How to make BBQ chicken with Bill Gates

How to make BBQ chicken with Bill Gates

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Hi, I’m Bill. Hi Bill, Robert. Nice to meet you. Hey, congratulations on being the Teacher
of the Year. Thank you very much, appreciate it. So what kind of things do you teach? I teach family and consumer sciences and leadership. At my high school at Mount Vernon High School,
we have a food lab, where we teach our cooking classes and it’s full all the time, we can’t even keep up with the demand. Oh really, wow. I have to admit; you’ve got a very entry
level student here. Awesome. That’s what we deal with every day. Most of our kids have never done any of this
either and it’s something that anybody can learn
how to do. Excellent. What we’re going to do today is, we’re going to use the legs, the wings and the thighs for barbecue chicken, oven
baked. We start with the whole chicken because it
is cheaper to buy a whole chicken, cut it into pieces yourself and you can get
a lot more out of it. What we’re going to do next is season the
chicken, get it on the pan and then to the oven to
cook. So, to season it we’ve got some black pepper, we’ve got salt, cinnamon, and allspice and some ground mustard. So we’ve got everything. So we’ve got, except that one. Let’s not do too much. That’s okay. That’s okay, you just got some extra salt. I like mine salty. That’s totally fine. Doesn’t that smell good? Mmm, yeah! And then we’re just kind of evenly sprinkle
the spices onto the chicken. Feels like a chef thing to do. Absolutely. The kids really get enthusiastic about doing
things like this. We’ll let those cook for a little while, we’ll baste them with some sauce later. Which courses do people take in the different
grades? In our Beginning Foods class anybody ninth through twelfth grade can take
that class. I also teach a Life After High School class
for Seniors. Oh great. I think we’re going to take a minute to
baste some sauce on our chicken. I like sauce. Me too. I think the more the better. Tell me about Life After High School. We always start with career preparation. We talk about filling out applications, how to be professional and to put your best
foot forward, writing resumes and cover letters. I teach them interview skills, and then we kind of transition from that to
like, well let’s assume that you got the job, now you’re going to have a paycheck. So we talk about how to balance a budget so that you’re meeting your life goals with
what your budget is. Oh, that’s fantastic! I think students are thirsty for knowledge
and love in equal parts. So I ask myself every day “Is what I’m doing today going to make
students feel welcomed and loved?” Because teaching is hard, but growing up is
harder. Well I think it’s time to check on our chicken. That’s really good. And I see it in my kids, the pride that they
have of knowing that they put the time and effort and work
into this. Hey, thanks for coming. It’s pretty inspiring to hear what you do. This is a first for me. I might surprise my family and show them I
know how to do it. That was fantastic! That’s awesome. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

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  1. I almost forgot that YouTube videos don't have to have ads in them….I guess bill gates doesn't want the extra "REVENUE"

  2. Bill Gates: "Tell me about life after high school."
    Robert Hand: "We talk about filling out applications…"
    Bill Gates: Lol *that's cute*

  3. Hey! Mr.Bill Gates! My question is how much did you earn from YouTube? maybe YOU should reply?but you shouldn't have time to do reply BTW nicy from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  4. Good teacher ! If we add the spices in the last 5 minutes then they keep their flavor.
    Heat destroys spices. Adding salt first was OK. Adding spices almost at the end is better for flavor. Good teacher !

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  11. I was looking for a comment saying something about how nice person Bill Gates actually is, suprisingly didn’t find one. So i’ll just say it.. Most rich people seem to be full of themselves, but Bill Gates seems like a legitimately chill normal guy even though his the second richest person in the world. Respect!

  12. I see the title "hand made chicken"


    Still an awesome video, though

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  20. Robert is talking very sweetly and bill is very decent with people. I like the way bill handshake with Robert it's very awesome and Bill learns like a good student.

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  22. While ( Bezo & Elon ) using space as means is deviate from the issue we r and we will be facing (societal issue). Bill is actually making this planet habitable for the next generations and saving millions of lives. Thank you 🙏 Mr Bill.

  23. Great respect for the teacher and also for being so calm infront of the richest man on earth cuz if I was him I would have gone nuts.

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