How To Get The Most Out Of Every Seminar Or Event You Go To

How To Get The Most Out Of Every Seminar Or Event You Go To

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72 thoughts on “How To Get The Most Out Of Every Seminar Or Event You Go To”

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  2. Excellent tips! I often forget about the latter tip of paying mind to the delivery. 😀👍👏

  3. Dan , I'm 16 and planning to go to some real estate events. What advice do you have for someone who seems so out of place in the events ?

  4. I have just discovered your channel and you gave good insight into certrain topics. However, I would like to hear your opinion and thoughts on work ethic and how important it is to you. Keep up the great work!

  5. WOW!!! did not realize i was still on the memorize stage, not in the learning stage….when i watch seminars i try to memorize what you or what other speakers say, instead of taking bits and pieces and implement.

  6. Would you have any words of wisdom for someone who is attempting to make the transition from a typical call center floor-type of salesperson who is really kind of trapped in that mindset for long periods of their life to your high ticket closer mentality? The typically-found model in call centers seems like a lottery trying to spray and pray for prospects. Like, maybe what would be the first most important mindshifts they would have to make within themselves to become a Dan/Desmond/Kayvon type of closer coming from this mental trap of a workstyle if they want to make a total career switch to HTC? Just looking for a grasp on where to start. You and your channel has so much to offer, its a little overwhelming at first!

  7. Excellent information, Sifu Dan. It will be extraordinary when traditional schools implement this methodology for each subject. Incorporating these three concepts into everything one does fundamentally improves the ones' experience and outcome.

  8. Dan, i really love your videos and the content you put out. you’re giving so much value to everyone. i know i should increase my high income skills. but which skillset is the best ? is it technicall skills like programming, or maybe marketing and sales ? thanks in advance

  9. Dan I love your videos, I have really learn a lot from them and am suggesting if you can make a video around stock market, shareholders, stakeholder and so on.Because I would like to get some stategies how i can implement some ideas

  10. Look for strategies I can implement right now. Research who is attending and speaking prior to going so I can have an idea who I want to connect with. Observe how they're promoting themselves at the event. Thank you for this video. I will be doing all 3 of these things at an event I am getting ready to attend!

  11. 200k subs! You were behind Financial Education, Ryan Scribner and Graham Stephen – 3 very good entrepreneurship channels that I regularly watch, you have overtaken them. I would say that Dan Lok and Valuetainment are now the best business personal development channels on YouTube☺

  12. 1) Connect by adding value
    2) Learn and immediately implement elegant ideas
    3) Speaker/promoter hat – what can you learn from how the speaker speaks, the event experience etc

    My commitment – next event I will do
    more research ahead of time so I maximise the value.

  13. Sifu, you just continue to deliver great value! I do the same thing when it comes to analyzing how a promoter’s event is actually put together. I too look at why they chose that specific location, what’s special about this venue, the staff, how they pitch, etc., thanks again for always delivering top quality content! Can’t wait to see you hit your FIRST million subs!

  14. Wow, I only wear 2 hats, the 3rd hat I should implement it for the next event I am attending. Thank you sifu.

  15. Very, very helpful. I'm curious on your opinion of college? I know you touched on school as a whole slightly with memorizing for tests, but do you think it's essential? I'm a graduating a senior (HS) and I'm leaning towards not going but I'm curious what you think.

  16. find out before event possible people you want to meet, to expand network, get new strategies and implement them immediately, just learn and observe how they conduct the seminar and how i can formulate them at work

  17. So not only does he do seminars, but he tells you what to do at seminars. GENIUS. You just gain a subscriber!!!

  18. That 3 hats analogy is fantastic. Must implement right away! Thanx for sharing your personal tactics

  19. Great content. Well you discribed exactly how I watch your video. I tripled the value of my services and highly increase my rates. I really advise people to watch your TED talk where you talk about self-esteem. I agree with the impact of relationships, 100% of the people work with me because they attended my seminar or because I spent some time to listen to then or gave them an advice. As Seth Goding said « people buy relationships, care and magic »

  20. @Dan
    I found this truly helpful. It brings CLARITY in for me. This is what I have been thinking about. I learn when I can see inside your mind's eye.
    Thank you Sifu Dan
    Nick Mirante NY

  21. How To Get The Most Out Of Every Seminar:

    1. Connect with the right people on events (A-Player & Superstars)
    2. Get a view elegant ideas and implement immediately
    3. What can I learn from the promoters of the event

  22. What a great way to look at all the different things you can learn at a typical seminar! Thanks Dan

  23. There is an old saying “they can talk to you 30 min, but you’ll only get to know him if you watch him fight “

  24. Shelf help! I used to be the one reading books and stacking them, but not taking real action after. Will see you in the future in person!

  25. Absolutely a different perspective. I am very excited to go to multiple events now. I look forward to meeting you in person one day even if I have to pay you. So much gratitude toward you Sifu.

  26. This is a new way of approaching live events and any learning for me. I’ve been through a lot of school, and I was trained to learn a lot of “just in case” information. Fucking overwhelming. I am re-training myself to do a lot more just-in-time learning and implementing a couple ideas. No more shelf-help. Thank you, Sifu Dan.

  27. Dan you inspire so much. thankyou.

    can business and school go hand in hand?
    and what are your lessons from your 5years of hard work in the beginning of your career?

  28. I love you man. So glad I found you. You speak in my language: No B.S. but only the truth and success.

  29. Dude.. respect! Down to earth teacher, I just found your channel and I can already see why I should stick around. Subbed

  30. Dan, thanks for nice videos. Good advice! It's really cant be overestimated to understand limits of own capabilities and not try to implement all at a time.
    You have an amazing car, but is it comfortable for being chauffeured around, or you just give up the wheel for videos?

  31. Great video topic! I attend one of the largest women's conferences in the South where I'm actively seeking to chat with new people to followup a later meet and hear new ideas to implement. So many other women women just stay in their own groups of comfort and leave right when it ends—it's like why even sign up for the event!

    Over the next few years, I don't know how it's going to happen, I'm seeing to the goal of attending at least one of your events!

  32. I Dan or should I say respectfully missed a lot can I get at least 3 minutes of your time I want to know where you get your suits at and let me have the website address please thank you very much continued success and blessings to you. Sincerely Vincent James Willis oh yeah have a great day!

  33. Adding more values when attending to seminar and event by wearing 3 hats. Connector, Learner (to implement), How the event deliver values, how speaker delivers value

  34. I LOVE the 3 hats ideas Soooooo simple!

    from this video I'm going to work on & implement the "CONNECTOR" idea, doing your research on the "who's who" of any event or course!

    Thank you Sifu!

  35. Thank you Dan. You're changing many things in my way of thinking and in my life. Keep up the good work!!!

  36. Is there any application or web page that shows all important events and seminars around the world? Can someone help me please

  37. Sir you are awesome…and thank you for sharing uncountable knowledge related to making money to legitimately….again thank you very much….

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