How to GET A JOB in Australia WITHOUT local experience

How to GET A JOB in Australia WITHOUT local experience

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You’re a skilled migrant from overseas, and since you’ve arrived in Australia, you have applied to many job. You also received many rejection emails. Nine out of 10 rejection emails
don’t mention any reason, but when they do, mostly it is no local
experience in Australia. So, how to overcome this barrier? Hi, everyone, how are you going? I’m Thea from I help skilled migrants
and international students get jobs and live a better life. If you’re new to the channel, provides you with a lot of strategies and tips to help you get a job in
Australia in the shortest time. Make sure you hit that notification bell, that way you will be notified whenever I have uploaded
videos every week. (synthesizer music) You received the reason,
lack of local experience, for not getting a job in
Australia quite often, you may wonder, “How can
I get local experience “when I just have arrived in
Australia for a short time?” But is it the right reason? Or are there any other
concealed reasons behind? If you’re still wondering, I highly recommend you
this video right here, in which I talk a lot about
this concept, the hot topic for hiring managers and
recruiters in Australia. I also share with you two strategies to overcome this barrier. So make sure that after this video you will check that video, right here. And today I’m going to
talk about three more powerful strategies to help
you address this concern and finally land this
new job in Australia. (slide clicks) Tip number three: sharpen
your interview skills. Foreign interviews
involve many limitations, so it make itself
seemingly harder to manage than a face-to-face interview. You can’t see the
interviewer’s body language so that you can interact with them and address your answers accordingly. You need to sell yourself effectively within a short window of about 20 minutes. Some disruptions may happen at both sides, your side and their side, as well. And, most importantly, foreign
interviews are not planned, so you really need this
right strategy to handle it. To ace a face-to-face interview, first you need to do some research to understand more about the interview: to check how long it is, who runs it, what questions are commonly asked, interview etiquette, the next
step after that, and so on. Then you should make a list
of commonly asked questions, and prepare answers for them. After that, you should practice
answering these questions to the point that you can
answer them most naturally as you can, or you feel ready to take the interview at any time. (slide clicks) Tip number four: expand your network. Do you know 80% of jobs
are not advertised? And they ask you via
referrals and networking. Australians are master of networking, and they know how to leverage
the biggest privilege of having a massive local
network to get jobs for them. So if you are competing with local people to get the local job, then you need to know
how to play the game. What I want you to do next is build a list of potential employers
that you target to apply. Then you can search on
LinkedIn to identify the hiring managers, the decision makers, at those companies. The objective is to build a
network of potential employers that you want to build relationship with or expand your local network. Then you can contact
them directly via email, phone call, LinkedIn message, or meet them over coffee for an
informational interview. One important note here is you need to be very skillful when
approaching people directly. If you don’t have the right strategy, you may harm the potential connection with the employer that
you want to work for. But if you do have the right strategy, then it would be a vigorous platform to lend you a job leveraging your network. (slide clicks) Tip number five: get a grasp
of the Australian culture. It sounds not entirely relevant, but interviews are about communication, and you cannot communicate well if you don’t understand the culture. If you haven’t lived in
Australia for a long time, or you haven’t openly delved yourself into the Australian culture, then it’s worth to do some research to understand more about the work culture, the people, the language,
the history, and so on. It will help you get ready
for the incoming interview. Now, if you’re someone who’s
struggling to get a job in Australia because you
don’t have local experience, feel free to head over to my website at Send me your resume from that page so I can give you a
free resume assessment. And we can talk about the strategies: how I can help you get
employment in Australia. Now in this video I have been
talking about strategies: how to get a job in Australia
with no local experience. But how about notes and
considerations for newcomers who newly arrived in
Australia and look for a job? If you’re interested
in learning about them, then you’re in luck. And I want you to hit
that notification bell, because in the next
video I’m going to talk about notes and
considerations for newcomers when looking for a job in Australia. So now let’s make sure that
you hit that notification bell. In the meantime while you wait
for that video to come out, I highly recommend those two
videos for you right here. I talk a lot about strategies and tips to get a job in Australia. So if you are interested
in learning about them, make sure that you check out
these two videos right here. Thank you so much for
watching the full video. I hope this information
is helpful to you guys. Good luck with your job hunting, and I will see you in the next video.

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  1. In this video, I'm giving you 3 more tips to get jobs in Australia WITHOUT local experience. I love tip #3 the most as it's one of the most important skills to finally land you a job in Australia. How about you? Which tip do you like most? Let me know in the comment below. ๐Ÿ‘‡

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