How to Pass a Driver’s License Road Test First Time

How to Pass a Driver’s License Road Test First Time

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  1. If you turn slow around corners when you are taking the drivers test will the driving tester fail you?.

  2. I'm 21 and about to take the exam in 2 days, on the 30th. We'll see what will happen. I'm already nervous.

  3. Hi rick I have my test tomorrow in Victoria and I’m super nervous. I’ve practiced everything in this video, turning lanes, safely turning right and left with shoulder checks, practicing my hazards whenever they ask, pulling over safely, and getting out of the car safely, moving back into traffic, scanning the roads and mirrors, maintaining speed and practicing to gradually slow down to the speed limit, parallel parking, smooth acceleration and deceleration, 3 point turns, following distance and all of the stop signs. I’m super nervous it’s my first try

  4. I’m getting the handbook next week, and nervous but looking forward to taking my driving test. I just hope I do good I don’t want to fail, I want my independence 😊I hope I don’t have to parallel park, but if I do I’ll do my best

  5. I'm taking my road test tomorrow a t 3 PM- I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional video! It's made me feel a lot more comfortable & confident that I am going to pass. Thank you so incredibly much for making this informative video! <3

  6. Hey rick! sorry for the late message but last month i went for my N test for the second time and i passed with 0 mistakes! i took 2 lessons, which helped somewhat but what helped me the most were ur videos and i think if i had never watched your videos i would have never passed the second time. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos for everyone, you are a life saver🔥🔥

  7. Hi Rick. I just wanted to say I passed my Class 5 first try today here in BC!! Thank you so much for this helpful video! I watched this last night and if it weren't for the "Mirror, signal, shoulder check.." And shoulder checking 2x before any turns or lane changes, I wouldn't have passed I think! Put that on a shirt hahaah have a great day!

  8. In America or at least SC we're taught that when approaching a stop sign with a white line you stop where you can see the front line at the front of the car. You want to SEE it. I prefer what you apparently do which is stop when the white line is under the bumper but for the purpose of my road test next Tuesday (ahhhh), I'll be stoping before the white line.

  9. The 3 point turn gets me, I never had to do this in 35 yrs of driving. I just go partially into a driveway and out again.

  10. Great video! I need some advice if someone can help I appreciate. Last week I had my firs drive test in Goleta and at 4 stop intersection I stop and I look right,a car was coming, I look left and was clear,I look again right to be sure that the car that was near to intersection stop ,and when I put the foot on the gas pedal,the instructor start to rise his voice and saying Goooooo you have the right of way. Was just 3sec looking right,left and again right. So,my question is:at stop sign if you have the right of way ,you just go or look only 2sec right and left? The instructor was soo mean all the way with me,so bad luck:(
    I’m sorry,my English is bad because I just move here from Japan

  11. Awesome! Your video has given me confidence to go for it and hopefully pass the test. I just have to believe that I can do it. Thanks so much

  12. Thanks for that Rick. I have moved to the U.S recently from England where i have been driving for 30 years. I will be taking my test here soon. I notice that you cross your hands over one another while turning all the time. Is this allowed in the U.S when i took my test in England it was a huge NO NO. Also you allow the wheel to slide through your hands on occasion. Is this also allowed. Thanks to anyone who can give me an answer to these questions.

  13. I visited this video for the first time last month and the second time this morning for my driving exam that was today; with your help today I passed my test😊🌷✨Thanks Rick you’re a really helpful and kind person.

  14. Your video is very Informative. I have a question sir, I have one of those bars for my cargo box, should i remove it for my class 4 road test ?

  15. Rick!
    You are the man! Brother hug and soldier salute!
    Wish I could thank you In person. You made a killer driver. I knocked that test out of Ontario's ball park today! Heck you may see it flying across the BC skies in about a few hours. Lol.

    Luv you man. Have recommended you to my friends 🙂 have a great day and keep up the great work. Cheers!

    If there is anything else I can do to pay forward your hard work let me know.

  16. Good Evening, Rick! I’ve really been binge watching your videos to help me with my road test which i have taken just recently. Needless to say, your videos have helped me pass my road test so thank you for being a great teacher! You’re helping many people out there get their licenses 🙂

  17. Hi Rick, I Passed my test in the first attempt. I had followed all of your videos. They are very helpful. Thanks for all your help 🙂

  18. I have mine tomorrow. I'm a very anxious person in general but even more-so driving and in test situations 🙁

  19. checking back in, i passed my test today with flying colors!! thank you so much for all the tips and for being so kind to new drivers. it helped me so much! 😊

  20. I have to take my test in Ontario. I know the speed limit is just a little different than B.C. I have to take my test in another town about an hour away. Should I go to that town and practise. Thanks so much.

  21. Hi Rick! my man! I passed my test today. Over the moon about it, your videos helped and guided a lot. You're helping millions.

  22. Practice your skills before your test. Practice them as much as you can! This will increase your chances of passing the road test. If you don't pass, keep on doing this until you pass the test. Never give up.

  23. Hi! I took my driving test today, and I just wanted to say thanks for making these videos! They helped me calm down last night when I was so nervous I couldn't sleep. They are so helpful and clear and help you know what to expect. I passed with zero points taken off, I was so surprised and relieved!

  24. My test is booked for Friday the 13th "Sept 13th, 2019… Sooo Hopefully .. My planns Turn out for the better… been watching you

  25. I just passed today on my first try. I was nervous when the instructor came up, but I remembered your words to breathe in, then out. I also remembered when you said to not give him a reason to fail you. It really worked. Thank you for helping me and many others. We appreciate it!

  26. Hi rick, what if the road sign indicates a 50km/h speed and yet there’s a bunch of car parked on the side of the street do i have to slow down more than the posted speed?

  27. I’ve been your videos for so long way before I took my test, they helped me and I practice practice and practice. I took my test on September 13 with all the confidence in the world, I started out very good in the beginning and then failed. I went five over in a active school zone smh. I watch this video a lot of times before the test.

  28. Curious. Parallel parking you adjusted backing in with your mirrors(14:16) & when you left, backing out of parallel park job you literally look back(15:05) to do so. Why wouldn't you look back with arm around passenger seat headrest & back into parallel parking spot that way? In my opinion it is HUGELY easier that way & I'm always right at the curb everytime?

  29. I have 13 years driving experience incl highway in Dubai. First time in Canada I was imagining myself on this test and I was feeling cold on my legs and heart beat racing. I can have anyone seated next to me but an examiner. I really appreciate your work.. 👍🏻

  30. Rick your car mileage is 297458 km, i think it is because of your videos 🙂 , all your videos are great , but this one i believe it is the greatest just like the greatest legend "Mohamed Ali " 🙂..

  31. My ex taught me how to drive with a manual but I'm buying a used automatic instead. I'm 30 now, nervous as hell and my test is on October 7th. You have to understand as someone who hasn't driven much I'm extremely nervous so I'm putting in a couple of hours with a driving school. I haven't driven in over 5 years while I was living overseas. Gosh this is frustrating, I hope I don't sh*t myself

  32. Thanks Rick i passed my roadtest today for second attempt watching this help me alot i ddnt practice parallel watching this and apply on the spot on my roadtest i did it ..thankyou so much

  33. I went for lessons and I do practice every other day..I have my test in January of next year and I’m already nervous. I’m good at parallel parking and forward parking. And driving in general (I’d say) but backing up really stresses me..i do the 45° back up

  34. Hi Rick! I passed my test today with nearly a perfect score thanks to watching your videos. Thank you for all your help.

  35. What was wrong with the car going straight at the 4-way stop at 8:40? Rick says, "This person doesn't know the traffic roles because they're going straight".

  36. you are a blessing! I passed my class 5 in 1 go last friday. thank you for sharing your time and expertise. I come from a country where roads are close to anarchy and driving in Canada is quite an adjustment in terms of road rules. Your video tutorials and my weekly lessons with a driving instructor helped me and my husband gain confidence and become safe drivers in a month. Thank you so much!! you are an efficient instructor!

  37. Im a new beginner to drive. I watch your video. How to drive. I wanna know while you driving why you always change gear ?

  38. Rick, I have a question. Do I stop right before the line at an intersection, or put my front tires on the line, I've heard to put my front tires and I've heard just before. Also, I'm confused as to what to do when I'm reverse stall parking, when I put on my right signal to say I'm turning right into a stall, when I go to point out before reversing the signal cancels, what do I do?

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