How To Work Like Mike Rowe: Skills Gap (Part 1)


Mike Rowe: The skills gap is bad news for
anybody who’s addicted to paved roads, or electricity, or indoor
plumbing. Welders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, steam fitters, pipe fitters. All across the country there are shortages
in these areas even with unemployment going through the roof. It’s crazy! 50 years ago those jobs were critical. They still are. The problem is we just
don’t value them the way we used to, so we don’t
encourage people to pursue them. We’re so focused on getting into the
corner office, we forgot how to build a corner office. Narrator: The Refrigeration School is partnering with Mike Rowe Works Foundation. The Mike Rowe Works Foundation is committed to closing the skills gap in America. The Mike Rowe Works RSI scholarships will be offered to high school seniors seeking trade or technical training at RSI. Visit Mike Rowe’s website at

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