How to refocus on your life again? – Reduce stress & depression – Personality Development video

How to refocus on your life again? – Reduce stress & depression – Personality Development video

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I’m so stressed, I can’t think, I don’t know
what to do, so I don’t know what I was doing. I don’t know what I supposed to be doing.
Yes, stress is everywhere. It’s rampant, it’s part of our work lives, part of our daily
lives, part of our personal lives and many people sadly all over the world are breaking
down. They’re just getting burned out; they are losing their mental health, emotional
health. They are losing their productivity at work and people are actually suffering
because of stress. People suffer from chronic fatigue, from depression, high blood pressure
and so many different lifestyle disorders and the worst thing is, people can’t sleep
at night. People are suffering from insomnia and the reason for all of these things is
just one word and that is stress. Well you will be surprised to know what stress can
do to you. You will be surprised to know the effects and far reaching effects of stress
on your life. Which is why I thought I have to make this video for you. I’ve figured out
a few ways to really reconnect with oneself, really refocus on your life, letting go of
all stress and that’s exactly what we are gonna discuss today. I’m gonna give you some
tips and tricks to refocus on your life to become productive again and to let go of stress. so like I said, stress is something that’s
really, really slowly killing all of us but I have tips for you that are gonna help you
beat the stress and refocus on your life. Now the tips I’m gonna give you are the tips
that the leading business leaders of the world are already using. They are tried and tested.
So you don’t need to question them, you just need to embrace them. now one tip that I have
for you, is something that you may have never thought of, never heard of, okay , embrace
the sun and you’re gonna think, the sun? Like the sun is far away. I know the sun is far
away but the sun shines for us every single day. The sun never takes a day off. The sun
is powerful, it’s cheerful and its Sun-rays are actually what give us life. So all you
have to do is go out and get yourself some sun. You know when you expose your body to
the sun in the early morning hours, it has a very calming, positive, cheerful effect
on your body. You get the vital Vitamin D, which puts you in a good mood and you’ll be
surprised to know that Vitamin D helps fight depression, it helps fight negativity. So
the sun’s rays actually release all the happy chemicals in your body. They make you feel
upbeat, positive, and cheerful, like you can take on anything. Now imagine the 8 am morning
sun, when it shines on you, no matter how bad the day before was, when you look at the
8 am sun and you put a smile on your face, you feel like, okay today’s a brand new day,
I can take on anything. I can start afresh, right? And that’s not the case at 8 pm in
the evening, right? So you see the 8 am sun it can make a lot of difference. So sun yourself,
have that little sunbath early in the morning. start your day outdoors you know with the
sun and trust me you will feel the stress melting away under the sun’s rays and you’ll
feel like you’ve really refocused yourself, reentered yourself on your work life and your
personal life and you’re really reconnecting with your own self, so make sure you are embracing
the sun. Do you know how much a power a human being
has? We are like power houses with energy you know? We’re like full of life-force.
But if you look at the world around, everyone is working on half their power. That’s right.
Everyone is pumping caffeine into their system, nicotine in to their system just to feel awake.
Why is that? Yes, that’s because we’re stressed, we are not sleeping enough, we are not resting
enough, we are taking our body for granted. Well I suggest, first and foremost you stop
taking your body for granted. You start caring for your body, you start resting, you start
taking care of yourself and if you feel that once in while you are stressed and you haven’t
rested enough, then switch on your power with a power nap. That’s right. Now a power nap
could be something that doesn’t fit into your work culture or into your idea of rest. But
let me tell you, it really is a power dose for your system. You know it’s like rebooting
your system, switching off your system and then starting all over again, with a better
focus. So all you need to do in the middle of the day is find a place where you can lie
down and take a power nap for about 10 to 20 minutes. Now let’s say you don’t have a
quiet environment and you don’t have a place to lie down, you can actually take a power
nap at your desk. In the beginning it’s gonna seem a little odd. It’s gonna seem a little
uncomfortable but you’ll get used to it. And the benefits that you achieve out of the power
nap will be so amazing that you will love this power nap and you’ll actually look forward
to it. And your system will start functioning so much better. You will start becoming so
much more cheerful, energetic and positive. Now sometimes it happens that people have
a problem falling asleep. Their power nap just doesn’t happen and this happens mostly,
thanks to the fluorescent lights at a workplace or due to the unnatural air conditioning.
Try to find a place where there’s more natural light, where you can go and have a power nap.
And sometimes if you do deep breathing exercises that really helps you fall asleep quicker.
If you really wanna study the effects of sleep on your system which are tremendous, I suggest
you read this book by Arianna Huffington is called thrive. now thrive is a global movement
where Arianna Huffington is actually working towards making sure that the entire human
population learns the meaning and the importance of rest and gets the proper rest. So well
switch on your power using a power nap, you are going to love it. Have you ever thought of going green? No I
don’t mean money. I know everyone’s running behind the green. Every one’s running behind
the money but I’m saying put a couple of live, green plants in your office and in your home
and then see the magic that happens. Now let me tell you there’s something about nature
that automatically calms us down, automatically slows down our heart beat, brings it to normal.
it makes our breathing so much better because of that lovely oxygen that you’re gonna get
from your plants and all the colours of the flowering plants, they just are so calming
for your eyes. Now imagine your poor eyes, all day long you’re staring at the screen
of a computer or an iPad or your smartphone and I’m sure your eyes get really tired, right?
So if you keep staring at the screen all day long, your eyes will feel tired, they’ll feel
droopy. You’ll feel exhaustion. But if you take a break and get some colour therapy meaning
look at the colours of nature. The green of the plants, the reds and yellows and violets
of the flowers. You’re just gonna feel this entire energy, you know getting activated
all over again. You’re brains gonna wake up, you’re eyes are gonna get rest, they’re
gonna relax and you’re suddenly gonna feel so much better. The stress is gonna melt away,
you’re gonna feel like, okay I’m ready to go back and focus once again on work. You
need to have those lovely green plants around you. Now if you don’t have space in your office,
just put tiny little one on your desk. if you have some space at home, make sure you’re
nurturing your green plants at home and you know the best part about taking care of plants,
it makes you responsible, it makes you feel so nurturing, positive and calm and kind and
it will actually end up making you feel wanted, making you feel needed and it will increase
your self-esteem too. the next thing that you absolutely need to
do, to de-stress and refocus on your life is run, run, run baby run, that’s right? Well
you know what the effects of running are amazing. They are tremendous. Even if you can find
short period of time every day to go in for a run, it’ll be really helpful. You could
be running for 15 to 20 minutes but the benefits are going to be tremendous. You’ll have
increased heart rate, your heart will be pumping, all your happy hormones will be secreted,
you’ll sweat out your stress, you will feel strong, you’ll feel positive and you all know
that regular exercise is good for you. But among all the exercises
I really favor running when I am stressed because when I am stressed I feel like when
I’m running, I’m actually running away from my stress. I’m melting away all the stress,
I’m sweating all the stress and it’s a great feeling. By the end of it, I feel like I can
conquer the world, that’s the power of a run for me. so try it just go for a run and run
baby run for your life, trust me your life will be stress free and you will be able to
refocus on your work. Now one more practise that i wanna talk about
if you really wanna reenter yourself and refocus on your life and melt all that stress away.
Focus on the positive, give gratitude, these two words, thank you, they have the entire
power of the universe. There are times when your life is so stressful and there are so
many problems that you’re facing and battling that you seem, it seem like there’s nothing
positive in your life. And that moment when you are about to slip into some really dark
mood. Pick yourself up and start giving gratitude. Now you’re gonna be like, what do I give gratitude
for? I’m so stressed. Start with simple things like I’m grateful to be alive, thank
you. I’m grateful that I can walk and talk, thank you. I’m grateful I have a job, I
have a home, I have a family and once you start trust me, there’s never an end to this
list. All of us, each and every one of us, even the person who is in the worst of circumstances
has so many things to be grateful for. When you start giving gratitude, you know it has
this magical effect on the universe. Suddenly, you’ll start feeling happier, positive, stronger
and suddenly you’ll reach a point when you feel like you’re problems actually don’t exist
and if they do exist you will be able to overcome them without fail. You will go from despair
to hope, from timidity to courage and from this whole destructive mode in your life to
this positive, constructive mode. So trust me, try it just two words, and if you feel
like you have nothing to be grateful for, just keep repeating the words, thank you over
and over and over again to yourself and gratitude is like magic, it can clear all the clutter
in your life. It can help melt away the stress and help you refocus and recenter your life. Now along with running okay there’s one thing
that you need to do is, you need to make a habit, a schedule to meditate and do yoga.
Now you’re gonna be like, life is stressful I don’t have time for anything and you want
me to meditate. You want me to do yoga. Trust me, all it takes is ten minutes. You don’t
need longer than ten minutes to do a few asanas of yoga and to meditate. You know what happens
when you meditate, your mind calms down. Your senses destress. You know if you focus on
all that is positive in your life and you show some gratitude, you do some visualizations
with your eyes closed, your entire world will change. At the same time if you are deep breathing
while meditating, you’ll get all the benefits of deep breathing exercises. So I suggest
every morning you know stretch out your body, do a few asanas, you’ll keep your lifestyle
diseases away. You’ll keep all those back aches, headaches and all that insomnia away
and you’ll be living this richer, fuller more focused positive life and you’ll actually
enjoy the process of being alive. Imagine just being blissful and happy with every breath
of your life for absolutely nothing. Yes the problems are there, yes the stress is there
but still somewhere you need to combat all of that with all the positivity that you generate
through your meditation and yoga. Trust me, just try it you’re never gonna regret it. Well those were my tips and tricks for you
to melt away stress and refocus on your work, reconnect with yourself and recenter your
entire life. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this video, what I’m gonna do in the end of
this video today is, say thank you to you. thank you so much for giving me this opportunity
to share this video with you, thank you so much for allowing me to make a slight bit
of a difference in your life. It’s time for me Rima to say bye and take care. I’m
gonna come back very soon with yet another video , till then keep watching, keep enjoying
yourself, be happy, positive, be grateful and yes keep watching Skillopedia, the place
to learn skills for the real world.

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