How to roast Peking duck at home no professional tools needed 北京烤鴨在家做

How to roast Peking duck at home no professional tools needed 北京烤鴨在家做

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Hi guys, here is Yi. In today’s video I’m going to make Peking
duck. It’s a simplified recipe with no professional equipment, anyone can do this
at home with only a few simple steps. It has all that look and flavour from the
authentic Peking duck, so hopefully you will enjoy today’s video for this recipe, we will need a whole duck. Mine was frozen, so I left it at room temperature
over night. My duck weights about 2kg. We want to wash our duck clean, remove the
visible blood and fat. use a kitchen towel to dry our duck, remove
the moisture on the skin and in the cavity. Now we can remove the duck skin from its body. You can use a pumper if you have one to pump
in the air in between I simply use my fingers to find the gap and
seperate the skin. be very gentle here, so we can keep the skin
complete and intact. Now let’s season the duck with a generous
amount of salt both on the skin and in the cavity Rub the salt in every inch of the skin, also
under the legs and arms. now boil enough water in the wok, we’re going
to poach the duck. You can either hold the duck neck or put your
hand in the cavity. Then pour boiling water onto the skin. Be careful, don’t burn yourself. After poaching the duck skin becomes shining
and looking elastic. Now we can set this beast aside and work on
the syrup. We will need 1 tbsp of light soy sauce, 1
tbsp of maltose, I made this myself. You can find the recipe on the card. then 5 tbsp of water. a couple drop of white vinegar. In order to stable the duck for drying, I’m
using a beer glass which is tall enough to let the duck stand on the table. Place the glass into the cavity. Now our duck is perfectly standing, almost
like the flying position. Use a couple of tooth pick to set the wings
apart from the body to expose the skin underneath. Now we can brush the syrup on top. Brush a new layer of syrup every 30 mins to
1 hour. You can use a fan to dry the syrup quickly. Brush 5 layers in total, then we can set it
aside and let it dry over night. After 24 hours of coating and drying, here
is our half finished duck. The skin turns brown and red. It’s also glossy and slightly sticky from
the maltose syrup. Now we can take the beer glass out and work
on the stuffing. We will need 2 large spring onions. Make a knot to tie the 2 together. Here it is. We will also need some spices. 1 thumb size of ginger sliced, 2 star anise,
2 cinnamon sticks, 1 tsp of sichuan peppercorns, 2 garlic cloves, a couple of bay leaves. We will also need a large apple, peal the skin and remove core then cut it to bite sizes 2 bread buns, you can also use toasts. Cut them to bite sizes. 2 tbsp of light soy sauce
2 tbsp of Chinese cooking wine 1 tbsp of sugar then rub a generous amount of five spices powder
in the cavity. The recipe of the powder is on the card. then add in all the stuffing into the cavity Try to fill up the cavity as firm as possible,
with no gaps. Then we can close the duck with some toothpicks. You can also tie the legs together with a
kitchen wire. Now set our oven to 200 degree c, we’re going to roast our duck for a good 40 mins, place a container at the bottom of the stove to capture the
grease. Duck fat is great for many dishes. So don’t waste it. After 40 mins, we can brush a layer a syrup
on the duck again, cover the wings and legs with a foil and flip it over. Continue baking for 30 mins. Meanwhile we can make some steamed pancakes for our peking duck. We will only need 100g of flour,50g of water
and a bit of oil. Stream the pancakes for about 5 mins on high heat. The detailed recipe is on the card. Now for the filling, I’m using the classic
julienned leek and shredded cucumber. For the sauce, I’m using 2 tbsp of tian mian
jiang. It’s a sweet and salty bean paste. a pinch of sugar and few drops of sesame oil. Dilute it with a bit of warm water. then you have it Now have a look of our roasted duck. Now we can take out the stuff and slice the duck I like to start with the breasts a bit of skin and a bit of meat then turn to the back & do the same remove the wings and the legs, and now you have it. fold your duck into a steamed pancake with our filling and sauce then enjoy Now you can fold your duck in a steamed pancake
and enjoy.

100 thoughts on “How to roast Peking duck at home no professional tools needed 北京烤鴨在家做”

  1. Whats the purpose of the bread inside of the duck? Never heard or seen it before. Please explain 🙂 Great video!! Thanks

  2. very good explained! Thank you very much, I think I will try this =) Edit: you could work on how to slice the duck. There I have seen videos that gave you a better idea. Nevertheless the recipe looks good for doing at home

  3. my only concern is leaving meat out overnight in room temperature its unsafe and can bring bacteria but this duck looks sooo good

  4. Look really good for home cooking. When I cook, I don’t put anything in the cavity to save the hassle. I don’t think it will add much of flavor to the meat. Also, as Peking goes with pancakes, you don’t cut it like KFC chick. You got to slice it.

  5. I appreciate this and everything, but that duck was over cooked wasn’t it? Duck is supposed to be pink inside, not white like chicken. Am I the only one who noticed that?

  6. You should never under any circumstances let frozen poultry sit at room temperature for 24 hours!

  7. Nice homemade to go recipe! but the bread you put, as a fill to the duck, may suck all the flavours and juices from the bird, thats why the meat is so dry.

  8. Nice video and look delicious one. new friend made here ……. hop to get back from you.

  9. I followed all your instruction's including the troublesome separation of the duck;s skin without the use of an air-pump and my experience today was a bit downbeat, the duck flew away before i could place it in the oven…you should have advised the bird must first be caught and processed for beginners like me in cooking 😉

  10. Well, the hygienic way to thaw a frozen duck is inside a refrigerator, it may take a day for a 2kg duck, but it is safer to eat.

  11. I tried watching it twice but I don't think you mentioned how long should I pour hot water over the duck. Btw this looks delicious.

  12. Thank you for sharing this recipe! When leaving the duck overnight, do you put it in a fridge or leave it out on the counter?

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