How to Interview Someone – How to Recruit a Good Job Candidate (4 of 5)

How to Interview Someone – How to Recruit a Good Job Candidate (4 of 5)

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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda Raynier of guiding
you to a career and life you will truly enjoy. Now if you’re someone who happens to be a
hiring manager or recruiter or an hr professional then you’re in luck because this episode is
actually the fourth of a five week special series that I’m doing right here on youtube
where I’m going to be teaching you how to recruit and hire the best job candidates for
your company and in today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you my top tips on How
to interview candidates well not just how to interview but really how do you determine
the amazing job candidates away from the good or the average job candidates Ready to get
the job you want? Top Notch interview is coming soon! For more info and free training go to
As a career strategist I’ve had the honor of being able to help numerous professionals
land their Dream job offers and so if this is something that you’re looking for one on
one help from me then I will give you details about that at the end of this video now as
a recruiter or hiring manager you may actually find that when it comes to interviewing candidates
this might actually comes very natural to you maybe you really enjoy asking people questions
and gaining insight into their experiences and who they are as professionals but are
you interviewing them in the best way possible where you’re gonna get true insight into what
they’re really capable of or So asking them questions that are a little bit tricky that
will make them nervous and squirm and limit their ability to be able to show you who they
truly are so today I’ll be showing you the right way on how to interview a candidate
so that it’s not only efficient but you’re gonna be able to gain clear accurate insight
into whether there are real potential employee for your company so here’s a checklist of
four tips that you wanna make sure you’re doing tip number one Have at least three to
five questions that you want to ask ready beforehand never start an interview with so
what questions do you have for me too the job candidate good job candidates can smell
lack of preparation on your part as a hiring manager right away if you start with this
question being prepared with targeted questions shows professionalism on your part as a hiring
manager and these questions can be anything that you personally feel are appropriate to
To determine if they are a potential fit for the job and the company you can always start
off with the classic tell me about yourself followed by why do you feel you’re fit for
this position followed then by can you please tell me about a time where and insert a specific
experience or type of experience that you want them to describe to you and then ended
off with what we’re aspects of your previous world that you most enjoyed each of these
questions have a unique purpose as to why you would be asking them so you want to determine
what that purpose is What it is that you’re looking for in your ideal candidates answer
tip number two is to communicate your expectations for this person in this position throughout
the interview process as a hiring manager it’s easy for you to get caught up with just
asking the interview we questions about them their roles and their experiences without
revealing very much about yourself the job or the company you wanna make sure that you
let the job candidate know what it is that you The hiring manager hopes for this person
to achieve when you explain the goal for this position the purpose for this role if they’re
good job candidate you can see enthusiasm and excitement in their face but if they’re
not you can see that maybe they’re not really looking to contribute or add value to your
Organization they have to show some sort of level of enthusiasm and excitement when you
can describe the purpose and the goal for this role tip number three I like the items
in this Tv that you want to ask about when you highlight Specific experiences and then
ask the job candidate about them this is giving them the opportunity to showcase to you their
value what they can do for you and what experience they have so if they have the ability to answer
you well by giving you clear details giving showing clear achievements then you know that
they know what they’re talking about and that they have the ability to do your job but if
somehow you’re asking about specific experiences and they’re stumbling and they don’t they’re
tripping over their words and it’s not just cuz they’re nervous but they don’t really
know Talking about then that is a Red flag tip number four know the difference between
someone who’s nervous versus someone who has the wrong experience credentials or is unqualified
one of the things that I find happens with recruiters and hiring managers when interviewing
candidates is that they mistakenly assume that when a candidate is nervous that that
automatically means it’s a sign that they are probably not a good fit for their Organization
nervousness should not equate to their potential maybe they’re nervous Because of the way that
you greeted them and that the way that you are currently exiting your body language is
causing them to tense up and not feel comfortable around you as a recruiter and hiring manager
you wanna give a fair chance to every candidate that comes through the door to be able to
demonstrate and prove himself to you because that slightly nervous candidate might actually
be a superstar employee who is hardworking and dedicated but you were too quick to dismiss
them because they were nervous now on the other hand if you have Done a good job at
getting them to feel settled and not nervous and they’re still struggling to tell you what
their experience is then that is a Red flag and that is an indicator that maybe they don’t
have the right qualifications for what you’re looking for and finally tip number five if
they seem to be a fit for your company let them know what the next steps would be managing
expectations is extremely important in keeping your reputation as a hiring manager and as
a professional in general so just Simple email because it’s common courtesy so there you
have it those are my top tips on how to interview your job candidates the right way now if you
yourself happen to be a job candidate you’re currently looking for a new position you’ve
been going on interviews but you haven’t been getting offers and you realize that you need
one on one professional guidance then feel free to reach out to me head on over to my
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form and if it seems that you and I are potential match to work together than my teammates We’ll
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  5. I am giving my first interview by myself tomorrow and I appreciate you posting this video tremendously! Thank you for making it clear what is expected not only of the applicant but of myself as the interviewer.

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