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today here at Satori graphics you’re
going to learn how to make a professional business card in
Illustrator perfectly print ready as a PDF file to skip the intro move to the
timestamp on the corner what is up people welcome back to satori graphics
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into this tutorial on how to make a professional business card in
Illustrator we need to make a new document in this writer for a business
card I’m working in CC 2017 in case this menu looks a bit weird to you as this is
going to be a print ready business card we want to select print I’ll use
millimeters and in the description below I’ve added a link to various sizes a
business card around the world but the standard size that I use is 85
millimeter in width by 55 millimeter in height
we’re going to need to our boards and it’s crucial that use CMYK as a color
mode and then a three millimeter bleed and if you click this icon here it’s
going to be around the entire canvas I’ll explain what a bleed is soon here
you have more settings in case you want to take a look the space between the canvas and the red
line is the bleed this is essential for princes to make sure there are no print
anomalies and everything is flush you need to bring your design to the red
line but everything in the bleed will be cut away and discarded take the polygon
tool and then click the artboard you need to type in three size to
generate a triangle this will be the makeshift logo design for my
professional business card in today’s illustrator tutorial adjust the stroke
to something similar to mine here and then take the scissors tool to cut two
points into the triangle in the bottom right you can then remove the stems from
the selection tool by pressing delete on the keyboard we now need to outline the
stroke and then bring down a guide if you don’t have your rulers open press
ctrl or command R on your keyboard this is where we take the direct
selection tool to change the shape of the design if you notice here when I drag the
anchor down he says on this is basically Illustrator telling you that the anchor
is on the same line as it was previously which is what we want for our design
go ahead and adjust the shape similar to mine our down the alt/option key in click and
drag the shape to duplicate it like so rotate the new shape by 180 degrees and
then place it next to the other one if you select both shapes and then press
command or control G is going to group them together go ahead and duplicate
this group over and over across the business card canvas once you have your
of shapes align them in the align window like I’ve done here group is entire section together and
then duplicate them below this will be half of the front side of
the business card so besides it for making a half of the canvas and then
duplicate that down one more time you can make sure everything’s equally
spaced apart by using this option in the language Oh using a white fill and then
the ranks Hangul tool make a shaper with the entire canvas up until the bleed and
then send it to the back you can then lock this down so it
doesn’t move around throughout this business card tutorial next go ahead and open the Pathfinder
window you need to select the shapes and then congroo them twice draw a shape
down one side that will cut away the excess shapes press command or control C
to copy the shape and then hold down shift to select the rectangle shape and
one of the Legos using the minus for an option Pathfinder window you will now
delete this file press command or ctrl F to paste it back into place and repeat
the process on this side and on the right-hand side of the business card to finish off the front of our
professional business card to make sure everything is ungrouped
and then duplicate one of the Lego shapes make a circle with the ellipse tool hold
down shift I personally feel that gold and black and white is a great color
scheme for this business card so make a circle and then make it gold add a white
fill to the logo and bring it to the front of all the layers and a place on
the design we will now work on the backside of the
business card so out a white shape that goes all the way up to the bleeds and
then locky in place I forgot to send this shape to the back when I was making
my design but it doesn’t really matter too much duplicate a logo from the
shapes on the left hand side and then bring it over to the eye board you would
also want to make a circle and make sure the logo is on the above layer I went for a white logo on a black
circle which I think works well but feel free to experiment for your professional
business card design for the social media icons I saved an
image from the internet and then I opened an illustrator go ahead and open
the image trace window with the icon selected click the ignore white option
and make sure black and white is selected click preview to see how the
final outcome is gonna look and then when you’re happy go to object image
trace and expand you now have a vector icon for your business cards and you can
do this for icons you can also open up the symbol window
and then locate the web icons here you’re gonna find in turn icons such as
email phone and Internet in case you want to use them yourself I used a guide to make sure everything
is aligned perfectly and all of my tanks my business card is a version of how
that’s occur in case you want to know to finish off the business card in
Illustrator you can group together the right section here and then group to
give the left section on the back and then you can align them like so at this
juncture save your business card as an illustrator file and then outline all of
your type ready for a PDF go ahead and save your design it’s
illustrator PDF and choose a newest version of Acrobat and click the view
PDF after saving option I’m going to use these pre mark settings here and if you
have any warnings on your print job they will be displayed here once you’ve saved
it you can check over your design for any errors or anomalies so there was
asset or graphics tutorial how to make professional business card in
Illustrator perfectly print ready if you enjoyed this tutorial or found it useful
drop a comment on the like on the video and share my content to somebody else
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design your future today peace you


  1. Let me know what you thought of this tutorial, and also if you want to see a specific video on this channel 🙂

  2. Cheers Tom, as I told you already, i love the elegance of the back design! Keep up the awesome Work as both a designer and a youtuber!

  3. Super sleek design m8. Exactly the type of tut I was waiting for! Thank you for this 🙂 possible tut on album or poster design next??

  4. That's great! It's basically my daily basis job. And its rewarding to see that I developed mostly by myself what you do from start to finish! 🙂

    I would like to see, if possible of course, how you deal with medium/low res pictures to incorporate on your job.
    I have a food banner to finish tomorrow and that's a step that I'm dealing with. My customer demands to use his pictures (that seems to be taken by a potato with super bright flash). I understand and feel uncomfortable by using internet pictures, but using a blurred and crap photo makes me unease. Give me your light, Mr Tom!

    Great week! 🙂

  5. Wow! Not only a great tutorial; BUT I had NO idea the library was so extensive under the window dropdown. Mind BLOWN…poof!

  6. Hi Thanks for sharing, very nicely done. is it possible to create the same art work in Photoshop CC?

  7. Very nice it's professionally look totally but I need to know which font type is used ? And how I will come to know which font to be used for all matching color with design etc .
    Please reply I am waiting

  8. How did you do the flat lay of finished layout in the last part of video? Did you use another software? Thank you! you just earned new subs 🙂

  9. you know every time I watch you video, makes me like not to stop watching it, nice one teacher keep it on please, and how to make magazine indesign plz………..

  10. Possibly a stupid question, however, when i create the triangle, there is no box around it, only the line of the triangle. pls help 😀

  11. OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! You really took the time and broke down every little detail. I just made my own custom business cards and they look so good!!!!!!! You are God sent. xoxo

  12. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! Thanks for getting me started, this was a great beginner's guide. Should have learned illustrator years ago!

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