How to Fly Fish : How to Fly Fish in Technically Challenging Areas: Basic Tips


I moved my location we are going to change
our tackle to a streamer called the woolly booger it is a olive green color. We have
usually had really good look with it, it is called a beadhead woolly booger and olive
green is a really good color for this time of year. Brown, green, black seems to work
really well. What we are going to do is we sneak in here with a little luck we be able
to hook on to one of this guys down here. So hang on. Okay the area that we are fishing it is consider
a very technical area for fishermen who has been fishing for years. We got a lot of willows
surrounding us, we got fairly good back cast areas so you won’t get caught on anything.
But it is very, very difficult to place your bug where it needs to be place down stream
here. It is also very shallow waters so we got to make sure that we are very quite when
we are walking in this area. Usually we hook on to a nice fish. With a little luck on using
your rod or your reel your control hand and your casting hand we could keep them out of
all the willows and sticks that you see here. A lot of people lost very large fish that
jump up and get the there line hooked around these tree stems sticking out. So you really
got to watch what you are doing. So lets give it a shot a see what happens.

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