How to Communicate Better (in an Interview)

How to Communicate Better (in an Interview)

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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda
Raynier of guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy.
And in today’s video I am going to share with you my five tips on how to
communicate with ease in your next interview so that you can communicate
with confidence and hopefully that will help you to land your next job offer Ready to get the job you want? Top Notch
Interview is coming soon! For more info and free training head to JOINTNI.COM Now as a career strategist I’ve had the honour of being able to help
numerous professionals land their dream job offers and so if this is something
that you’re interested in working with me one on one I can give you details
about that at the end of this video recently I talked about the topic of how
to feel comfortable in an interview and the mindset change that you needed to
make in order to accomplish that and if you haven’t seen that video then just
simply click on the link in the description box below and you’ll be led
to that video now when it comes to communicating with ease this concept
goes hand-in-hand with the topic of feeling comfortable in an interview in
order to do well in an interview you need to be able to communicate in a
clear and confident way and so here are my five tips on how to communicate with
ease in your next interview tip number one know what the employer is looking
for before you even go into the interview knowing what the employer is
looking for will help you in your communication because the two of you you
and the employer will be speaking the same language you’ll be able to put the
employer at ease because you’re at ease because you fully understand what they
are looking for from this position from the potential employee that they’re
going to hire now I know what you’re thinking you’re probably thinking to
yourself okay well how do I know what the employer is looking for if they
haven’t even told me what they’re looking for yet well I can tell you that
you definitely can learn and figure out exactly what the employer is looking for
if not everything at least the majority of it by simply reading in between the
lines of the job description so you have to know how to read a Job Description
properly and then also know how to do research on a company learning how to
properly read a job description is a key skill that you as a job candidate needs
to have in order to be able to land a job offer that you’re going to be happy
with you need to understand why is the position
open what are they looking for from this role what is the goal of this position
and what type of individual do they want now I’m not going to spend the rest of
this video talking about how to read a job description I actually have
resources for you to be able to learn that so you can check out my free
webinar it’s my resume mastery workshop the link is in the description box down
below click on that sign up for a time and you can watch the webinar and learn
how to read a job description otherwise you can just simply take my top-notch
resume course which has been proven time and time again to work successfully for
other job candidates other ambitious professionals like yourself who have
successfully used this approach and landed their dream job offers the links
are down below tip number two have a treasure chest of stories ready to be
picked to be able to communicate with ease you need to have a treasure chest
full metaphorically speaking not physically but a treasure chest full of
relevant stories that you are going to bring up in the interview and these are
based on experiences achievements projects tasks duties assignments that
you have performed in the past that relate to the position that you’re
interviewing for and you have to be able to demonstrate what the results were and
how you can do it again for them in this role I’ve talked about storytelling in
other episodes so feel free to click on my channel to look for those ones but
essentially you want to make sure that your stories follow the right structure
just like in a good movie you want to set up the situation talk about the
action steps and talk about the results that occurred tip number three is to cut
your explanations down one way to communicate with ease in an interview is
to make sure that you don’t allow yourself to ramble in the interview
whenever you’re giving an explanation or telling a story you want to limit the
number of sentences that you speak and be mindful and make sure that you get to
the point quickly and efficiently otherwise the interview where it may
start zoning out and thinking about what they have to get for dinner tonight tip
number four show that you want to help when you’re not at ease
you’re nervous in an interview it’s likely because you are over analyzing
yourself you are overly criticizing yourself and you are thinking about what
the other person is thinking about you rather than thinking about how can I
help him or her the person that’s sitting across the table from me how can
I offer them value what can I do or say to showcase to them that I have the
right skills qualifications experience and knowledge to be able to help them
with their open pain point their open position that they have available the
pain points that they’re dealing with and the problems that they need to
resolve so when you can shift your focus away from yourself and on to the other
person it’ll help you to be able to communicate with ease you’ll be able to
tell your stories in a more articulate way and it helps you to be able to
demonstrate to the employer your value what you can do for them and finally tip
number five is to practice in the mirror back in the day in a past life when I
had to go on job interviews this is exactly what I used to do it’s such a
classic and effective technique yet I don’t understand why not too many people
do it practicing in front of the mirror helps you to put things in perspective
that you’re actually talking to another face I mean in this case it happens to
be your own but you’re able to control the things that you say while you’re
talking so you’re giving yourself eye contact and that helps you to mimic the
environment of when you do go into the interview what you need to do when it
comes to giving the right eye contact telling your stories in a compelling way
and you’re able to hear yourself out loud as well so practicing in the mirror
is such an effective technique I highly recommend it definitely practice your
answers ahead of time in the mirror before you go into any interview so
there you have it those are my five tips on how to communicate with ease in the
interview now if you’re someone who has been going on job interviews you’ve been
applying for positions you haven’t been getting many results and you realize
that you need one-on-one professional help from me then feel free to reach out
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and from there if it seems that you and I are a potential match to working
together then one of my team members will be reaching out to you directly if
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friends thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video. Ready
to get the job you want? Top Notch Interview is coming soon! For more info
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35 thoughts on “How to Communicate Better (in an Interview)”

  1. After watched many videos I got placed in one of the organisation , now I got an opportunity to attend the interview one of the leading Investment banking sector, now again I stared witching video 😍

  2. I’m an introvert that often struggles with confidence and being at ease in certain situations. Especially during interviews because I feel I’m being scrutinized closely. So I appreciate how well you explained the tips today. Thanks Linda. 👍

  3. Linda pretty great list of tips you gathered in this video. Many people are stressing and feeling lost in the interview because they are not prepared.

  4. Great tips. I love the 4th tip especially, about focusing on how you can help the other person. It helps the interviewer see you as someone who would have the interest of their business. Who wouldn't want that kind of person to be a part of their team?

  5. 1. Know what the employer is looking for before the interview
    2. Have lots of relevant stories
    3. Answer concisely
    4. Explain your value relative to employer's pain points
    5. Practice answers in front of mirror

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  10. Thank you. I found all the tips helpful, but the tip about using the mirror seemed like a great one to try. Don't know why I didn't think of that. It seems like such a simple and obvious idea.

  11. Studying before an interview is something that I use constantly for interview prep work. Like taking a test, this is a great way to go into an interview with what they're looking for fresh on your mind. Another great way that to prep is to write your skills and experiences down and how they can relate to the job description. This can help focus more on traits that are better suited for the position

  12. I love your videos, you give a valuable tips, even i dont look for a job, i like the way how you present, i enjoy watching,

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