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You may be frustrated by the amount of time
you’ve wasted on unqualified buyers showing up at your listing. So just how do you vet apartment shoppers
without being rude? Should I ask them to fill out a buyer questionnaire? This is a common approach by many new agents. However, this is one of the least effective
methods possible for one very simple reason. It’s an impersonal time demand on a stranger
who is undoubtedly a busy working professional. Be positive and respond with a few questions Hi Sam, thanks for your inquiry! Let us come back to you shortly with a few
times for you to view. How early are you in your search? Are you pre-approved for a mortgage? This is a perfect example of a first response
to a listing inquiry you’ve received. It’s polite, thanks the customer immediately
and makes use of an exclamation mark to demonstrate enthusiasm. It also answers the buyer’s question of
when they can view the apartment so it’s not a one-way exchange of information requests
from you. Lastly, because people have short attention
spans we’ve limited ourselves to two, open-ended qualifying questions. How to qualify home buyers by phone Any good salesperson will admit that getting
a prospect on the phone dramatically increases the probability of a transaction. Therefore, instead of complex questionnaires
or lengthy questions by email, simply call the buyer within 10 minutes of receiving their
inquiry! Let them talk Especially among the younger generation, it
may be unnerving to have to speak with a stranger on the phone. You may be tempted to talk too much. Please don’t! Remember, the buyer reached out to YOU to
ask about your listing. Just be friendly and let them talk. If you need to kick-start the conversation,
just ask them an open ended question like “how long have you been searching for?”
or “what neighborhoods have you been looking at?” Lastly, since you are the listing agent you’ll
naturally have lots of color to share with the buyer on your property and how much action
you’ve gotten. As a result, you should never have to worry
about not having anything to say to the buyer. How to qualify home buyers with other questions Are you working with a broker? Are you currently renting or do you own a
place? When are you looking to move? If you’re renting, when does your lease
end? What’s the price range you’ve been looking
at? How much are you looking to put down? What neighborhoods are you most interested
in? What times work best for you to view? Would you consider both condo’s and co-op’s? How many bedrooms do you need? Do you have a budget in mind for monthly payments? Who is the apartment for? Do you care about having a doorman? How to qualify buyers in NYC with mortgage
bankers Lending standards have tightened dramatically
in the United States since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. Even today, mortgage bankers are still dramatically
more cautious in their underwriting standards. As a result, leverage the fact that mortgage
bankers have already spent time pre-qualifying and pre-approving buyers for loans. If a buyer has a mortgage pre-approval letter
from a reputable bank on hand, then he or she is most likely financially qualified! Learn more about how you can save all 6% in
broker commissions through an Agent Assisted FSBO at

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