How to post your CV on and apply for jobs in the Middle East

How to post your CV on and apply for jobs in the Middle East

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Hello, I’m Dina and welcome to once you’ve completed your registration
you’re now set to build your CV and start applying to jobs. If you haven’t already registered, make sure you watch the video on how to register on So lets get started Go to “My Workspace” and then click on “My CV”. There are 2 ways to provide your CV the first way is using CV Builder and the second way is uploading your CV however, we recommend that you use the CV Builder For your CV to be searchable, it must be complete On the right hand side, you will see what is required to have a complete CV The upper section shows your completeness score and the lower section shows your CV statistics If the fields that are mandatory are all entered then your CV is considered complete and searchable by employers To fill in a specific section of your CV Click on “Edit” and an editing form for that section will appear Let’s try editing your “Contact Information” Go to “Contact Information” and click on “Edit” The fields in red are mandatory to save the information that you’ve
provided for this section click on “Save Changes” Notice how the CV completeness bar
increases when you add more details to your CV To add multiple CVs to your account, click on “Post Another CV” you’re allowed to create up to 5 CVs, but only one of these is searchable by employers To set a primary CV, tick on “Set as searchable CV” we hope you’ve enjoyed this video
and most importantly you’ve learned how to set up your CV on Remember, your CV must be complete and it’s completeness score is important Good luck with your job hunt.

11 thoughts on “How to post your CV on and apply for jobs in the Middle East”

  1. ارسلت من قبل السير ة الخا صة بى ولكن لم يتم الرد حتى الان ام بخصوص الفيديو فهو ممتاز

  2. Hi !

    I already paid for " Knowlegde of Adwords " test by wire transfer but I still can't publish on my CV here

    Please inform me in this regards !

  3. Trust me this is shit website bayt. they charge you too much
    on every activity they charge you
    lol but the end result is very low
    its like if you paid you will get little result and you have free version you are just waisting your time on this website
    and don't forget the data which you enter they sell your bio data to other and still they charge you money
    so they are charging money from both employer and employee
    totally robbery company

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