How To Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?”

How To Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?”

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– You know, as somebody
who’s been in recruiting and career coaching for a lot of years, I’m amazed at how many
people are obsessed with finding ways to answer
those curve ball questions, or those unexpected
questions in interviews. Yes, they are super
important, but how many times have I seen somebody completely flub one of the basic questions? Now, one of those questions
I’m talking about is, why do you want this job? And I can tell you that if you don’t have a good answer for that, you will be dismissed. My name is J.T. O’Donnell, I’m
the founder of Work It Daily and this is the YouTube
channel that helps you turn frustration into career success. Today I’m gonna be talking to you about, how to answer that question
correctly, but before I do, I just wanna remind you, if you want cutting edge career
advice on a regular basis, please make sure that you
subscribe to our YouTube channel and definitely click the little bell, that way you’re gonna get
instant notifications. Okay, let’s talk about, how to answer this very basic question in a way that will knock
it out of the park. Now, in order to answer
this question correctly, you first gotta understand
why the hiring manager is even asking it. And the reality is, there’s
several reasons for that. One of them is that, they wanna make sure that you’re not just in it for the money, that there’s a bigger purpose involved. The second one, is that they wanna know that you’re not gonna leave the moment a better job comes along, that you’re really dedicated
and committed to this job and their company. And lastly, they wanna know that you’re capable of doing
the work and understand it’s impact, it’s value
to the organization. So, these are just a few
of the reasons why you’ve gotta come up with an answer
that’s really compelling and I’m gonna share with you a secret tip that’s gonna help you nail this
answer each and every time. So, my tip is, for you to
share your connection story. Now, what is a connection story? Well, it’s the story where
you explain, how you feel a direct connection to the organization. Whether it’s the product
and service they provide, or their reason for existence, or the clients that they serve. The reality is, you shouldn’t be applying and working for a
company, unless you feel, like you’re part of their,
like you understand them, like you get why the company
exists in the first place. That requires an emotional connection and that’s really the key here. These emotional connections
that you can share, show feeling and when you do that, you’re sending these
positive vibes to employers and they just love it. In fact, if you haven’t
checked out our disruptive cover letter tutorial, I
wanna make sure you check that out as well, because
we use the same technique, of sharing your connection,
in the terms of a story. That really has a huge
impact on cover letters and is getting people all sorts of jobs, so be sure to check that out. But back to this question, when asked, why do you want this job? You wanna tell the story,
that helps them understand, I get you as an employer, I
admire you, I respect you, that’s why I wanna be here. So, let me give you an
example, let’s say that you wanted to work for a local bank. Now, you wouldn’t just want to say, oh, I’m really into numbers
and I’m really into finance and I heard you’re a great place to work. That’s a really standard answer that a lot of people probably say and it doesn’t drive home those points that we were talking about. But now imagine, instead
you say, you know, I’ve been banking at
this company for 10 years and every time I come in here, I’m greeted by friendly people. They genuinely care
about me and I can tell that they are really
entrenched in the community. It makes me feel that
my money is safe here and in good hands. And that’s the kind of
organization I wanna be apart of. I wanna know that when I’m doing my job, I’m helping people in the
community feel like their money is in a good place. I want them to feel the way
I felt when I’ve been here. To see how it’s so different, how you’re talking about your connection to the organization,
how you truly feel like you understand why you
should be doing that work. There’s something there,
that’s just magical and it’s truly what employers wanna hear, because of course they know
that they’re paying you to do the job and that you want the money and of course they know that
you wanna grow your career, but what they really wanna hear is, what they’re gonna get in return. And that’s what this
connection story is all about. So, I’m gonna be honest and
say, that there are some real curve ball questions out there, but this really shouldn’t be one of them. And I hope that this showed
you today, that it’s very easy to create an incredible
response to that question, that’s gonna just knock
it out of the park. Now, if you’ve been having
trouble with interviews and interview questions specifically, please check out the resource
I’ve got up here, below. It’s gonna help you answer all those tough behavioral questions that companies companies
are throwing you these days. It’s a very popular interviewing technique and it’s one that you need to understand and be able to respond to. So, this resource is really
gonna help you with that. All right, you know, I always
love to ask this question at the end of videos, was this helpful? If so, what was the most helpful part? Please tell us in the
comments, it really helps us shape the content that we create
for you on a weekly basis. Also, questions, comments, anything else, please put them down there below. We’d love to respond to you,
and you know that we do. All right, with that in mind, I can’t wait to see you in the next video and please, remember this, if you wanna
win, you gotta work it daily.

100 thoughts on “How To Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?””

  1. I love how one-sided being employed is now. I'm supposed to be emotionally connected to the company, dedicate my life to the company and they lay us off based on one potato, two potato…

  2. Your basically saying "Give your soul to the company;and pledge your allegiance to them, and carve their logo into your forehead."

  3. This is hilariously like dating. “We want your assurance that we are worth working for”.

    Well I dunno, how about we start this, I will see what the job is like, then we will see if your company is worth working for or if it’s just another bunch of soul sucking pricks that want to use you then toss you aside when they can save a buck.

    Get bent, corporate shills. Start your own business, undercut them, and drive prices down.

  4. I would this job because i have a very expensive herion and sex addiction that requotes lots of money. I like doing nothing and i see your employees do nothing too. This is why your company appeals to me.😋

  5. I’m a broke college student filling in for a summer help position, of COURSE I’m not in it for the money!

  6. Very helpful tip! So gonna use that in my next interview! Good way to add on your knowledge of the company – shows you did your research!

  7. I am applying for a government job in the account department. How do I connect emotional to the government? 😵

  8. Interviews are a song and dance. Many times the hiring manager or person giving the interview don’t come prepared or they ask the same questions they have been asking for the last 15 years. This video is highly fake and insincere in its content.

  9. This was very helpful. I currently in the interview process for a assistant coaching job at a Junior College and these response were very insightful. Thank

  10. Yes. This was VERY HELPFUL. I just watched three of your videos. I feel Positive of the questions to asked, Hiring managers CCCC, my emotional mindset being Positive..etc. So, I will soak these issues in before my inter view today 6-16-2019.

  11. boss: why you want this job?
    me: I dont want this job, I want my game and room and bed and blanket and fan….go ask my mom why she wanted me to be here

  12. Good response but most of the time we just apply for multiple jobs at the same time. We don't even notice the organizations except for their names. Some organizations are totally unknown to us. We can get history and mission and vision of those companies (maybe). We can get information about their products and services, but all of this cannot create an emotional connection. It's pretty hard to see emotional connection in potential employers. Sorry, for the long comment. If I m being taken care of as a customer, it doesn't mean I will be taken care of as an employee. I was part of the company where the whole management team goes above and beyond to keep customers happy and satisfied, but when it comes to employees, it's just the opposite.

  13. I don't want this job, but for some reason I got turned down for CEO here because I have no work experience, so I have to work my way up. How much does your position pay??

  14. I'm dedicated to the place that values paying me the most. If you pay me the most, I'll work for you forever.

  15. Excellent video! I especially liked how you focused on crafting a personal narrative that connects your passion with that of the employer. I cannot work at a job where I do not feel connected with the company on a deeply emotional and visceral level. Thanks for affirming my belief.

  16. great video, but would appreciate more examples. It's easy to say smth like that when you can buy a product of the company or use its service.

  17. Good advice, I have a Master's in HR, not sure about the emotional connection though, if you are applying to a company who has posted a position in which you feel qualified. Most of the time you match your skills with the job description and elaborate on those skills, it's not necessarily an "emotional connection".

  18. Often this question is thrown for one of two reasons. 1) as a warm-up to the interview, because many people have created good answers to the question, and the question can be seen as a warm-up by the candidate, or 2) they are an untrained interviewer (often not from HR) who are not sure what to ask, but found this question when they did a quick Google search.

  19. What is best reply ? When asked oh you are not working ?why did you leave the last job?It really been 6 month you are jobless..please guide !!

  20. I am a big fan of your channel. This is my favorite video of the whole channel. Thank you for this advice. I have an interview within my department this Monday for a promotion that I have been seeking for 4 years now. I hope to use the skills from your channel to help me succeed.

  21. I'm trying to get a job at a shopping place. Frankly, I don't care where I work; I need money to pay for gas to get to college. I do like that the company doesn't just line the pockets of CEOs, but I wouldn't mind working anywhere. I don't want to lie, but I also don't want to turn them off from me. What do I say?

  22. 1. Yes ! I want make money. I am not going to work for free like in the soviet union ?
    2. To be dedicated goes two ways does it not. Oh. we do not need you anymore, so dont come here tomorrow
    3. Obviously you can see the experience, references, and extended work experience as well as education should explain that.

    This question reviels that the interviewer does not know a crap about the job.

    An electrician for 20 years and was asked this question. What an idiot, I do not have to apply to their job as there are quite a lot of them available. In the end they actually only wanted to know my hourly rate, very simple.

    It a shitty question made by a shitty organization.

  23. The connection story: Get good to make a BIG LIE.

    As an electrician you do not want to be the good guy, as this get's your customers killed. This seems to be the american way to just lie to your employer and then the employer lies back with a nice smile 🙂

    Just put the cards on the table, but no the there comes this socialist / BBF or something similar and gets the job. Who electrifies their clients. Thanks :/

  24. Please keep doing these videos. It truly is your calling and has helped many of us tremendously. This is more than a quick "how to" she explains the concepts to execution to landing that ideal job. Amazing work!

  25. I find this question insulting. Both the employer and potential employee know you are just there for a job, any job. Stop acting like we are meant to be so excited about your company.

  26. i think i once came across as too ambitious and they could probably tell that I would have left for a better opportunity, needless to say i did not get that job but, it makes sense now. Thanks.

  27. Thank you. I am returning to the workforce and just bombed a 15 minute phone interview and now I see why. I prepared for the wrong questions.

  28. Wow!!! this is amazing, thank you!

    I started watching this 4:34min video about 15 minutes ago because I had to pause it at different points to take down the notes and to reflect on your tips and wisdom. The best part was when you mentioned about "Share connection Story!!" I had to pace a few laps around my office, looking out my window to absorb all that!!

  29. Helpful YES….

    Last week, my store manager had a meeting with all the Specialist. At the end of the meeting that very same question was asked.
    I believe I nailed it 😁✌🏾

  30. Not to be that guy but I feel that this answer is better suited for the question of "why do you want to work for this company" rather than "why do you want this job"

  31. I feel more relaxed now that I’ve seen this video and I’m prepared to answer this question should it come up. Thanks

  32. I got a job at Halliburton by saying I had a direct connection w one of their products, it killed my cousin

  33. I don't have no dream job I never did even when I was younger, all I want is money so I can finally get things I want and help pay for things that needs paying for. That's it for me anyways

  34. How to answer why did you leave, terminated. May we contact your supervisor even though you did a grate job, but was overworked and stressed.

  35. If you ask stupid questions, you're gonna get stupid (untruthful) answers. This question is a perfect example. It's 2019 y'all

  36. What answer would one give when the job is in IT sector, where we dont know what project work they are going to do. Mostly people say work culture, but we all are treated like slaves. It all comes down to money. Whats wrong in telling the truth that I want this job for money?

  37. I really need a job to support myself since I just got divorced…….., then they didn’t hire me, so I’m gonna lie for next 🤣

  38. You shouldn’t be giving interviews if you fundamentally don’t understand the difference between interview and interrogation.

  39. Why do I want this job? That's a bit effing presumptive (dont say this bit lol). Well, I want this job because I feel I am a great match blah blah blah blah bulls**t all you can tell them what they want to hear. No, you're not doing it for the money. laughable. offer to work for free.

  40. I like these videos because the way the questions are explained help put in perspective for me whether I really want to put all this work into getting whatever particular job I am interviewing for. If I can't think of answering honestly based on the way you guys are outlining the hiring manager's psychology, I realize it's ultimately in my best interest to direct my efforts at finding another job I would consistently enjoy and do better at.

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