How long does it take to learn to speak English Fluently? | Go Natural English

How long does it take to learn to speak English Fluently? | Go Natural English

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  1. What are your fluency goals? How will you know how long it will take to achieve them? Be sure to check out the lesson above, and tell us about your goals in the comments! 😘

  2. Hmmm i learn English 3 hours per become 21 hours in a week then it becomes 200/21= 9.52 weeks almost 10 weeks it takes..means it will take 3 months to learn English if I work hard.

  3. Gaby please come to my country to visit. Republic of Moldova. Our people never speak English. And what I, need to do to stady English?All people know second language russian.?

  4. How i will learn your fucking language if i don't understand it.. Speak in my fucking language or put subtitle

  5. I`m russian. My nearest goal is a reading speed equal of 50% speed reading in native language.

  6. I practice english every day . I creat some conversation and I talk to myself. It's difficult to become fluent , I think so because it takes much time to be fluente . I am studying english about 11 months and I learnt a lot because I practice every day .

  7. To speak english fluently you must live in an english speaking country and be surrounded by local people to practice. If I coul work and live in UK, Ireland or USA I definetly would, for a time at least.

  8. I took that learning English is quite hard not easy. and if i enjoy my learning English journey, I can reach my goal. my goal is speaking my thoughts and feeling naturally and fluently in English. and reading 'Harry poter' in English and watching some American dramas in English.

  9. I understood every single word she said in that particular lesson, but I'm not fluent of speaking English though.

  10. I watch vedios of learning english 3/4 hour at day. I have around 2000 words . I began little understand what they say but I can't speak as native people . So l will practice more than now I hope to become fluent in English


  12. I focus on my english for like 30min per day, and I don't spend much time doing this cause my day is very busy but I'm felling pretty much happy with my progress and I hope to be sucessull in the future with my learning process. I really love languanges and all about comunicate with another people around the world.

  13. I watch your videos every to improve my level in English . Thank you teacher . I really like way of presenting videos .

  14. my native language is french and i also speak arabic perfectly because i live in an arabic country since my childhood.Actualy I stared learning english in my primery school but i reached fluency aroud the age of 16 17 because at this period i starded to emerge my self into the english language by changing my social medias into english and all my eletronic devices. sarting watching series in english was a real shortcut for me .I'm 18 now and i have lvl c1 in comprehension and expression .My goal is to be lika an englsih native speaker (c2). I love englsih and im really attached to it having a perfect level of englsih will help fit in in my college because i wanna study in an englsih speaking country and maybe live there. the best greeting that i had was that they thought i were from london (btw i have a british accent)

  15. You are the best teacher for me even an english student at university .but i really wanna develop my english gabby .but here the problem .im good in listenning and good in writing .the bigest problem is that i can't speack like you do .i dont know why .i just know that i have no freinds who are native in english.i need freinds from usa or uk to speek with them all the days .so what do u seggest gabby .and if there are learners like me .contact me .im looking what are you looking for too .thanks gabby

  16. wow , so i am in intermedate level , because i understan the most of lesson ,, thank you so much gaby 🙂

  17. Hi Gaby !!🌹 this is the fairest time I watch your video , I understand everything you talked about , but I think i need somebody to talk with . So Could you please help . Thanks . Ahmad

  18. I am a bigenner who want to learn with me on whatsup or fb or something like that we can exchange our ideas for making this faster

  19. I can read very good and I understand clearly but I can't write and speak well what I can do about that Gaby vive me a good idea thanks bonita

  20. Ghaby thank u but I want to learn English not to watch your beautifull hair . It will be more beautifull if it is covered🤗

  21. Would you focus on Br English better than Am cause we here in Africa from East to west study Br English. Thank you …

  22. I inderstand you because you speek very clearly..i atend to visit usa can you advice me what i should be do..thanks advance

  23. Hi,
    My question is, In which language we should learn English language. I mean if we learn English language in native language then I think we will stuck. When we will try to speak because then we will be translate the sentence from native language to English. But if you say we should learn English in English language then again I have doubt that is if we try to learn English in English language then how that person understand the words and sentence structure who does not know anything in English.

  24. Thank you for the video. I am learning English to reach the C2 level. Now I have studied for 3 month and really hope that I wrote this sentence without any mistakes.

  25. Hi all rights we have the following day to on jest information about border way difficult time my city guys killed why bother no restart the way problems

  26. In fact I can understand and I know everything about grammar but I have problem no one here to speaking so I’m so alone what I do for now so how you advise me so that I will be doing it

  27. Because I like to speak English i love English language and I m spear the each day 1 hour no much time actually I m too much busy so what your think teacher

  28. Hi Gabby ,good to see you, I live in South Carolina, I am so impressed about your English class, I am learning a lot with you

  29. Hi Gabby, please teach me and share some ideas on how to make english become part of my life if I'm living in a city where english is not our native language?

  30. Hi I don't really know if you will see this message because there are a lots of them but I just wanted to know my level of English if I am understanding all of your thoughts from the video and how long I have to practice since now to become fluent. I realy love learning English and your video has been motivated me since the beginning. Thank you Gabby!

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