How to Attract People With Your Communication Skills | Motivational Videos | BV Pattabhiram

How to Attract People With Your Communication Skills | Motivational Videos | BV Pattabhiram

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Greetings! You are taking this show to high level,
very thankful to you. In this Pattabhi Ramabanam feature, only useful things in personal life,
professional life and job life, only these subjects we are discussing more. Why because I am related to that so, I have to talk about that only, right? In this situation,
I have to tell you some happy news. What the happy news is, At this age of 66, I have done my second Ph.D. Yesterday itself I was awarded it. That is about stress management
from Nagarjuna University. Why I want to share with you people means, after starting all this
personality development and all, when I am saying more about stress, I have a thought it is good
if I do a Ph.D. on this. Long back ago in Osmania University,
I had done yoga vs hypnotism. After that I had a thought to do, but some times I feel why at this age
and what is the profit for me
and there is no huge change in the clients. But I felt, for your sake. I feel when I am doing this program. When I want to motivate others,
I should get motivated first. So, Stress Management Among Professionals. I had done for Executives, in Nagarjuna University. Professor Murru Mutyala Naidu, Presently he is ‘Adikavi Nannaya University’
vice chancellor. He was my guide. So, I submitted. So, three days back
I completed my Viva also. And they have declared immediately. So, 2nd PhD at this age. You people are the reason for this. Thess subscribers and viewers,
so I am dedicating this to you. I mixed communications and
stress and wrote a PhD thesis. Today I will talk about the subject related to that. Many people can speak well but
they cannot succeed in business. Some people will succeed in business even
though they do not have educational qualification. If we compare this carefully,
they followed a process while communicating. This is called as th communication method. Previously we have learnt verbal,
non verbal and tonality communication. What is this means, When I decided to tell you one thing, the result will be based
on way of my telling, right? But what these experts say is, they say that it is not based on your telling,
it is based on their listening. For that again one process
is there what he says is, Matter, way of telling,
person who is telling. Again, based on the person who is
telling we can interpret and do some thing. He might have feelings
and prejudices right? Next, the listened to matter, other than what they heard,
after that what they understood. After that the person himself who listened. Personally what are his thoughts
and he can interpret and say. How will he interpret when
one party comes and talks with another party. Response, Result, Review. I will say a best example of this. This happened in an university. How the ego problems
in the human will be means, Both are professors and it
happened some where in the North. Both were working in same the university. When they came home, one of the professors parked his car
in another lot as he has some urgent work. And he was of a thought to move again. And upstairs his wife was waiting for the house keys.
He thought to move the car after giving the keys to her. In the mean while a second person came. The second person had become very emotional. that the other guy kept his car in my place
and he started to scream. Finally he gave a dash to that car wantedly. Back side was damaged. By listening to that sound he came out. Both of them scolded each other,
why did you keep here means, see sir, I did not park completely,
I went up to give the keys. I was of a thought to park aside, in the mean while
you came and scolded and you did not send the watchman. They escalated to such a degree, that
they were each saying “I am better than you.” It came to such an extent that they said “I will
see your end.” “Immediately I will go to police station and make a call.” Both are professors. One went to police station and immediately
another person and went and made a call. It is happened very severely. Inspector will be there right? He said you both are teachers. I am not at the level to judge you gentlemen,
No sir, first you should punish him. To know who am I, my registrar is there. Call the registrar,
Saxena he is a great person. Call him. Needlessly, just made up some name of a person
“Saxena.” Immediately second person also
said to call him, “Sir he knows about me. He knows my back ground and my life. From which type of family I come?” It became very serious and
he asked both of them to sit there. He called SI and said to the SI
call the University registrar,
Saxena here. Get him once. At least he will brinh about a compromise
between professors. Why because the University will geta bad name. He said to SI, let us call him. He does not like punishing them
as they are older and great persons. Unnecessarily, If it goes to press,
it would be very shameful. He said this to the SI as he was busy
dealing with some other cases. There were some issues with real estate
people, so he was watching that. As he was immersed in that matter,
he forget all about it. He forgot and at night 11 P.M., when
he was going home he remembered, He called the head constable and
said our registrar is there right?
Mr. Saxena.
00:07:04,664 –>00:07:08,061
Bring him immediately to the station. See the wording,
‘bring him to the station.’ What that head constable should do,
he should follow blindly. In what tone did the CI say and
what matter did the SI tell him? What the head constable
should understand is, He thought that the SI might
have been stuck in some case, and head constable was busy at that time. Cinema halls are blacked at that time. Sir I will settle this and go there and
to complete that work it took 12:30 A.M. He remembered at that time
and called constable. Hey that registrar is there right bring
him to the station, our boss ordered. Up to that this constable provided security at a bar. We don’t know with what mood he went, but
at exactly at 2:00 A.M., he knocked on the door
of the registrar. As soon as he knocked the door, the registrar opened. He asked “who are you?” Constable said ‘Not who, not in English, first come
to the station along with me.’ “Station why!” From the behind
his wife and children came. He asked “What are you talking?
What do you mean? Do you have a warrant?” “Again you are speaking in English,
first come to station.” “Or else I will take you forcibly,
I have hand cuffs, a scooter…,” “What happened?”
“Be silent don’t talk.” “Don’t talk any more.” Then the wife and children start crying,
if he says no, he says he will take him forcibly. He started. She is crying why because,
she watches serials daily. In that she observed the lock ups deaths and all,
so she is afraid of all that. He took him to the station,
almost like he was dragged away. As soon as he went there,
he does not know why he was arrested. He doesn’t know what happened? There these professors were
sitting in a room and talking. They are playing a dot game on paper. He thought oh god and
was about to talk to the professors. But the constable dragged him away. Do you talk with great people? He took him and put him in a cell and, He didn’t know what to talk and
he didn’t know why they arrested him. Why you people put me in a prison means,
“be silent! Sir will arrive in the morning,
talk to him. After waking up, he is a very nice
and polite person. Finally he took one constable’s mobile
and called one of his friends. That friend called the CI, “What is this he is registrar, a great
and most non controversial person.” “You got him there.” He said “I didn’t say anything
sir.” The friend said “you did say.” “He is inside and he is crying.” As soon as he said this, immediately he went to
station and got him out and asked for forgiveness. Those lectures had compromised already and came out. But what happened means, After taking the registrar to
police station, his wife fainted. She went in to coma. As she went into a coma,
children called their relatives. They came and
admitted her in the hospital. But what the matter is today, She is an established psychiatric patient. So that, friends remember one thing. When I am performing my duty correctly, In the way which they understand. My way of teaching is good for me. to understand that matter. So some things, you should ask
them to repeat what I had said. Even if you go to hotel and order some thing,
finally he says the list that, sir you ordered these items like 1,2,3,4,5. So, while you are telling,
maintain some clarity. Explain neatly in the way that
opposite persons can understand. Okay, all the best. I am very happy that you are
watching this regularly. If we want to make this program
much better, all of you watch this program,
comment and tell how to improve it. Along with that, don’t forget, share this with your friends
and relatives. Share this and make them subscribe. I, them and the society will be
benefit from this.

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