How To Become A Copywriter With No Experience

How To Become A Copywriter With No Experience

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I’m John Crestani. I run a seven-figure
internet business with zero employees because I do copywriting and in this
video I’m going to show you how you can become a good copywriter even if you
have zero experience online. So stay tuned and I’m going to go through my
four-step sequence. Find a niche, how to write it and how to test it to become a
successful copywriter. Check it out. Let’s do it. So if you want to start
copywriting, writing compelling advertisements but you have zero
experience, you’re in a great place because not many people know about
copywriting. It’s a skill. Tt’s a serious skill that if you build you can earn any
sort of money for whatever company or even yourself if you’re very good at it.
First thing you want to do when you’re starting copywriting is find a niche
okay? Find something to specialize in. It’s very important. Now the three main
niches are health, wealth and relationships, okay? Health means like
beauty and fitness and you know losing weight and looking good. You know, wealth –
making money. Just you know from real estate, from selling, from marketing, from
whatever. Stock trading, that’s investments. That’s that niche and
then relationships. The third one is all about you know interpersonal
relationships. Dating, finding a girlfriend, finding a boyfriend, you know
resolving disputes, etc. It’s a big part of people’s lives. Now once you’ve
defined your niche, you need to find some good marketing material. We call them in
copywriting, we call them – controls. Where can I find marketing that is already
working? Having controls – marketing that works, is the most important thing when
your copywriting. If you’re basing what you’re writing off of just the creative
ideas in your mind, you’re not copywriting, okay? Now what I recommend
you use is This site it’s a free resource right now. Use this
before they start charging for it. This is amazing. You can find so many examples
of great copywriting on here. I just can’t
believe this is free right now. So go to Type in your niche. You know
weight loss, dating, skincare, you know lawn mowers, etc and find some examples of
great ads that have been written. What you need to do then is you need to write
them down. You might be thinking I’m crazy. Write it down.
No, I’m serious. I actually mean write it down. Write down the ads by hand. Every
single line. Wvery single piece of punctuation. Write them down by hand
because this is actually how you learn copywriting. Sounds weird. I know but this
is how all of the greats learned. This is how I learned. This is how you need to do
it to get good. I’m not going to go into the specific reasons why. Part of it is
muscle memory, part of it is learning, part of it is there’s so many things. But
the more you write it down the more you’ll actually begin to think in terms
of marketing and you’ll get better at it. In the comments, I will actually leave a
link to a sales letter in the relationships niche that is very
effective, that was written by somebody I’ve learned a lot of copywriting. From
Craig Clemens. I believe he’s the best copywriter in the world right now.
His sales let her catch him and keep him. He’s directed towards women. It’s directed
towards I think he said a 42 year-old woman named Teresa who recently
separated or divorced from her husband and you know she she wants to find a man.
Very effective sales letter. Good use of bullet points. All that stuff.
Write it down by hand you know or find something on but write it
down by hand. Again, that’s how you learn copywriting. Now, the next step might be
the hardest step for some of you which is test it, okay? Testing it means you
need to actually put it into use somewhere. You need to get people viewing
your sales letter or your ad or whatever it is and seeing how people respond to
it. There’s a few ways to do this. I mean one is you can just pay Google or
Facebook for advertising, okay? You can actually just put your ads up. Which is
what I do. You know I test you know, I will copy… What I’ll do is I will copy
somebody else’s ad and then I’ll test out my own ad
against it and I’ll see which is more effective in producing income for me.
That’s what I do as an affiliate marketer. Now, if you want to learn
affiliate marketing, you can subscribe to my channel and I do a lot more videos on
this. But let’s stick with copywriting for now. The other way you can test out
your advertising or your compelling copy that you’re writing is getting a job.
Work for an agency, okay? Work for an ad agency which will allow you to place ads.
That way you can see the performance of the advertisements that you put out.
Again, you want to see the performance of how your advertising does. These aren’t
brand plays. This isn’t about getting the pat on the back from you know the client
and he says, “Oh this looks really good.” You want to actually test the
advertising, okay? You want numbers. You want numbers of how well your ad
performs to how well the past ads have performed for this company. When you’re
able to see if the advertising you’re doing is more effective than other
people’s advertisements, that’s when you start becoming a powerful copywriter.
That’s when you start getting feedback loops to help you determine, numerically
whether the ads whether the copy you are writing is more effective than someone
else’s. So I hope that makes sense. The formula isn’t too hard. Most of you will
will not even choose a niche. Most of the people who choose a niche will not
actually write down by hand. You’ll type up the copy. Most of you who will write
down your copy will never test it. It’s not an easy job to be a copywriter. Again,
in our day and age there’s so many distractions but if you are committed, I
challenge you, as a viewer of my channel. I challenge you if you are
committed, let me know. Let me know you’re committed to becoming a copywriter even
if you have no experience because it’s a really great skill.
It’s one of my foundational skills that I use in my business as an affiliate
marketer and I’ve made millions through this skill. So it’s it’s really exciting
and I have a lot of friends who’ve made millions. Now if you want to learn more
about copywriting, I’m giving you a free course. There’s a playlist if you go to
my channel homepage. Make sure you subscribe. It’s a free course called “The
art of Copywriting”. And it’s with my friends Carlos Cruz
and Ronnie Sandlin who learned copywriting, who learned this skill have
gone on to create 7 and 8-figure businesses on the internet through
advertising. So really exciting stuff. If you got anything from this video, make
sure to give it a big fat like. Also, leave a comment if you’re committed to
going through these steps and learning copywriting and subscribe to my channel
if you’d like to see more videos like this. Hit that notification bell.

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