How to Get a Job With No Experience as an International Student

How to Get a Job With No Experience as an International Student

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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda
Raynier of guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy.
And today I’m gonna be talking to an awesome Top Notch Resume student of mine
her name is Cherry she is going to talk to you about how
she was able to land her dream job in data analytics having used my course and
she’s going to share some tips with you as well Ready to get the job you want? Top Notch Interview is coming soon! For more info and free training head to JOINTNI.COM Cherry thank you so much for joining me
here today hi Linda thank you for having me
so cherry can you tell everyone a little bit about your background and your story
yes of course I’m cherry I’m an international student from China I came
to the US about five years ago and finished on my undergraduate as well as
graduate degrees in the United States I have a passion in public health and
specifically health data analysis and I really hope that I can gain more
experience from working full time jobs in this field okay great so you studied
public health data analytics undergraduate and graduate-level
and since you graduated did you have any jobs like what was going on with your
job search yeah I actually started job searching
even before I graduated from my master degree however it did not successfully
go through and I started doing I guess most of my job like applications after
graduation which happens in late April early May and this is then I searched
jobs and applied for jobs and interviewed for about two months on my
own however did not really get any successful interviews that’s reason why
I started taking Linda’s top-notch resume courses and this is then I kept
doing my job application for about a month and then successfully learned one
of my dream job oh that’s great that’s amazing so you search for your job for
two months you had some interviews what were your results before top-notch
resume and what were your results after top-notch resume yes before I to
top-notch resume course I applied for about 60 jobs on my own and was only
able to get five interviews invitations however those interviews were never
where it didn’t actually go through to the lastest stages and after I took the
top-notch resume course I only applied for 15 jobs and was able to get 11
interviews invitations and was able to lead me to the final dream job in Boston
amazing so when you applied for jobs basically you had just graduated from
your undergraduate and your master’s program you had zero work experience on
top of that you were an international student so you had all these things that
you know no experience and your international student kind of working
against you how did you feel when you were applying and searching for jobs
yeah definitely I was feeling disappointed and also felt hopeless and
helpless at the moment during that period first of all I was constantly
being told that someone was full-time working experience were just more
experienced in this field have been selected to fill this position and
second a lot of times during phone interviews when after they know that I
am NOT from the US I do not have the US attention they constantly just hung up
on me or off the interview short so that was a very important s– right and now I
guess this is where I’m curious because even after taking top-notch resume and
having a much better resume it’s not like that situation changed you were
still an international student or you know not a US citizen but how did
employers see you differently yes that’s a very good question I think before I
took not resume I was sort of trapped in this little circle thinking that all the
interviews went nowhere because of I don’t have this internship however
afterwards I realized having a strong competitive resume can actually convince
the hiring managers to hire you even though you do not have a citizenship
because you are more qualified than any US citizens in the market so they would
rather hire someone that’s more equipped in skills that they are looking for as
well as people with you know good personalities and good communication
skills that they are looking for rather than hire someone because of their
citizenship okay that’s great so what you had initially thought that it was
kind of an excuse maybe or what you thought was oh it’s because I’m not from
here I’m not a citizen that’s why they’re not hiring me but the reality
was it was maybe more because of your resume
would you agree yeah I would agree with that however I do acknowledge the
difficulties that international students are going through during the job
application yes yeah I understand that too and you know I do have experience
with people who have those issues but just like you once they change their
methods their strategies on how they were selling themselves and how they
were approaching employers and presenting themselves in front of
employers there were still employers out there that were willing to change their
mind and actually take on those types of job candidates and so you are you know
one of the lucky ones I guess but then again you did all the work you worked
hard to get yourself there so I’m curious did the company sponsor you is
that what happens for you to be able to work there actually the company’s not
sponsoring me right now because I’m still on the student visa and then
because of this field I study they actually gave us about three years of
visa that without any sponsorship so it’s sort of a three year extension form
of the student visa yes okay that’s great that’s awesome so you have three
years to really build up your experience and then once you do that you can move
on and move upwards in your career so that’s fantastic
so how do you feel now Jerry how how do you feel about yourself now how do you
feel about your career you know what’s going on inside emotionally mentally for
you I definitely feel more relieved after I was able to land one of my dream
jobs and so I feel more confident in myself
because before that I was constantly doubting myself you know whether coming
to you that you asked to study as well as staying here to look for a job is the
right decision for me maybe I should search in another field
where maybe I should search jobs in another country so I constantly had
those doubts however right now I’m more confident in even just talking about my
past experience to people whether it’s to parent manager were just two friends
I definitely came more confident and in notice that that’s a way to structure
and then to present my past experience based on Who am I talking to yeah and
also I feel excited about my new jobs which is gonna start soon that’s great
I’m so glad for you and I’m so excited for you so congratulations on that you
did all the hard work so yeah I think you’re gonna have a great this is a
great start to your career for sure thank you so much yes I deeply
appreciate you know I was able to find top-notch resume course online and then
register for and to the course and the other work according to the course of
materia I really appreciate the material and uh present and I think that’s one of
the key factors why I was able to land a job and its are a new chapter of my life
oh you’re welcome cherry thank you for taking the course and thank you for
sharing your story I hope that it’s going to inspire so many others just
like you to hopefully also take the program because I think it is necessary
you know when you go to school you apply for jobs no one really teaches you the
way as to how hiring managers want to see your resume
nobody really teaches you how to showcase your experience and your skill
set and so that’s why I created top notch resume to teach people that so
that they can become more competitive and get the career that they deserve so
I’m glad that you are a living example of that so again thank you for sharing
your story so cherry what words of wisdom or advice do you have for people
who are just like you yes or people just like me you know coming
International background as well as without any working experience I highly
recommend you to take top-notch resume as well as to watch I mean does videos
because those are definitely gonna change your perspective in the job
search and definitely gonna help you to rather approach to your employer and
they better present yourself and I hope everyone will have similar or different
background as me can’t land a dream job just like me thank you that’s great
thank you so much cherry I really appreciate that thank you so much so if
you are someone who is similar to cherry you have recently graduated you may not
have enough experience or you have some years of experience and you want to find
a new job but you haven’t been able to get the interviews that you want then I
highly recommend and cherry recommends that you take top-notch resume feel free
to click on the link down in the description box below and see yourself
to the resume mastery workshop which is completely free
take that workshop and from there decide if you want to pursue the program and on
top of that if you want to take it a step further and you want to get
one-on-one guidance and advice directly from me then feel free to reach out to
my website read through the page
fill in the application form and from there if it seems like we are a
potential match to work together one of my teammates will be reaching out to you
directly thank you so much for watching I will see you next time. Ready to get
the job you want? Top Notch Interview is coming soon! For more info and free training head to

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  1. If you want the same results as Cherry, then check out my Free Resume Mastery Workshop here:! Otherwise, jump headfirst like Cherry did and enroll in Top Notch Resume: Be sure to leave your comments and thoughts below πŸ™‚

  2. I’m definitely going to check out the free resume workshop. The downside to being an unemployed graduate is.. I don’t have much income to spend on things!

    In my case, I am not an international student, and I have three internships as well as multiple summer jobs and a job I had at my university for three years. I think this will help me to hone in on my ultimate goal instead of being all over the place with my resume.

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  7. I am an International Student living in Boston . I once applied for a Data Analyst position at a BioMedical Research center . In the job details it was mentioned that VISA sponsorship is not available for this position, but I still applied . I got reply back from the HR that they liked my resume and competencies . I completed the coding interview part . The HR then referred me to several Data Analyst openings within the organization for which VISA sponsorship was available. As Linda said, it all comes down to how well you craft your resume.

  8. I am also an international student who has been in the US for more than 5 years, have to say her communication skill shown in this video made me feel ashamed with myself.

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