How to Format Your Resume? + Tips for Great Resume by Misskaykrizz

How to Format Your Resume? + Tips for Great Resume by Misskaykrizz

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Welcome to another video about our
resume series. On this video, we’re going to talk about how to format your CV or resume if you are a fresh graduate. somebody with a different job background, or if you have a flight attendant experience before. So listen up and learn
and let’s get right to the video now. What to do if you don’t have any flight
attendant experience or if you don’t have any experience at all? You’re a fresh graduate – fresh from the barn! So what you will do is highlight your other
skills. For example, if in school you learn how to do the sign language you
could put it there sign other skill sign language English skills communication
skills. If you know other languages, for example you know Nihongo or you know Chinese, “say Chinese speaker or Japanese speaker”. That would be the best way to represent you aside from putting in your educational attainment. And now my tip for you, you have a previous job experience but it’s not a flight
attendant experience, then you highlight your skills. You should use a format called a combination format. You put your name on top and then you put in the
skills and qualifications after that and then your work experience. So what this does is it highlights the transferable skills that you have, like
when I talked about earlier about being a call center agent, the communication skills, and the customer service skills, put that first on top. Then that way they can easily imagine you as a flight attendant. Now if you are a previous flight attendant, you should put your flight attendant experience on top. After your name and your contact details,
and your personal info, put in your work experience, the years that you have
worked on the flight attendant field, also the different duties that you have
done for the company. Like for example greeting passengers
assisting passengers and instructing them on safety. Again, use the action
words that I’ve said earlier on our previous tip. So put down the different
duties that you have performed for your current company or for your previous
company and then that way if it’s so much easier for the hiring manager to
see you working for them. If you’d like to have more tips about your interview, check out my book and my online courses. I will link that down below. So that’s the only tip for you guys for your resume if you are applying for the
job as a flight attendant. Make sure that you like this video and subscribe if you haven’t yet subscribed already. I will see you, guys on the next video. Fly you soon!

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  1. ma'am does airlines give preferences to candidates with previous ground staff experience in cabin crew interview..if he or she meets all the eligibility criterias.

  2. Hi misskaykrizz omg! i enjoyed a lot of your vids and it was an inspiration to me because it's give me a chance a lot to chase my dream and i always motivated when i'm watching your vids about flight attendant. And i hope you'll never stop to create a vid about this topic to inspired other people and you are inspiration to us that who want to be a flight attendant :))) And i'm excited to buy your book that will give me a guidline to be a flight attendant <3
    Fly with you soon!!!

  3. Hi miskaikriz i have one quetions please answere me, what is max age of carbin crew?i am 29 years and have i a chance ?? Plz answere me

  4. Hi fam! Here's a video to let you know how to format your flight attendant application resume. I also give some great tips for your resume to succeed. Good luck fam! Fly with you soon! 😊❤

    #HowtobecomeaFlightAttendant #HowtoFormatYourResume #Misskaykrizz

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