How to GET A JOB with NO EXPERIENCE! (Resume, CV, Cover Letter, Interview Questions & Answers!)

How to GET A JOB with NO EXPERIENCE! (Resume, CV, Cover Letter, Interview Questions & Answers!)

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Hello there, my name is Richard McMunn from
the interview training company, and in this tutorial I am going to teach you
how to get a job if you have no experience. Lots of people over the last few months have
been messaging me through this CareerVidz YouTube channel, and they’re saying, “Richard,
I have no experience. How can I get a job?” So, this video is going to take you through
the entire process you need to follow to get a job if you have no experience. I am going
to make it as easy as possible for you. Please do stick around and watch it from beginning
to end, because I genuinely want you to get a job. Lots and lots of people on this channel
are getting jobs. They’re passing their interviews as a result of the training. But I understand
that some people have NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE, and therefore, you can be forgiven for thinking…
“It’s tougher for me because I have no experience!” When in fact, it is actually a POSITIVE thing.
So, let’s get in the right mindset and let’s start working through all of the content.
To help you get a job if you have no prior experience, we need to cover 3 very important
things. They are not difficult, but they are very important. The first thing is I need
to tell you WHAT TO INCLUDE on your resume or your CV. So, when you apply for a job,
this is a document that you have to submit. And this is where a lot of people say to me…
“I’ve got no experience to put on my resume. What do I do?” Well, I will tell you exactly
what to include on that document. The second thing is, I need to tell you WHAT TO WRITE
in your cover letter. When you apply for a job, we need to give them a resume or a CV
and also a covering letter. It doesn’t have to be long. It can be very short. But I will
give you a covering letter to include. So again, please watch this from beginning to
end. And then you get invited to an interview, whether it’s a telephone interview or a face-to-face
interview. If you have no experience, I need to teach you WHAT TO SAY in your interview.
We’re going to cover all of these 3 things. Please watch it from beginning to end and
take notes as I go along. Because it’s a brilliant tutorial! Now, before I go into those three,
things… A very warm welcome to this, ‘How To Get A Job With No Experience’ training
tutorial. That’s me there. My name is Richard McMunn. That’s me in the center. I’ve been
helping people for about 20 years now to successfully get jobs and pass their application forms
and their interviews. And I always do that by giving you top career advice. Please do
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like button. OK. Let’s get started with the ‘how to get a job with no experience’
training. The first thing I mentioned that we need to cover is what you need to include
on your resumé or your CV. So it doesn’t need to be long, which is great for you if
you have no prior experience. And one of the most important aspects of your resume is what
is called the PERSONAL STATEMENT. So, this is sometimes called a personal profile, and
it’s one of the very first things that you will include on your resume or your CV. This
is the first thing they will read. If you have no prior experience, you need to sell
yourself using positive key words and phrases. Now, this is what you should include. You
can write this down or I will tell you in a second where you can actually download for
free a template, a resume, a CV template that is perfect for all jobs, and you can just
fill in the blanks. Here is an example PERSONAL STATEMENT for somebody who has no prior experience.
I am a highly passionate and determined person who can be totally relied upon to carry out
a competent and professional job. I understand that both customers and clients are crucial
to an organisations success and I can be relied upon to deal with carry out my duties professionally
and diligently whilst representing your company. I am an excellent team player who genuinely
believes in the importance of treating others fairly and respectfully. I maintain excellent
standards and always look for ways to improve my personal and professional development by
seeking feedback from my managers. Finally, I am a dedicated and flexible person who I
believe would be a valuable asset to your team and organisation. That is a brilliant
personal statement. It’s positive. You don’t need any prior experience to write down those
words. Now, of course, when you do get the job, you need to demonstrate all of this that
you will be dedicated, flexible in the role. You will seek feedback from your manager.
You will also treat people fairly and respectfully, but we can all do that. Now, those qualities
that I’ve included within that PERSONAL STATEMENT are very attractive to virtually every hiring
manager. So, if you would like a free copy of this sample resume, please let me know
in the comments section below the video, and I will give you a link to download it. It
doesn’t cost you anything. I will give you a link and I will just quickly show you what
you need to do once you’ve got the link to it. So, I have highlighted all the areas in
YELLOW what you just need to include. I’ve got the personal profile there for you. So
include your education, your qualifications, any work experience that you have. Also, check
out the hobbies I have put on there and the interests, and then the references. These
are people who will vouch that you are a good person. Make sure you do put a couple of names
for the references on this. So, as I said, tell me in the comments section if you’d like
a copy and I will give you a link to download it. That’s our resume. We’re applying for
a job and we are submitting that. Now, in addition to the resume or the CV, when you
are applying to get a job with no experience, we need to include a COVER LETTER. We will
send off the resume a by email usually, and we will also include a cover letter. And I
can promise you this, If you include a cover letter, you will be probably be 5 out of 100
people who do actually include a cover letter. The majority of people can’t be bothered,
but WE HAVE a cover letter. This shows that you are enthusiastic. You will go one step
further. And it also takes away any issue that you have of no prior experience. The
cover letter could actually be the email that you send with your resume. So a lot of people
put in an email: “Find attached my CV or my resume in application for the job.” But
you are going to actually write something out. Here’s what you need to put. OK, so I’m
going to go through this in a second, but this is what I recommend you put. Again, I
have highlighted the yellow part. Let me go through this. Let’s scroll down. And if you
again, let me know in the comments section, you will get this as part the document. You
put your name there. Your e-mail address that you submit the application for and then insert
the job. Right. Now, this is the cover letter. Dear sir/madam, please find attached my resume/CV
in support of my application for the position of (include the job role) with your company.
Having studied the job description, I strongly believe that I have the necessary skills,
qualities and attributes to perform the role to a very high standard. I am trustworthy,
hardworking, professional and loyal and feel I would be a great asset to your company.
I would very much like the opportunity to prove my qualities to you at the interview
and I can be contacted on (insert your mobile number) at any time. Yours faithfully, (put
your name). That is very professional. So, it negates any issue that you have NO EXPERIENCE
because you’re putting together something that’s positive. And also it demonstrates
that you are really keen and enthusiastic and you are setting high standards from the
get go. If you submit your resumé and your cover letter to that standard, you are massively
increasing your chances of getting invited along to the interview. Now, of course, this
is another barrier for a lot of people, because they think… “I have no experience. How
am I going to pass my interview?” Well, in my opinion, you are actually at an advantage
if you have no experience, because essentially you are a blank canvas for an employer who
can go… “Right. We’ve got this great person here who is keen. They are hungry and enthusiastic.
Let’s train them up!” Now, providing you are willing to listen, you can work to high
standards. You can be a good team worker and you are willing to learn. Then you, in my
opinion, are the perfect candidate for the majority of jobs! Now, of course, there are
going to be some roles where you do need a level of technical experience, but you can
build those up as you go through your career. Let’s have a look at some common interview
questions. I will give you some tips for answering them. I will also give you a sample response
for each one of them. The first question at your interview is going to be, tell me about
yourself? How do you answer this, if you have no experience? We need to concentrate on your
qualities, not your experience, your qualities and what you can bring to the role. Tell the
interviewer you are hungry to learn from their experience. He’s how to answer the question:
Tell me about yourself. “I am very ambitious, hungry to learn and I believe I can bring
a positive and determined attitude to your already established team. Throughout my life
so far, I have sought opportunities to develop personally and professionally. I understand
that for your company to continue being successful, you need your employees to work hard, contribute
positively and focus on the organizations goals. I am a quick learner, I will work well
within any team and I am highly motivated to get started and learn the job as quickly
as possible so I can repay the trust you will have shown in hiring me for this position.”
That’s a great answer to the question: Tell me about yourself? (If you have zero experience.)
Second question, why should we hire you? So, a lot of people with no experience would think,
well, WHY should you hire me? Because I’ve got zero experience. But this is our opportunity
to focus on the POSITIVE ASPECTS of being someone who doesn’t have any experience. I’ll
give you a great answer in a second. Now, remember this, the employer will get to train
you up to perform in the job role exactly as they need you to be. And that is the big
positive for me. I hire a lot of people within my company, and I tend to take on younger
people because when they are hungry, they come with no preconceived ideas of the role.
And I can train them up. I can train them up to good standards to build good work, values
and ethics. Here’s my answer. Why should we hire you? “I feel you should hire me for
two reasons. The first reason is, I come here with no preconceived ideas of the role, which
means I am effectively a blank canvas. You can train me up within this role to do exactly
what is needed. The second reason is, I am highly-motivated, I don’t feel I will need
a huge amount of supervision once I am trained up, and I will always be positive, happy and
energized whilst carrying out my duties, and also whilst communicating with your valued
customers and clients.” That’s a great answer! I do apologize for the typo. That should be
‘WHY’ should we hire you? That is my mistake. I apologize. Next interview question. Why
do you want to work for us? This is quite an easy question if you have no experience,
because you don’t need any previous experience to answer this interview question. Make sure
you give a powerful response based on your enthusiasm for that company. Also, make sure
you show you have conducted some research. I’ve interviewed a lot of people in the past
and I say to them… “Tell us about our company?” And they haven’t got a clue! Do
go on to their website. Have a look what they do. Talk about their products and services.
Here is my suggested answer. “I would like to work for your company because, from what
I learnt during my research, you have high-quality products, you take customer service seriously
and I also feel this is a place I can learn from lots of passionate and experienced people.
Because this is one of my first jobs, I want to work for a company where I can get a solid
foundation in terms of proper work values, standards and ethics.” That’s a great answer
to the interview question: why do you want to work for our company? Next question, a
really tricky one. What’s your biggest weakness? Again, you don’t need any prior experience
to answer this question. So my tip is, this is a tough interview question to answer. Now,
whilst you have to be honest in your answer, don’t give them a weakness that is an essential
part of the job. If you are required to work with customers, or deal with customers on
the telephone, don’t say I prefer to work on my own. I don’t like to communicate with
other people. Here is a good weakness to give. In my opinion… it’s safe. “I think my
biggest weakness is I tend to FOCUS TOO MUCH ON THE DETAIL. One of my tutors at college
pointed out to me that I can spend too much time focusing on trying to make things perfect.
However, one of my strengths is my ability to continually improve and also take on feedback,
so I have been working on still doing things to a high standard, but also making sure I
complete jobs and tasks in good time.” A brilliant answer to the interview question:
what’s your biggest weakness? Especially if you have no experience. What about questions
to ask in your interview? Now, I will tell you where you can download some more common
interview questions and answers in the second. But they go on to say to you at the interview:
Do you have any questions for us? Most people will say: “No, you’ve covered everything
during the interview. Thank you very much.” But this is your opportunity to show even
more ENTHUSIASM for the role, which we need to do if you don’t have any experience. Question
number one. What would you need me to concentrate on first in the job if I am successful? This
shows that you are already planning ahead of what you intend to do if you’re successful.
Second question: What are the plans for the company over the next three to five years?
This demonstrates that you want to stay with them for a long period of time, which would
be very attractive to me as a hiring manager. Next question: Do you have any new products
or services coming out soon? Again, this shows you are interested in what the company is
doing. So I would ask those three questions. Don’t ask any more than that. You don’t need
to. Some people say you should ask six or seven questions. I do not agree with that.
They’ve got a lot of people to interview. I think 3 questions is more than enough, in
my opinion. If you give those three questions, this shows that you are keen, enthusiastic
and you plan to stay with them for a long period of time. Now please just wait on for
a couple of seconds. I’ll tell you where you can download my full set of 21 Great Answers
To Common Interview Questions, which are perfect if you have no experience. It’s on my website Click that link in the top right hand corner of the website. It takes
you straight to this page where you can download 21 great answers to common interview questions!
I hope you enjoyed that. I love teaching you guys. I hope that comes across how passionate
I am. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out. We’ve got about 240,000 subscribers
within our community, and lots of you are getting jobs after using these tutorials.
And that’s my drive. That’s my passion. I want to see you get a job. Don’t forget to
LIKE the video. Thank you very much. And if you do want a copy of that resumé and a cover
letter, let me know in the comments section below. I’ll give you a link. I hope we have
a brilliant day, guys. Thank you very much for support the channel. I wish you all the
best. Thank you very much.

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