is to watch a quick video tutorial. You’re gonna need to understand, you’re gonna want to see specifics, you’re gonna want to see examples, so that you know how you should be writing
this cover letter. The next step is to use a template. You’re gonna have a
template that tells you the beginning, the middle, the end, and what kind of content
should be in each one, so that you know you’re doing it right. And then the third step is you should run it
by somebody for review. It really always helps to
have a second set of eyes, somebody who knows and understands cover letters and recruiting, who can also make sure that grammatically, you don’t have any typos,
anything like that, right? So, you wanna be able to know, hey, I did this right. Average time to do something like this is about one to two hours. But think about it. Once you build one of these, a lot of times, you can reuse it for other job opportunities. You just tweak a little
bit of the information. Because usually, you’re
trying to get a job in a certain skill set
or a certain industry, so if you choose a
story that ties to that, you’re gonna be able to reuse it. But more importantly, you do wanna spend this quality time. If you could spend an hour
building a cover letter, but it gets you the phone call, it’s better than you building
a generic cover letter that never gets read. And again, we see such incredible
results at Work It Daily with a disruptive cover letter. We know that it works, and
that it’s worth an invest that whopping one or two hours to do this. So, what do you think? Would learning how to write
your own disruptive cover letter be good to your career? And if so, how much would it be worth? We personally believe it’s priceless. Owning your career and
being able to manage it, and taking control of
that job search process, that’s a pretty important thing. Where can you do this? Well, Work It Daily of course! You can come here and hang out with us. I don’t know if you know this, but our mission is to drop the geographic and economic boundaries to great career planning and support. We don’t think that it
should cost a fortune for you to be able to get
the help that you need. We have 15 video courses, and one of them is job search and has a whole video
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careers anytime they want to. But better still, we have
unlimited online support. So when you join our platform, you get put into a
private online community where you can direct message and work with our career experts on every aspect of your career. You can hand in your cover
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that you’re going through. You have a partner, you have a wingman ready to support you so that you can get the results
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career at Work It Daily. So it’s not just teaching you how to write a disruptive cover letter, making sure you nail it, but it’s your resume, it’s
your LinkedIn profile, it’s your interview
prep, it’s every aspect of your job search and career development. I’m gonna tell you, really quickly, resume writers and career coaches aren’t loving us right now. And that’s because they
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gonna change the way you work in your career forever. Why don’t you join, and empower yourself, and see what Work It Daily can do for you. At the very least, let’s work together on your cover letter, so that you can land that great new job. Okay, I really hope that this
tutorial helped you understand the power of a disruptive cover letter and why it’s very important
that you write one. You do need one today, but you’ve gotta get a
recruiter’s attention. Thank you so much for
watching this tutorial and don’t forget to hit
the subscribe button below so that you can get all
of our latest content on a weekly basis. And most importantly until
next time, remember this. If you wanna win, you’ve
gotta work it daily.

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    I would am writing to express my genuine interest and enthusiasm in working within your organization. The attached CV will furnish you with information concerning my overall background and capabilities. I can provide letters of recommendation from high levels of management for each previous employment tenure.

    I believe my previous experience in financial services/investments, combined with my expertise & reputation in providing expedient, empathetic and comprehensive support, in a fast paced service environment would make me an excellent candidate for your consideration.

    I’ve work closely with my mentor Mr. MT, (Co-Founder of Improving customer experience globally using blockchain technology). While working under Mr. MT, I achieved and sustained significant customer NPS rating, the positive rating resulted in the highest level of customer retention's within the department. While at sugfffff, I transformed a subpar service department with continuous cancellation into a customer support area whose ratings increased from 72% to 98%. Resulting in improved customer retention and praise which benefited prospective customer’s perception of the company.

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    The Unemployment rate is actually at an all time high. When the polls release the jobless numbers, they are only taking into account those who are submitting unemployment claims. There are many who no longer qualify for unemployment but are still looking. Additionally there are many who are underemployed and working in jobs where they cannot make ends meet. The unemployed looking for work are also competing with the employed who are looking for work (those looking to get a good quality and higher paying position from the one they currently have), so this just makes it harder.

    In the end job seekers have to keep trying, stay encouraged and don't give up no matter how discouraging the job seeking process can be. Don't allow this process to rob you of who you are. You have great skills, you have great qualities that will benefit an employer, just keep moving forward until the right employer recognizes you and can't wait to make you an offer!! To all my fellow job seekers, stay encouraged and God be with us all.

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