How to Select the Right Resume Format for Your Job Search

How to Select the Right Resume Format for Your Job Search

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Many people ask me, what’s the best format for my resume? And there are a number of different resume formats available, but there’s one that I like above all the others for two really good reasons: 1) Employers and hiring managers prefer this format over the others and 2) We know that this format is able to pass through the applicant tracking system without any issues. You don’t want your resume getting caught in that recruitment software and never making it on to that hiring manager. This format is known as the hybrid resume format. It’s also called a combination resume format same thing. Here’s what makes a hybrid resume a hybrid resume First the top portion of your resume sets the stage for the rest of the document. Really that top third is going to summarize your qualifications and explain to the reader why they should bother with the rest of your resume in the first place. When you get into your professional experience, you’re not simply listing titles and company names, you want to provide a small blurb that explains these were my roles and responsibilities and then use bullet points to call attention to the results You created, your best selling points, what the employer is going to care most about. What I really like about that type of format is that it gives you the opportunity to really demonstrate that you possess a certain skill set and provide proof points for those skills.

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