How to Deal With a Toxic Boss (and a Toxic Work Environment)


About a year and half ago I published a video
about a Toxic Boss and an unhealthy working environment and I promise, I never expected
the received reaction. 80 thousand views and counting, hundreds of
comments, messages and emails. Messages of gratitude, but also a cry for
help, asking for a further advice on “how to deal with a toxic manager”, something
which I could not ignore. For those who turned in for the first time,
I am Marat from EMMOTION –, HR and Career Services Agency, look me up
on LinkedIn. Sharing my experience related to a toxic boss
and to a toxic work environment made me realize that it is a huge issue. That I wasn’t alone at all! Thousands of employees suffer a bully boss
and consequently the toxic energy they are surrounded with at work. There are not many actual help strategies
or helpful advice on this subject. Before I proceed further I would like to remind
you to subscribe to my channel below, and hitting the little bell so you won’t miss
out on the latest career and personal growth content. In today’s corporate world, we need to learn
how to block the negative energies, no matter who or where they come from. To do our best to prevent the toxic management
and their toxicity from affecting our health and peace of mind. But how? I have to be honest, miracles do not exist
but there are a few strategies which could help you survive a toxic boss and a toxic
work environment on a short term. Because the first and the most important advice
is definitely putting your best effort into getting OUT of a toxic place as soon as you
can. I know it doesn’t not sound as much of a
help right now, when you are in a such situation. But with time it becomes crystal clear that
it is the best possible solution. More than 20 people I’ve questioned about
this subject confessed they shouldn’t have tried to change their situation and that they
should have left as quick as possible. Because not even a top yearly income and a
senior role, you always wanted, is worth the damage on your emotional and physical health. The toll on your relationships and your general
well-being which your toxic boss is causing. Negative atmosphere and the toxic vibes within
the company will absorb all of your energy. The longer you stay, the more exhausted you
are for a successful job hunting strategy. The following tips will help you survive and
possibly improve your situation but there is no “quick fix” in dealing with a toxic
manager. Get ready to show the maximum of patience. Tip number 2. Deliver your results. Toxic bosses don’t care about your well-being
at work. They don’t care about the impact their behavior
is having on their team’s productivity. They also put a front of being indifferent
to their team disliking or hating them, in fact some might actually be enjoying it, which
is another topic. What toxic bosses do care about are the  results! Especially if these make them look good in
the eye of top management. So they might even leave you alone for a few
days if you deliver what they want. Number 3. Stop being afraid! Studies show that “growing a thick skin”,
or confronting a bully boss does absolutely nothing to help your situation. Anyone who has worked for a toxic boss knows
how they can impact all the aspects of your life! Your confidence, your self-esteem tend to
go away. But not when you stop being afraid! Working in a constant state of fear is extremely
damaging. Think of the worst which could happen to you
at work? Getting fired! Which is nowhere as bad as turning into a
walking zombie. Researcher who did studies on more than 3000
people, found out that employees who have managers with toxic traits are 60 percent
more likely to suffer a heart attack or other life-threatening condition. And we don’t want that! Number 4. Stop blaming yourself. No matter how toxic bosses make you feel,
no matter what they say about you. “Incompetent”, “slow”, “not good
enough”  —  you are NOT. This is NOT your fault. There is nothing you can possibly do to be
successful in this situation, except getting out of it. And getting out of a toxic place is not a
failure! It is not a defeat or giving up. It is a survival mechanism! This isn’t your boss’s fault either, toxic
people are just toxic, their life circumstances made them like that. 5. Stop expecting them to change. Just as I mentioned before, certain things
will make the situation more tolerable, but don’t lower your guard. Don’t fall into false hope, at any moment
your boss will refocus their anger on you again, and you are back to where you started. We can apply insect repellent to keep the
mosquitoes away, but the mosquitoes will still be mosquitoes, they will bite you again when
they can. Your toxic boss was a toxic long before they
appeared at your company, and they will continue to be a toxic long after you’ve moved on. It isn’t your responsibility or mission
to convince them to change! Or to help them see their errors! Your responsibility is to survive!!! 6. Learn to stop caring. There will be other managers who will be leaders
and examples for you professionally. There will be future jobs that will require
all the extra effort and late hours, travelling and late meetings! This is not one of those jobs! This toxic boss and the toxic work environment
does not require this effort. No matter how responsible you are, no amount
of work or working hours will make things better anyway. Stop caring and focus on your friends and
family instead! Treat such job as a way to keep your bills
covered. There will be time for a job which truly matters
to you, right now, it doesn’t. Treat it that way. In conclusion I’d like you to Think Karma! If you absorb the toxicity and transmit negativity
yourself, you are likely to get even more negativity in return. Your boss will eventually get what is coming
to them. Focus on yourself, on getting your work done
the way you can and on getting out of there without looking back! Thanks for watching. For more information on professional and personal
growth, subscribe to my channel below.

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