How To Find Easy Jobs on Upwork


In this Upwork tutorial, I’m going
to show you how to find easy jobs on Upwork that require
little to no experience. Hi, my name is David from where we believe you should
never stop learning. Upwork is a gold mine for freelancers
that are experienced or people who are advanced in their careers. It is also a good place for beginners
that have little to no experience of the online working space. Now, the reason why I’m saying this
is because, you can get work that is entry-level kind of work or beginner
friendly that requires no experience. And some of these work is just basic
things that you do every single day. Here are some simple tactics or
keywords that you can use to get these simple jobs. Now you can either use terminologies
when doing your such like newbie, newbie friendly. And when you search for such
terminologies on Upwork, basically what you’re searching for is
work that can easily be done by freelancers. Now you may need to put the job
or the search term in quotation. Or let’s just change the friendly to
“newbies welcome” to search for the– an exact word. And the reason why I’m doing this is
because it’s something that I’ve done and I know this works. So for example, there’s this
potential job posting that says possible income, $250, $350 per
month, ongoing position available, newbies welcome. Basically, the characteristic of
this job is that it’s going to be low paying. It’s going to be highly competitive,
and what happens is that you can easily get hired for
these kind of work. And these work is to just try to help
you get feedback, get work history so that future potential clients can
easily hire you based on the feedback they are seeing and the job
history that they are seeing. Secondly, these easy jobs can be
based on something like a language. Let’s say if I look up
the word like Somali. And what happens is some of these
jobs are easy to do if you know the dialect. For example, there’s this job posting
video editor who speaks Somali. I need to edit a short clip
that is spoken in Somali. I have a rough translation in English
and I will give directions of what to edit. So basically it’s 23 hours ago, and
the job is less than five applicants- the proposal that is. So what I’m trying to show you is you
can use language based, you can even look for a location and let’s say
maybe a search term, like, let’s say, “tour guide”…”Tour guide”. For example, you don’t want to
go anywhere from your place. This is location based kind
of work and a tour guide. Let’s say you are in Prague and a
particular company’s hiring locals to show people, connect
people, do fun things. You know the way Airbnb,
does their own thing? You can also look for tour guides as
a key term when searching for these jobs. So basically what I’m trying to show
you is there’s an easy way to find these easy jobs on Upwork. Just by using simple terms
that you do every day. We can even look for something
like no experience -experience. And see what we’ll get, how many
jobs, we see if there’s any person posting that kind of work. So basically, you can see- now this one is just saying, if you
apply and you have no experience, we will report to Upwork. So basically that’s a no go zone. huh. This one is saying the client
has no experience in that zone. I’m looking for someone to help
me get my blogger site. I have no experience
embedding images or sites. So basically it is a client that
needs- and is saying that they have no experience. So it’s an easy way for you as a
freelancer to also get this kind of work if you have the experience
embedding images or sites. And basically the client wants you to
screen share and walk through them as you teach them. Now, some other particular term that
you can use is, some of these, you look for keywords like training. For example, these particular
job posting, has the words, “full training provided”. Like the client is
willing to train you. I’m planning on training you from the
ground up in everything you need to know about… So basically some of these jobs,
you just need to use some keywords. Look at-do you know the dialect, the
language being spoken, the language the client needs, the kind of work
the client needs, and you’d be easily on your way to getting your first job
by just doing simple searches, and these such as can also guide you to
create your portfolio or sample items that you can use on Upwork. I hope this video has been easy
enough for you to follow and you can start getting these easy jobs even if
you are a beginner on Upwork or have little to no experience. In the next tutorial, we’re going to
be looking at categories of easy jobs on Upwork that require
little to no experience. Here, we’re going to take a deeper
dive into some of the jobs that I’ve seen and most of them that
you can easily get hired for. Thank you for watching this video. Until next time, never stop learning.

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