How To Create a Simple but Professional Text Animation in After Effects

How To Create a Simple but Professional Text Animation in After Effects

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all right hey what’s up ladies and
gentlemen I’m Ignace Aleya from today we’re
going to take a look on how to create a clean and simple text animation that
just looks so professional in Adobe After Effects alright if you didn’t know
already in Adobe After Effects you can apply individual animation effects to
your text after effects itself already comes with a few presets that you can
apply to your text but honestly these effects really suck and today I’m going
to show you how to apply your own effects to your text and just how to
make them very clean and simple this is super easy to do but it doesn’t have to
be hard to do and it doesn’t have to be complex to just look simply amazing so
today we’re gonna take a look on how to fade in our text together with a nice
blurred fly to it and we’re going through the animation effects a little
bit and see what we can do alright I’m actually also working on a preset text
animation pack which it’s currently enough out yet but when you’re watching
this video it might already be out I will put a link in the description once
it’s ready on our website and apart from that I’ll just go ahead and check our
website we have a bunch to offer for filmmakers and motion graphics artists
and it also helps to support the channel so without further ado let’s open up
Adobe After Effects and get started if you enjoy my videos be sure to hit
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when I upload new videos all right here we are in Adobe After Effects and the
first thing that we’ll do is create a new composition I will make my
composition full HD which means 1920 by 1080 pixels and then a frame rate of 24
and maybe something like 10 seconds along would be perfect I will rename my
comp to main composition and click OK so now what we will do is click on our
text tool and simply click over here and write something
of course this font sucks so the first thing that I will do is actually write
correctly and then I will go and search for my favorite font which is called
Plato which is a free font that you can download online so later here we go I’m
going to make it a little bit smaller and right here you can also make it a
little bit more like give it a little bit more space in between so it looks a
little bit more cinematic in my opinion maybe let’s go for a medium kind of
thickness and there we go so now we have our text what I’ll do is go to my
selection tool go to the outline tab right here and just click and these two
buttons to Center your text on your composition lighting alright so in the
effects and presets what you can do is go to the animation presets we can go
into the presets in themselves and right here you will find a folder called text
and in this folder you will find a bunch of free presets that come with in After
Effects and if you apply one of these you will see that these have kind of
animations depending on where your kind cursor is right here in your timeline
there is where the animation is going to start so let’s drop in by character and
click and drag this onto our text and let’s preview so now we have something
like this going on so this is what the presets are actually doing I’m going to
undo that for now and make our own so what I will do is click on our text
layer and go to the animation right here in the menu and go for animate text
opacity and there we go we will see this in our timeline so what I will do is
actually go to the arrange selector and go into the Advanced tab as everything
is open I’m going to make it a little bit bigger so you can see it clearly but
we will animate our opacity to fade and so if we’re actually going to zero out
our opacity and play with the offset here we’ll see that our text actually
gets faded in like this so what we’ll actually do is go to the beginning of
our timeline click on the stopwatch for offset and then Iran maybe five seconds
we’ll go to 100 percent in the offset and that way our text is going to fade
in like this currently it’s fading in from characters we can also make this
Faden by word and things like that so how to do that is actually simply in the
Advanced tab right here you see based on characters if we change this to words
it’s simply going to fade in the words which can also be very cinematic and
very cool you can see this is so simple to create but immediately it ups the
quality of your text animation and your titles so yeah these are simple tricks
that you can do as a beginner to make your video just more interesting so what
I will do is go for the characters because these give a little bit more
detail in this kind of animation but the words is also a pretty cool effect so
for the shape are currently set to square which means that it’s actually
going to fade in quite roughly if we’re going to change the square to ramp up
it’s going to have a smooth animation just like this all we have to do here in
the beginning is set our offset to minus 100 instead of zero and now we’re going
to have a nice fade in like this which looks amazing in my opinion before we
continue this video I would like to present you our website designed for
filmmakers and video editors to improve their workflow we offer templates
presets high-quality pre-made packs soundscapes essential graphics and much
more if you don’t have time to create something of your own or you just want
to speed up your workflow definitely check out our website with a link in the
description below all right next what we will do is
actually add a new animator so click on our text and go to animation animate the
text and we’re going to add a tracking in here we’re going to click on the
stopwatch ready tracking amount in the beginning of our timeline and drag all
the way till the end and just increase your tracking amount to what you want so
something like five should be fine not too much and that we are sexually going
to fade out like this it’s going to stretch the text a little bit but on
character basis so it’s not going to be scaling and changing a ratio just in
this case make sure that your text is actually centered so go to the paragraph
tab right here and make sure the center the text is centered otherwise is going
to scale from the left or the right just like this and this gives it a little bit
of a cinematic movement and makes it a little bit more interesting than just a
simple Faden so next what we want to do is add another animation but this time
we’re going back to our animator one you can see right here we actually made two
animators the reason being is we want our tracking not to be affected by the
range selector right here but we do want our blur to be affected by the range
selector so what we’ll do is click on animator 1 go to add property and we’re
going to add some blur so that’s right here blur and we’re going to just
increase our blur do something like we like something like 50 should be fine
and now it’s going to fade in but it’s also going to have the blurry tiles
which are going to get sharp over time so this is a very cool and very
cinematic animation that you can do so simply in Adobe After Effects but that
instantly ups the quality of your video so yeah that’s what we’re going to be
making in our text preset back we’re going to make a bunch of presets they
can just go ahead drag on your text and get results just like this so and
definitely check it out once it’s online we’re working hard on making a lot of
cool and cinematic presets for these text animations if you want you can also
add this to your premiere timeline all you have to do is click on a window and
go to essential graphics and you can save it as an essential graphic I
actually have a video on how to make an essential graphic but simply go to the
master right here select the composition where your text is at
and then all I have to do is solo supported properties and all I have to
do is hear source text drag it into your essential graphics and then just export
it and now each time that you’re going to import it in the essential graphics
of Adobe Premiere Pro you can simply change the text in Adobe Premiere Pro
and it’s going to key that exact same animation and as you made it yourself
the fonts and everything will be synced together in Adobe Premiere Pro you will
have an awesome animation alright so that’s it for this tutorial
I hope you enjoyed it if you did give this video a like also subscribe to the
channel for more and definitely check out our website we have a bunch to offer
and as I said it helps you support the channel so that will be awesome thank
you and see you on the next one good bye you

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