HOW TO GET MORE DONE IN LESS TIME — The 4 Hour Work Week — Animated Book Review

HOW TO GET MORE DONE IN LESS TIME — The 4 Hour Work Week — Animated Book Review

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The 4 hour workweek, is based off the idea
that Everyone has the SAME amount of time. But if we use our time efficiently, we could
produce a whole week’s results, in only 4 hours. The REAL message in the book isn’t telling
us to work 4 hours a week, that’s just a trick to getting “side-walkers” to buy
the book. But yeah, the real message isn’t telling us that by using these strategies,
we could be LAZY and work 4 hours a week, no. It’s telling us that we can accomplish
a lot more if we used our time more effectively. Just a disclaimer, when I said the title is
to “trick” sidewalkers, it’s not really a “trick” per say, because the principles
DO work, it’s just that most people would rather spend 8 hours a day working at their
jobs, go home, and sit in front of the TV, than do work that requires using their brains. Okay, let’s get started. The 4 hour workweek philosophy is based on
3 strategies to maximize the efficiency of your time. They are: Elimination, Automation,
and Outsourcing. When I was in university, I remember studying
with my friend anthony. I would read the entire textbook, from start to finish, because, well,
you know, I like to read. And he would only read the topics covered in class. It was a
health class, so let’s say the professor talked about a specific muscle in the arm.
There would be 5 pages on all the different muscles in the arm, and he would skip all
of it, and only read the 2 paragraphs on that specific muscle. I don’t think he studied
more than me in terms of time, but when the test results came out, he got an A while I..
got a C+. Anthony understood the concept of Elimination. A lot the the things we do actually don’t
affect the outcome by that much. According to the 80/20 principle, 80% of our results,
come from 20% of the things we do. So that means, if we eliminate the things that don’t
produce a lot results, we could use that time to do more of the 20% that produces the most
results. Most people would rather do what they’re
used to, like when I read the entire book to study, because it’s easy and doesn’t
require thinking, you just sit down and read the book from start to finish. But if you
want results, do what anthony did… Eliminate. But what if we can’t eliminate it? As a kid, I remember watching the movie Charlie
and the Chocolate factory, and the main character’s dad, worked at a toothpaste factory. He would
stand there in the assembly line, screwing the caps on toothpaste tubes. When we think about how silly it seems to
have a line of workers screwing the top on toothpaste, it is something we have to do,
we can’t just eliminate it. Obviously, we don’t have workers manually doing that anymore,
and that’s because our technology allowed us to automate. We have machines now that
caps toothpaste for us. A lot of the times, things that could be automated
SHOULD be automated. Imagine how inefficient would it be to have a bunch of people screwing
caps on toothpaste? Not only will we have to pay each worker minimum wage, someone in
the line could be extra slow, and everyone else will have to work at the same pace because
he’d be stalling the line. Not only that, if someone picks their nose and continues
to screw on the caps, that could lead to serious lawsuits when people find boogers in their
toothpaste. The general rule, according to the 4 hour
workweek, is: If you can’t eliminate, automate! Just like capping toothpaste tubes, a lot
of tasks have to be done, and cannot be eliminated. And finally, when you have something that
has to be done, and cannot be automated, it’s time to outsource it. When I say “outsource” I’m not referring
to outsourcing to another country, although that is quite a common thing nowadays, especially
in big companies. I’m saying that, as you grow as a person,
and become better at what you doing, you can focus on tasks ONLY YOU could do, and let
others do the easier tasks for you. When we see multi-millionaires, they have drivers,
personal chefs, and maids. A poor person would see that as them being
lazy, but are they really? Or are they simply using their time effectively by outsourcing? While they’re being driven around by their
driver, they could be in the car making business deals, or creating content for their next
youtube video, tasks that will make them more money than the fifteen dollars they’re paying
their drivers. It doesn’t even have to be about money either,
they could spend more time with their family and loved ones, while someone else cooks dinner
for them. When you can’t eliminate, or automate, then
outsource it. Only as a last resort. If you can get a robot to cook for you, go ahead
and do that. So to recap, eliminate, automate, and if you
can’t do those two, then outsource. Whenever you’re in doubt, just remember, both Elon
Musk and the bum who lives down the street from you, have exactly the same number of
hours in the day. That was the three concepts that were invaluable
to me, especially during the early phases of my plant business. I hope you enjoyed that
as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. If you haven’t subscribed, you can do it
by clicking here, I’ll see you again next week with something special.

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