How To Create A Cover Letter For A Job In 2019 – GOOD Cover Letter Example

How To Create A Cover Letter For A Job In 2019 – GOOD Cover Letter Example

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Do you need a great cover letter to back
up your resume? Are you wondering what you’re even
supposed to say in your cover letter to effectively communicate what you have to
offer? if so, tune in, because in this video
you’ll learn five cover letter hacks that will help you set yourself apart
and sell your best self and hey if you’re looking to land that ultimate
role stay around and tell the end to learn how you and I can work together to
help you land the position you’ve always wanted and if we’ve never met before I’m
Heather Austin from comm and The Career Club on Facebook and
on this channel I teach simple solutions to help you launch a career you love so
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down below so you’re notified when I publish a new video every week. The
dreaded topic of cover letters. I get questions all the time about cover
letters. “Do I even need a cover letter?” “What am I supposed to say?” “How do I write one that helps me stand out?” The thing is… Cover letters are still used by hiring
officials to make decisions like who they should bring in for an interview or
what type of compensation package should they offer the potential employee. Now
you won’t need a cover letter in every situation, however having one ready to go
will eliminate some of the stress involved and will help you properly sell
yourself. So let’s jump into it. Tip number one is to format your cover
letter strategically. The look and feel of your cover letter should match the
look and feel of your resume so if you have your name in big bold font with
your contact information right below that on your resume, place that same
information on your cover letter. This will let the hired official know that
these two documents go together. After your name and contact information,
include the date and then the contact information for the hiring official. Then
add a customized greeting like “Dear Mr. John Doe” and if you’re unable to find
the name of the hiring official you can put something like “Dear Hiring Manager”
and if you’re wondering how to create a winning resume to go along with your
knock out cover letter, I created a video that will help
you do just that. I’ll go ahead and link it up below. Tip number two, include a
strong introductory paragraph. You want to start with a strong introductory
sentence that explains what position you are applying for and exhibits the passion
you have for the company and the position. Now you only have a few seconds
to grab the attention of the hiring official, so you don’t want to start with
a generic statement like, “please accept this letter as application for the
position of..”. Rather mention why you want to work for the company and what makes
the company unique to you. Tip number three, show them that you are the
solution. In the second paragraph, explain how your skills and expertise are the
perfect match for the position. Pinpoint your most relevant qualifications and
your most important career accomplishments and discuss them in
detail. This will clearly demonstrate what you can bring to the position and
how you are the solution the company is looking for and to gain greater insight
into what the company’s pain points are, make sure you review the job posting
carefully and review the company’s website and their activity on social
media. This will also help you place important key words and phrases
throughout your cover letter. Tip number four, share your story. Now is the time to
explain your skills and talents in action. To really stand out from all the
other candidates, include a story about you that relates to the position you are
applying for. Give clear and direct examples of your greatest
accomplishments. Today more than ever you need to show your reader who you really
are. You could even include a funny story.
Humor is a great way to captivate your audience, just make sure that you include
your skills your expertise and your talents in the story. Tip number five,
give a call to action. In the final paragraph of your cover letter, include a
clear and concise conclusion that gives some type of call to action such as a
reference to your resume or an invitation for an interview or a time
that works best for you to talk. The purpose of the call to action is to get
the hiring official to take some type of action and to let them know that you are
excited and eager about the opportunity. You want to then enter
with a nice friendly close such as “warm regards” and then sign your name. Now
if you’re interested in working with me one on one to help you land that
ultimate dream job, take a look at, where I’m now
accepting applications into my one-on-one coaching program. I’ll go
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will see you in the next video

49 thoughts on “How To Create A Cover Letter For A Job In 2019 – GOOD Cover Letter Example”

  1. Does the thought of writing a cover letter drive you nuts? 🤪 Are you wondering if cover letters are a thing of the past? 💾 Tune in to learn how you can use your cover letter to tell your career story. Be sure to give the video a THUMBS UP 👍If you like it and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE. TELL ME… What's your biggest hurdle when it comes to writing a cover letter?

  2. Love Tip #3, it's all about attaching your skills and expertise to their needs and pain points. Great advice Heather!

  3. Heather this is an awesome video. Can you give a little more detail when you would not send a cover letter? Just want to make sure i don't send it when I shouldn't. Does that make sense.

  4. So precise! I can't imagine not getting the job, or at the very least, attention, from who you apply to by following these tips and your guidance. Even a call to action! WOW… Professor Heather, this makes me want to write one! The difficulty and wondering is gone and the ease outlined. Fantastic! ~Elizabeth

  5. I am so glad you are doing this because cover letters are SO very important!! If I had to choose between 2 candidates with almost identical resumes – if one took the time to do a cover letter and be very specific to the company I was recruiting for – they were the one that got to the next level. Great tips!

  6. Great tip to have the same format and lettering on both the cover letter and the resume. We are such visual beings, it's convenient to be able to see what goes together at one simple glance!

  7. Great tips ! That's true that the look and feel of the cover letter should match the look and feel of the resume ! But I've never thought about that ! Thanks

  8. My CV has a ton of experience but I just hope these Cover letter tips work, would you say you need to add a cover letter everytime when you apply for a job ?

  9. You know, I was wondering if the concept of a cover letter were a bit anachronistic. Apparently not! LOL Nice tips in this video. Oooooh, "Show Them You're The Solution." Love it!

  10. So many career coaches I know are saying cover letters are no longer necessary. So happy to hear you continue to advocate for them. I think they are important!

  11. Great video Heather. Really helpful tips on how to create a cover letter for a job. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Thanks for the video and advice!! I'm uploading my FIRST EVER video on Youtube in 23 minutes. I’d really appreciate feedback and support!

  13. Heather, thank you so much again for sharing these videos 🙂 I feel less stressed now. I have a question about the type of paper to use for the cover letter and resume. Is business paper the best type to use and do you suggest to hold them together using a paper clip or staple? I want to make sure everything looks professional. Thank you for your time!

  14. Hey there! Just FYI, your ring light reflects very clearly off your eyes. Its super distracting and a little creepy. All the best!

  15. Does it make any difference for the cover letter

    if I have already worked for a few years with the recruiters and the work team already knows a lot about me?

  16. Can we use this covering letter FORMAT in Europe also???? Because in some covering letter I've seen the candidate info on right side.

  17. Thanks for sharing Heather! I found your tips and insights really helpful applying for a volunteer expedition with a space agency – why not ya know? I like how you mention to pinpoint how skills can solve their pain points. I really digged that!

    aaaaand you're pretty cute.

  18. Your cover letter is a writing sample and a part of the screening process. By putting your best foot forward, you can increase your chances of being interviewed.
    For more attention grabbing cover letter you can visit this website:

  19. Great video heather! I definitely support tip number 3 as painting a picture for why you are the solution to their specific needs is going to go far for improving chances to be called for an interview, vs. sharing the resume only and hoping the recruiter agrees that you are the solution to their department need.

  20. First things first, really loved how smooth you were at the intro for viewers to subscribe that I took notes of it! 😀 You're fantastic! Cheers!

  21. I dont wanna sound rude but i have to say that I stoped writing them long time ago and never bother myself with cover letters.
    Even in the actual interview it all comes down to a relevant experience(which most of the time already written in a resume) and certificates or test tasks to prove it. The truth is that if they really interested in you they will reach out for you if not most likely nobody will read it at all.
    Although I personally think that making one cover letter to use it as a sample might be a good idea for job seekers who have to suck it up due to curcumstances.
    All in all I just dont really see a big point in it unless your potential job requires writing skills or creativity in which case thats a good way to present it otherwise it will be your generic "I am a best employee you can get for this job and I am so interested about it" letter.
    Time is valuable and the time wasted on writing a cover letter could have been spend looking for a better job that was just sitting around the corner.
    Nontheless thats a good video with usefull advice.

  22. What should a person do if you are applying for a role that does not allow any attachments outside of a resume?

    I've been looking for director level roles and sometimes I don't have the option of attaching one.

  23. Hi Heather ..what to do if a position wants me to provide a link to website, blog or portfolio?? I don't have any of these neither do i know how to make one.

  24. I don't need to know how to write a cover letter, I just need to know what a cover letter is and it's purpose for me. Thanks for the video though. No one can actually explain what a cover letter is because a Resume just seems so much more straight forward. Personally to me though a cover letter looks like it's just a letter answering the question "Why should we hire you?". And that question is stupid. Why should you hire me? I don't know. Why should I still be here in this interview that's asking me "a waste of time" questions like "why should we hire you?". Don't ask me stupid questions wasting my time.

  25. well… I dont know why or how I finished watching this video, but let me tell you with all the respect… what a gorgeous woman! Thanks for your advises. Regards

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