How to Register in OnlineJobs PH and View Job Openings!

How to Register in OnlineJobs PH and View Job Openings!

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Hi guys! My name is Mimi and welcome to my homebased story For today, like promised, I will share with you how to create an account in Make sure you stay until the end because I will also share with you how to get an ID proof and how to filter out the job posts Let’s start! So, what is If you guys are familiar from a few years back then it’s very similar It’s a portal made especially for Filipinos So the clients here are really looking for Filipino workers Let’s go ahead and check them out So if you go to their website, you will see this screen Let’s just click on register. There! Then you will see these two options, I want to hire and I want to work Of course, we will select, “I want to work” which will take us to the login information Enter your full name, email and your desired password Then you should also put your facebook URL or profile so you’ll get a high ID proof Then guys, you will see a question here which is only for Filipinos so let’s just put the answer and click on register there Then it will ask us to just continue creating the account Just put in here the job title you want for yourself and the skills you have for that job Put everything in here all of your special skills and then you can also enter here your desired salary so just choose here There! And then.. Enter your educational attainment and your experience like how many years have you been doing that job Enter your current employment status and the hours you are willing to render then your date of birth & contact information You will see down below the “TimeProof” which means you will share your screen with your client so they can monitor your work. Of course you’ll get hired easily if you select yes then, you just click Done On the next page you will rate your skills and share your experiences So just choose rate yourself from 1 star to 5 star whichever is appropriate for you then put here in the box below your experiences and duties relating to those skills and the tools that you have used So guys, there are a lot here on the left panel of different categories just check and make sure you complete everything before you click “I’m done with ratings” There! Congratulations! We can now start looking for a job Or if you want let’s edit our profile first So you will see there your profile you already have an id proof um, to get a high ID proof you should have a facebook link and all your contact information should match like your address your, um, phone number and if you want, you can also
put in there your test scores those tests, it comes free with onlinejobsph just click on the links and put the screenshot there too So let’s start looking for a job you can see there that there are a lot of available jobs in So just click where you want to apply So example, let’s click English with 22,000+ jobs there, you will see the different postings and you will also see there if they are looking for freelance or fulltime and how much their offers are Some of them, you will see “negotiable” so that will depend on what you and your client will agree on Here on the left side you will see the filter options for example, you want to be a transcriptionist so just type the keyword then filter out if you want fulltime or freelance so just check it and click search So guys make sure that the post is recent then just click what you want Example, let’s click this one just check the overview and then if you want the job, click on apply Here you will see the job application page This will act as your cover letter so put on a subject and a message that ill surely captivate the attention of the client you will also see here the client’s profile make sure you review that before you send a message So there you go guys you saw that there are a lot of job openings that you can apply for so if you’re still hesitating whether you want to start working from home now then just browse from here and start preparing your resumes so you can start working from home right away so that wraps up our topic for today If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section below please feel free to check out my homebased playlist where I shared different videos on like how to start working from home what you need to know before you start If you are still hesitating then I already put in there all that you need to know that can help you make a decision I also included the links on where to apply make sure you guys check them out Thank you again guys for watching And I will see you again on our next video buhbye

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  1. Hello, kailangan po ba i-verify or i-approve muna ni bago makapag apply like upwork? OR after registration pwede na mag apply?

  2. Hi Mimi! Great video, very helpful by the way! I am a Filipino and interesado ako to apply as a virtual assistant through the sites you’re recommending. I am residing in Europe, am I qualified as an applicant?

  3. That’s exactly the job that i tried applying, employer was Sullivan. They were asking for processing fee and materials for $26.32, is that normal?

  4. HI Mimi, I tired to answer everything regarding the Skills, which I'm only good at graphics multimedia and english since I am a graphic designer, the problem is when I apply for a certain job it says "Your Id Proof is lower than required to apply to this job" what should I do? thanks

  5. Hi Ms. Mimi.. pano po pag walang experience sa online jobs? For me kasi sa govt ako galing. I also dont know what skills ang kailangan kong ilagay. Sana po mahelp nyo ako..

  6. Hello po ate mimi. Thank you for this information.. btw po ask ko lang po pwde po ba mag apply dito kahit may corporate job ka at the same time? Gusto ko sana for additional income.

  7. Hello Mimi 🙂 Ask ko lang po kung pwede mag-apply kay client sa OLJ for jobs like Product Lister, Social Media Marketing/Evaluator khit wla po experience sa ganung field? Thanks and God bless! 🙂

  8. Nice one! I would just want to ask if it is okay to use mobile device only or mandatory to use the pc? Thanks in advanced for considering this material.

  9. Is it okay to apply even if I'm still an undergraduate? Kindly reply Miss Mimi. Thank you so much in advance. 😊☺

  10. I think the part that says about the contact info is actually YOUR contact info and not the client's info. As you can see, nka default siya and you can actually edit it. You can also click the question mark icon if you need more info.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  11. Hi Mimi, just to share lang sa mga subscribers mo. You can easily get clients from Linkedin – direct na to sa clients. Upwork is definitely OK – you can get 10- 15 invites/clients daily pag maganda profile mo. Sa Facebook groups naman if experienced kana tlaga, mas maganda mag join sa mga Saas founders, Digital Marketing Agencies – kasi eto ang kadalasan nag-hire ng remote workers. Wag sa mga pinoy fb groups kasi madaming nag popost ng work nila pinapawork sa iba😂. Mas magandang direct ka sa clients na😉.

  12. You just earned new subscriber.
    Very informative video sis!
    Keep posting and keep inspiring others… #workfromhome

  13. I just finished registering to and PAYoneer to be exact problem is that PAYoneer is asking me about line of business verification ( which I don’t have since I am currently working as a company nurse ) in order to verified my account. Pls kindly help me out.

  14. Hi po! Paano pag ofw at gusto mag part time na virtual assistant? Pwedw po ba un? Thanks po sa answer 😊

  15. Hi mimi, is it better to apply to companies or just directly find a client? I have no experience in va btw. I just want to learn more, im planning to start being a va. Thanks your helpful videos.

  16. Thank you so much for the infos Ate, tanung ko lang po anu ung mas okay kung starting palang, laptop po ba or desktop? Ska anu po yung mga specs na kelangan? Salamat po in advance.

  17. Hello po mam mimi nag join po ako sa group niyo po ng non voice pero until now di pa rin ako accepted sa group 😔

  18. Hiii! Nakapag register po ako sa all true naman po lahat ng nilagay ko na details, I’m only 16 years old pero marunong Po akong mag design and marunong din po ako gumamit ng ibat ibang tools. Any advise po? Di po kasi ako makagawa ng paypal or payoneer kase 18 above Ang need. Gusto ko na Po talaga mag work para mahelp ko ofw ko na mom, single parent po kasi Siya. Eh since mag ccollege nako next year gusto ko ma po magstart sana. Hope you can notice me po, thankyouuu and Godbless.

  19. Ask ko lang po bakit lumabas is my profile is bogus. I haven’t fill up any of the information box? Bkt po kaya?

  20. Kudos to you mini for bringing up a complete guide about sobrang inspired ako sa mga vids mo kaya ishashare ko din sana yung vlog ko about homebased job and being a va.salamat talaga.

  21. Hi. Gow do you edit the basic info sa I previously put my website but now I want to put in my Facebook address instead. Does changing the link does it? Because I did it, but it still says "Website:" not "Facebook" as the one in the video. Please respond. Thank you.

  22. Hi Mimi! Saan pwedeng mag register para sa kikitain sa online job? Safe ba si Payoneer? Do I need to register sa Philippines site nila? I am following the instructions you mentioned based on website. America kasi yung address ni Payoneer. Baka kako malaki singil pag abroad. 😀 Please advice. Thanks!

  23. Hi mimi…Firstly, i want to commend you for a great job you are doing on your channel..Very helpful and very informative ang mga videos mo and it really attracts my interest kasi na challenge ako mag try to be a virtual assistant pars may additional source of income. Im a domestic helper in HK..Pwede ba akong magregister sa kung nasa hk ako.. Ano yung mga pwede ko pagregisteran kung gusto kong magwork from home..Thank you and more power sa yo.

  24. Matagal po ba talaga magreply ang mga inapplyan? Any info po kung gaano katagal ang hiring process?

  25. hi po bkt po sa onlinejob bookmak po nakalagay skin hindi apply and ID lower proof po nakalagay pano ba gagawin ko? pahepl nmn po..thanks po

  26. Hi Ms. Mimi! Question po. On this site, after I applied for the job (the subject and message page), how can I possibly know if I got selected or not? Will I received any email for the results? Thanks in advance!!

  27. Hi ms. Mimi, i just subscribed with u as of this writing.. im based outside pinas. Will this work for me? Salamat sa pagsagot..

  28. Hi Mimi. ask ko lang kung saan pwedeng matuto mag video editing or Kung anung app sa laptop or desktop pwedeng Hamilton for video editing. May mga client kasi na mag rerequest ng short video. Tapos I attach sa application. Feeling ko kasi Hindi pa dapat yung recording lang. tell me something about yourself, gusto ko rin sabay ipakita yung mga skills na pwede long gawin.

  29. Hello! This video is very educational madam Mimi! Quick question though how do you call an online accountant? I am a BS Accounting Technology graduate and I want to work in an accounting related job here in OnlineJobsPH.

  30. Hi there. Question lang po. Nagregister ako sa, na upload ko yung photo ko pero di ko na malagay yung facebook url ko saka umid id. How po kaya. Please help. Newbie here. I am fan. Thanks.

  31. Thank you for the informative video, Mimi! I would just like to know, how to link a payoneer account on thanks a lot!

  32. ask ko lang po kung paano po mag change ng Government ID? Kasi po yung una kong sinend na ID hindi daw po Valid. Thank you po.

  33. Thanks for sharing this video Mimi, It really helps a lot especially of youre new to onlinejobs. Kudos to you! God bless😊😊😊

  34. hi po! nagsign.up po ako sa unfortunately parang mali po yata process na ginawa ko and sa employer po yata ako nakapagregister. i want to delete my registration po sana and then magregister nalang po ulit using the same email address. how can i do it po. tnx in advance!

  35. Question po paano po kung hindi po nailagay ung url sa umpisa pa lang? may way po ba para mailagay po ung url? thanks po sa sagot 🙂

  36. Hi mimi! Just want to ask if zero experience ka talaga for working homebased also in BPO industry, anong mga jobs ang tumatanggap ng no experience and stepping stone nadin for other good jobs? Thankyou! 🥰

  37. Hello, I have a question sana. I want to try this, but im not in the Philippines right now. Pwede po ba yun? Thank you.

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