How to make Professional Intros for YouTube – EASY METHOD

How to make Professional Intros for YouTube – EASY METHOD

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One of the questions I get most, with regards
to starting a YouTube channel, is “How to I get professional looking Intros made for
my videos?” And its actually pretty simple. Ill start with the easiest and the cheapest
method. I get intros from a website called Video Blocks. They have customizable After Effects templates
that you can modify specifically for your channel. I spoke with video blocks, and got a 50 dollar
discount for you by using the link in the description. So huge thank you to them for sponsoring this
video. Here on their website they have over 2 million
different stock videos, and after effects templates. But today we are just interested in the After
Effects templates. You can hover over all the little preview
windows and check the style that will fit your YouTube channel or your project the best. I’m going to choose this Amazing Beasts looking
intro because it looks cool, and because there are multiple variables I can walk you through. Its actually really really simple, so don’t
stress out just yet. Over on the right hand side you can see which
version of After Effects you need to work with the file. And if there are any plugins needed. This one doesn’t need any extra plugins so
Ill hit that download button and that will get the after effects file onto my computer. I just saved the zipped file to my computer,
and then extracted the files to my desktop so I can open them. First thing you want to do is jump into the
readme, just to see if there are any tips from the template creator. This readme file has the font type and instructions
on how to change the text in the intro. Because unless your YouTube channel is called
‘fantastic beasts’… your probably going to want to modify the text a bit. And now the fun stuff. I’m going to click into the After Effects
file, and this will open up Adobe After Effects, I am using the CC version, and its included
with Adobe Premiere that you use that to edit your main videos. I can scrub through the clip with that little
blue bar down in the timeline just to make sure everything looks ok, and then to edit
the text in this intro, ill jump up to the left hand side and double click. Then I can move to the center window and double
click again to modify what is written here. You can literally put anything you want. The ‘Everything’ part of this logo looks a
little big, so I’m going to jump into the right hand side and adjust the size of the
text. Just like you would when you are editing a
word document. To preview the file again, I can click here,
and then it’ll show up as a preview of the final version. Thumbs up for how simple this process is. Now, this intro has more than one place for
text. So Ill jump back to that edit text box and
click on the edit text 2 slot. This will open the text box that appears after
the main text. Ill add a little tagline here and shrink the
font down a bit to fit the screen correctly. And then the last text section of the video
Ill add a website or my YouTube channel name. Remember that this is just one template out
of thousands on video blocks. So each one will be a little bit different,
but they will all be pretty easy to work with. That’s kinda the point of a template. You have unlimited downloads with your subscription. So you can replace and change your video intro
as often as you want. And if you ever cancel your subscription,
you still own all of your files and can use them forever. You can drop the preview resolution down as
well, if your computer is struggling with the graphics that will help it display correctly. To render the video at full quality, head
up to file.. Then export… and then add to render cue. Then down in the bottom box, make sure that
its set to ‘best settings’, and then click next to output and go to Quicktime. AVI would work too, but here in the quicktime
settings you have H.264, and that is what YouTube likes to receive. Ill just keep my audio on the AAC. Ill click the output location to set the location
of my finished file. And then I can finally click render. This whole process took about 10 minutes,
and I was able to create a pretty professional looking intro. There are a lot of YouTubers out there using
this same method for their videos. Its nice because you can use your files commercially,
for you tube, contests, whatever you want. You own the footage. If you personally are an After Effects master
you can submit your own template to Video Blocks for other people to use, and you make
money each time someone downloads your template. Here are some other intros I have made in
the past. If you need a VERY specific design or intro
for your YouTube channel, you can always hire someone to make an intro specifically for
you, but that might cost anywhere from 100 to 500 dollars depending on the complexity
and the artist you hire. Hopefully I was able to save you some money
with this video, if nothing else, at least now you know how most of YouTube gets their
intros. If you want to learn more about editing videos
on Adobe premier, check out my workflow video, and if you have any questions, leave them
down below in the comments! Thanks a ton for watching! Ill see you around.

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  11. hi jerry, I was hoping you could test the new mi5s's durability. I'm yet to see a durability test for this device so I thought you could do your thing ๐Ÿ˜€

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  15. If you are a student or person with no access to credit card and also dislike pirating(like me, ethics and things lolol), then use Panzoid… Word beforehand, alot of the templates on there are too over flashy and are bouncy like a young child with ADD/ADHD lololol…
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