How to Get a Good Job : Writing Resumes for Teens


Hi. My name is Pat Goodwin with
Today we are going to talk about writing a resume for teenagers. Teenagers are always
looking for jobs, but they want to project themselves and portray themselves as professional.
So, if you’re writing a resume as a teenager or for someone who is a teenager there are
some basic components that you’d like to follow. The top of the page should be centered and
bold and all caps their name, accurate name. If their name is formal like James, but they
go by Jim you would put James W. Smith. Then maybe you could put in parenthesis with italicize
or the italics Jim; the correct information about how to contact this teenager; their
cell phone with a professional message on their cell phone, not a message with a song
or some loud message. Their email should be chosen as a professional email with no innuendo
about the type of reflection about them not being dependable or some funky website or
some funky email. I would encourage it to be very professional. Underneath that they
would want to have the word objective centered in all caps and bold. What are they looking
for as a teenager seeking employment? They might want to be a babysitter, they may want
to be a dog sitter or a dog walker or they want to; they maybe of age that they can work
in retail or in fast food. So, what is it that they look for? So, they would have the
word objective, seeking position, working in a restaurant using strong customer service
skills; seeking an opportunity as a house sitter, highly responsible, honest with references.
So, what is the objective of the person that’s looking for a job as a teenager? If they have
had any work experience then they would have work experience underneath the objection.
Then they would have the name of the company or the person that they worked with, the city,
state and the dates to the right. It could be summer 2005, summer 2007. Then what they
did as a title, if it were retail or if it was restaurant work, if it was coat checker,
if it was valet then they would want to have the name of the club or the company of the
restaurant where they worked in that position. Then they would have statements about how
well they did their job. Instead of just having the word valet they might say courteous; courteously
parked cars during peak season ushering protection of each vehicle and customer service; provided
excellent customer service by safely parking cars. They might want to say that they were
babysitting; numerous years of experience babysitting, ushering safety of children and
using honestly and integrity while in the home. So, they want to demonstrate not just
what they’ve done, but how well they’ve done their job and who they are as a person. Then
underneath that they might say their education; pursuing college education in or graduate
of the name of the high school, city, state and the year. Then you would have on this
resume for teenagers references provided upon request. That’s how I would encourage you
to write a resume for teenagers.

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