How To Piss Off Different Professionals


Wow banana good evening ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking we are sorry to inform you that due to poor weather condition we have to idle in the air for 30 minutes any inconvenience caused is duly apologized for food and beverage will be served to you shortly so please sit back and relax thank you how can I help you sir there’s no planes in the runway one way cannot land sorry sir we can’t learn at the moment due to poor weather conditions poor weather conditions – your pilot cannot make it in Dunkirk the Plymouth no oil and instill can land sorry sir we have to remain there for about 30 minutes okay fine but can I get an upgrade no sir sir let’s try okay can be harder okay a bit more harder dinner do your best la do your best faster faster faster more mother you know yeah yeah can use a bag on colored it’s more futuristic the phone I don’t know something about the size can you try to feel different sizes you know what I don’t really like the phone can you just use comic sense so simple we just changed the background color the font and the image you mean we do is it as more and more shared by explaining Singapore problems arise such as the illegal parking as a shared bike user what is your stop what’s DISA I’m sorry sir we’re doing a life interview so as a shared wife excuse me sir we’re doing a life interview yeah as a shared bike user right now so you have a cold which caused an allergic reaction in your respiratory system so what I’m gonna do is prescribe you with its comedy check on my other symptoms indicate pneumonia are you sure your diagnosis is correct it’s not it’s a cold but you see Google says is typical pneumonia it’s not pneumonia but with you one I can run more tests would you like that you tell me I’m not a doctor hello sir how can I help you today could you describe the problem that is cool very cool but what happened to the TV what what is the problem sir with the TV so what is the problem sir I don’t get it hey sir whatever the problem is we’ll fix the problem for you but we start small what is serial number serial number of TV please [Music] hello sir hello what is the serial number I am sir okay hey well you made me look so fat even so sure I gonna grow he does not take photo we see ourselves better hey can you get some set enemy great come thousand fielding I add to the acting out he can not on the face don’t fit body language body body language no no no stiffness please no struggle as if you saw your pet dog walking away with a new owner but you’re happy you’re happy for the doc ah no no no no no you’re not getting here you’re not digging I’ve been they specifically delay you trying to fake you know to fake the pain the noon show in the face show in the stomach that’s the stomach I want proof o’clock Cana not huh hello casting director can we change extra place huh give me several professional uh yes yes exactly why I want good job okay we’re starting soon uh okay when was the last time you brush your teeth Josh loss just now is it okay you see ah okay uh you say you go brush teeth is it okay next time brush brush more careful water yeah I think you need a little flossing huh breakfast you prawn is it come on one more what do this now I’m all you need do one more let’s go give up no no no no no I cannot you know I never bring this heavy exercise you must hide yourself must every time G blah and then everyone okay Oh [Music] the person going to the next round is Audrey [Applause]

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