How to Cook Up a Great Resume

How to Cook Up a Great Resume

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Howdy, my name is Cami Hernandez Merhar and
I’m an assistant director here at the Texas A&M Career Center And today we’ll be walking
you through how to cook up a great resume! So, the key ingredients to making a great
resume are: • Formatting
• A short and concise objective statement • And translating what you learned, gained,
and accomplished from your experiences onto paper. So let’s get started! To start preparing our dish, we’ll begin
with formatting, which is one of our key ingredients in creating a great resume. It is important to start with a good foundation. Luckily, the Career Center has premade templates
that you can download and customize. So I’m going to download one myself and
start adding my own special seasonings. Now that I have my base ready I want to start
off with some basic formatting. Firstly, your resume, should not exceed 1
page. It takes about 8 seconds for your resume to leave an impression on a person, so you don’t want to burden them with too much information. As we are prepping this dish, your margins
should never go under .5 inches or over 1 inch. With small margins, your resume will look
like it’s overdone. And too large of a margin will make your resume
look like you’re scraping the bowl for something more. Now let’s switch gears and start the fun
part which is sprinkling some personalized ingredients on this. I’m going to start by mixing together in
a big bowl my name, address, number, email, higher education institution, major, and GPA. Perfect! I like how that looks, so let’s move on. Okay let’s whip up the next key ingredient,
an objective statement. So an objective statement should be short
and sweet. When it’s done well, it will help employers
identify what your goals are. My advice is be precise. Like this one I baked earlier: “Objective:
Seeking a full-time position in the field of agricultural marketing and communication”
Perfect, an employer will know exactly what I want and where I want to work in terms of
industry and department. Let’s move on to the final and most important
key ingredient, Experience. Your Experience section and sections similar
to it like Leadership, will be where an employer will know that you’re a good fit for their
team. Building strong one-liners or bullet points
of what you did, how you did it, how it helped your employer, and the skills you learned
will provide that tasty morsel that will make an employer go wow! So let’s break down what goes into a strong
bullet point. First you should always start with a strong
action verb. So let’s take a practical example, say in
my last internship I was tasked to oversee the organization’s social media and web
posts. A great way to put that into a strong bullet
point would be to say: “Developed web strategy & social media plan
for two different wildlife feeds…” This one is missing a little spice. I just stated what I was asked to do, but
what it needs is what I accomplished. So let’s add that in… “Developed web strategy & social media plan
for two different wildlife feeds which led to a
32% increase of followers.” Inserting results when relevant, especially
when you can highlight a numerical increase shows that you’re results oriented and any
organization in any industry will eat that up. Perfect. I love the flavor of these bullet points since they’re so action oriented and results driven. We are so close to finishing this dish, but
yet there is some space at the bottom of my resume; it needs something. Maybe a pinch of some technical skills that
not every Ag Comms major has so I’m going to put a section that highlights that. Some related experience and professional affiliations
I’ve participated in, I think it’ll round out the flavor of the dish, so I’ll put
that in there as well. If you have some space at the bottom of your
resume you can also do something similar with spices like Languages, Related Coursework,
Activities, and/ or Honors and Awards you’ve received. Let’s put in the oven and see how it looks! Oh wow, I loved how this turned out. Now if you want to make your own let’s review
the steps: You should download one our templates, they
are so easy to bake with. Have a crisp and clean objective statement. And third all of your bullets should be
action oriented and results driven descriptions of what you’ve learned, gained and accomplished
from your experiences. That just provides so much flavor to the dish! Wow, people are gonna love this. Well, that’s how to cook up a great resume. I hope you enjoyed it and good luck!

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