How to Make Your Resume Stand Out!

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out!

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Welcome everyone, it’s Andy LaCivita, founder
of milewalk and the award-winning author of The Hiring Prophecies and Interview Intervention,
coming at you with this week’s webisode of tips for work and life, and whoa, do I have
a fun one where I’m really going to help you put some power into that resume with eight
great tips to prove your value in your resume. Now, before you cut out on me, all of you
that aren’t looking for a job, this post very accurately could have been titled Eight Great
Tips to Prove Your Value to Your Employer because let’s be honest about it. How many times do we have to remind our own
employers of our awesomeness? I don’t know about you, but my guy, I seem
to need to remind him every day because he can’t remember a thing. I hope you stay with me here because I’m really
going to teach you how to punch it up. Now, I want you to think about the problems
and what’s occurring. I mean, I understand you have an idea what
the problems are, you’re not getting calls back. You’re sending your resume out there, you’re
not getting people to call you back, and I’ve talked in a number of other posts about what’s
actually happening and why you’re having these problems. Recruiters or people that are reviewing your
resume are inundated with a flood of resumes and if they’re not inundated with a flood
of resumes just for your particular position, each person who’s reviewing your resume is
probably looking at resumes for 20 different positions so they have this entire aggregation
of all these resumes that they’re looking at. Trying to get through them quickly, I’ve talked
about how they go through them in six seconds or so, they’re looking for key words, many
of them are untrained, they’re not really sure very effectively how to look at the resume,
but they do notice power when they see it. They do notice an impact player when they
see it, so how do we get that impact into your resume? Before we go into that, I have a couple of
housekeeping items here. Number one, I have shot some other videos
on resumes, which I mentioned. I would definitely, if you have not looked
at my video on how to build your ultimate professional resume, I would definitely check
that out because that goes into the layout that I recommend that you have. I also have talked about how recruiters look
at your resume and how you need to get it noticed within five seconds, so those are
great ones to check out. The second thing is I am so confident that
I can improve your resume if you follow this video and think about these stimulators, these
tips I’m going to talk about, that for anybody who hangs in with me in this video, toward
the end, I’m going to have a contest that if you can stump me, I will give you a complimentary,
I will give you a free resume course that I offer, a course and a workshop, I will give
it to you free. Actually wait, forget that. If you can stump me, and I’ll tell you how
you have to do that, I will give you the resume course and any other online training course
that I have on the milewalk Academy, so that’ll really sweeten the deal. I’m feeling generous today. I want it to be fun and I really want to help
you. Let’s talk about those eight tips. When you think about what employers care about
and who makes an impact in their organization, no matter what your job is, and I think this
will work for 99.9% of you out there, if you think about these eight items, I guarantee
you’ll be able to come up with some powerful statements. Let’s go through them. Number one. Number one is revenue generation. Companies, they love people who generate revenue
for them. If you’re in sales, whether it’s field sales,
outside sales, sales management or whatever, if you are generating revenue, if you are
generating profits, if you are generating new customers, so you’re actually the person
responsible for acquiring the customer, think in those terms. How many dollars sold? How much in profit? How many new customers, and so on. That’s one great way to think, and I realize
not everybody’s in sales, but let’s run through these because I got a little something in
here for everybody. Number two, market or brand awareness. Maybe you’re not in sales. Maybe you’re more on the marketing side. Maybe your job is to make it so that the rest
of the world simply knows where to go when they need your product, your service, whatever
it is that you offer. There’s eight or nine different ways to market
something. Maybe you’re any one of those people. Are you creating a better-known brand? It could be anything. You could measure that in any way, shape or
form. Are you getting more calls? Are you in content marketing? Are you putting stuff out there on the internet
where you are acquiring email addresses from people who are interested in your stuff? You could look at those kind of things. That’s brand awareness. Google Analytics. If you’ve done something to improve your website
traffic, that’s brand awareness. You could look at is the traffic increasing? There’s many, many different ways that you
could look at where you’re increasing your own market awareness. Number three, leads or customer attraction. Think about this. You might be an inside sales person whose
job is to reach out to the world and try to get people interested in your business, but
then you might pass them along to a sales person or somebody else to close the deal. That’s lead generation. There’s many different ways to acquire customers
or leads. Let’s go back to the marketing example. Maybe you’re managing a booth at a job fair
and you have all your vendors there and you’re collecting business cards and building the
start of a relationship with people who might be your partners, your customers, your whatever. All of that is attraction and lead generation. How many have you produced? What’s an average lead-generating revenue? Those kind of things. Number four, customer happiness. Maybe you are in a service position. Maybe you are a call center operator when
I call in because something that I own of yours is broken and it’s your job to help
me fix it or get a new part or troubleshoot it. I’m sure everybody can relate to that. What are your customer satisfaction scores? What’s customer retention? Think in terms of renewals. Maybe you’re a service provider. Well, getting customers to renew because your
service was great is another metric that’s fantastic to highlight, that is directly related
to what you do. That’s number four. Number five, company growth. Maybe you’re an executive at an organization. Maybe you are positioning it for an initial
public offering or an acquisition, or maybe you’re acquiring an organization or divesting
or something of that nature. Maybe you’re working from a security standpoint
to make it healthy and tighter. All of those things that have to do with company
growth and company health are fantastic ways to highlight your impact. Number six. Let’s not forget about the employees and employee
happiness. What about employee satisfaction? What are those employee satisfaction scores? Are your employees staying with you? Is your attrition bad or is your tenure really,
really great? Are your recruitment numbers good? Are they healthy? Are your people progressing through their
careers and going through the ranks and staying with you because you offer such great opportunities? That’s a fantastic one. Number seven, cost reduction. Think about it. Did you do anything to save the company money? That could be anything. It could be optimizing a system that makes
you run more efficiently. It could be reducing expenses, anything that
saves money. Things that you do faster saves money. Things that reduce time to do something saves
money. All of these things are directly related to
a lot of what people do in their jobs. Number eight, process efficiency. Maybe you optimized a process that let the
rest of the employees do their job easier, or maybe your unit, or maybe your boss, or
whoever. Maybe you’re an accountant and you figured
out a way to reduce your company’s month-end closing cycle from 15 days to 7 days. That saves money. That saves time, it saves resources, it improves
the process. It probably reduces mistakes. All of that stuff is really, really great. Now, if you’re thinking after listening to
those eight things there’s no way in heck that you can figure out a way to quantify
it, let’s run through it. Mayer you are a hostess. How many people do you care for and seat and
service each night? Over the course of the year? What does that look like? Is it tens of thousands of people that you
interact with? What if you’re a mail carrier? How many houses do you deliver the mail to? How many pounds of mail? How many square miles do you cover every single
day, year in and year out? What if you’re a mechanic? How many cars have you fixed in the course
of a year? What about if you’re a project manager? What’s the size of the budget of the project? Was it on time, was it not on time? How many people did you manage? How many people did you coach? How many people did you mentor? All that good stuff. We can go on this all day and I could make
this video hours and hours and hours going through each and every type of job, but I
hope you get the picture. Now, what I want to do is if you can’t think
of a way, just you go in the comments on my YouTube channel or my blog, and you just say,
“Andy, hey, this is what I am. This is my title and my job function. I’m not sure how to quantify or show impact
in my position,” and I will respond to you. If I can’t figure out a way for you to do
that, I will give you a free resume course, it’s called Build Your Ultimate Professional
Resume Workshop, it’s an online course and a workshop, you can have that free and anything
else in the milewalk Academy. It’s Go check that out. Any online training there, you can have that
free as well if you can stump me and I cannot prompt you to figure out some way to show
more impact in your resume. Speaking of my resume workshop, it’s really
fantastic. If you like these kind of concepts, we go
much deeper. I teach you everything there is to know about
the resume. There’s a great workbook, there’s all kinds
of exercises and things for you to prepare it. Formats, templates and everything, so I really
hope you check that out. All right, so let’s recap them real quick. Number one, revenue generation. Number two, market awareness. Number three, customer attraction and leads. Number four, customer happiness. Number five, company growth. Number six, employee happiness. Number seven, cost reduction, and number eight,
process efficiency. Think about it, think about how your job relates
to that, and I’ll see you next week.

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  58. I am about to do an interview for Area Shift Supervisor. I am now a production supervisor at the same company I have been there for 22 years I filled out a resume and let my manager that is fixing to leave to go to another plant in the organization I had the numbers of two different projects that I have saved money one of them was over $26, 000 a year the other ones are probably $3,000 or $4,000 a year. So when he help me with my resume he wanted to take that out and just put I have saved money through several projects that Ihave done for the company. What do you think

  59. Hi Andy,

    First, love your videos. I am the like the "google Youtube queen" when it comes to gathering information and I must say I have not come across ANY forums or videos that are in depth as yours. So for this, im very appreciative.

    Although, it too late to recieve a prize( yet from you lessons you state Never to assume haha), I hope its not to late to recieve a response.

    I work it IT; mostly call centers, helpdesk, desktop support. Basically, more in line with customer service. Its been six years in the feild and im worrying how i can boost my resume to reflect traits and value to become a manager or get involved in cyber security without mention day to day tech jargons that most it resumes fall under….

    Any tips?

  60. Hi Andrew, I like all your videos and I have subscribed in your channel. I just want ask you about my situation. I am writing my CV and I am facing a small problem while writing my profile. I have worked as a salesman for more than one year and after that 6 months as CRM and my last job was sales manager. How can I quantify the total amount of revenue that I have generated!? And should I mention the number of the client that I was dealing with as Client Relationship Manager? Should I have proof for all of that? Lastly, is it ok to use ( I, me, my..) and how long should the profile be!? Thanks in advance .

  61. Hi Andi. I'm a QA Software Tester with only three months of an internship experience. I followed your 8 tips and I cantnot think of a way to make my resume stand out.

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  63. Hey Andrew, I just found your videos and love the way you explain all the great content. I work as IT support. I'm stuck with being in support, trying to get higher position but they want experience. What would you recommend?

  64. Hi, Andrew! Thank you for sharing your experience! I would like to ask your advice: I am just starting my career and work as marketing assistant in Total. I am also in my second year of dual master degree Sciences Po Paris and Moscow Institution of international relations. I wish to get international work experience. Which tips can u share for graduating student? Thank you in advance! Have a great day:)

  65. Hi Andy – Firstly, I have subscribed to your channel. Secondly, I am a National Media Specialist. I am trying get out of the specialist role into more of a managerial role. I am not sure HOW to say that on my resume. Help!

  66. I don't have experience in any of these areas because I've never been given those responsibilities. I guess I'm just screwed.

  67. I’m an assistant manager at a clothing company and my store manager is about to get promoted . So I’m ready to take the next step and go for the store manager position. Since I’m a internal candidate and our store is unique and only one of a kind concept been there since we opened the store . I’m just a little nervous as I think most people are during these interviews. Specially our new district manager just got hired herself . So thank you for these videos . It’s teaching me to think about how I impacted the company growth and how I impacted Cost reduction . If any other tips let me know . Love your videos . Here’s a true story I watched your first video when I went for this job interview for assistant manager and I got it . Now a year later watching again and going for store manager . Just want to say thanks again .

  68. Hi Andrew, I'm having a really tough time with my resume. I'm constantly rewriting and updating it because I'm not getting any results. I'm having trouble changing my resume from a skill and tasked based resume to an accomplished and benefits one. I work with a Major University as a Graduate program support Coordinator. My duties are mostly admitting, advising, registering, students. I also have several responsibilities as it relates to Faculty and department support. How do I change this into an accomplished resume? Thank You

  69. hi Andrew, I am from India can you let me know about valuable 8, do I explain about these points in the same order you explained in the video or just mentioned the 8 tips and if you can elaborate about point 5 and 6.

  70. Hi Andrew.I never got an interview call through my resume last one half year. I saw 4 videos about resume on your channel.but I didn’t see anything about a civil engineer (there is something related ).can you please help me go out from this

  71. Hi Andy. Bootcamper here. What if I am an intern for only 5 or 6 months and I did market research to do a competitor analysis but I have not received any information on how it helped her rebrand the company. Or that I created advertising one pages that she gives to perspective clients before they donate money to the non profit company. Or that I look seedy hey competitor website to compare what she does not have to generate more traffic to the website? I do not have numbers for any of these

  72. Hey Andrew! I'm a talent development Analyst. I source candidates, manage a HR platform, and also QA. Can you help me quantify?

  73. Hello Andy, I am a recruitment consultant with 2+ years of experience. I develop the recruitment cycle from beginning to end, I on board new employees and assist with developing recuiting strategies. Awaiting your help Champ!! I am wondering if you could like have a small video tailored specifically for recruiters? Thanks a lot

  74. Hey Andrew I am having trouble quantifying my accomplishments in my profession. I am a social worker and my job was to house marginalized persons, as well as build up their level of functioning as a whole, with themselves maybe physical illness or mental and improvement in overall quality of life or social functioning maybe going back to school or job programs, HELP please

  75. Hey Andy, Thank you first and foremost for all you do for the community. I am a data analyst mixed with an auditor, I have 3 years of data analysis experience and four years of financial services experience but have just started auditing so nothing quantifiable in that aspect yet. I work in the healthcare sector. I am trying to get into the IT department for my company but don't have the IT experience and am working on an IT degree. I have an A+ cert with some Microsoft Specialist certs as well. I'm trying to bring my resume to life using your strategies and tactics as well as the template but could use some help on what I can quantify for a help desk position without having help desk experience. Sorry for the wall of text and thank you for your time!

  76. Hi , Sir Andy I tried to draft my career profile but I'm not sure if its correct. My current job is Library personnel (2yrs) and legal staff sec (1yr.) but I want to apply As an admin assistant because I finished degree in Office Administration can you please help me how will I quantify?. Thank you and God bless.

  77. Hello Andrew! Thank you vert much! All of your video lessons are very useful. I am a packaging technologist ffom my first degree. I used to work in that field for 3 years then I was on maternity leave long time and then I have got an education in hospitality where I have been working for 3 years, but now I decided to combine to of mine education and looking for a food technologist position. But unfourtenutely, all of my attempts to get even entry position are unsuccsessful.

  78. Do I have to specify what company my highlight is for if that particular highlight is for a company I worked for in the past?

  79. hey andrew:
    i am software project manager with 2 years of experience in multiple international projects for big clients, but i can neither disclose the names of those clients and maybe nor the budget (maybe budget range?) i helped the company deliver on it's promise (budget and time) while maintining or improving the companies good imagine, is there another way go quantifiy my value?

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